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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: January 2022 Week 1

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga chapter updates on Manga Planet for Week 1, January 2022.
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Like a Dream in a Sea of Sheets by Ruka Kirato *NEW*

Chapter 1 –
It’s been a while since successful career woman Yukino has even been on a date.

Chapter 2 –
Morimoto always got used to mediocre days, but on this one bad day, she meets a mysterious man under the rain.

Chapter 3 –
Morimoto knows that if she moves her hand now, there’s no coming back from what they will do tonight.

Chapter 4 –
Kinomi also wants to know what it means to be in love, how it feels to be held by a lover. Could her celebrity crush Rinichi be of any help?

Chapter 5 –
Rinichi wants Kinomi to remember something very important about tonight. What could it be?

Chapter 6 –
On one of Mr. Hiraya’s worse days, he runs into his former student Sugaya. How well did they know each other?

Story Summary:
A collection of stories of love and passion shared on different nights:
“Romantic Night”: A story of a chance encounter between a cosmetics store manager Yukino Kuroda and a handsome unknown foreigner who turned out to be an idol.
“Escape Night”: On one rainy night, Morimoto spends a passionate night with a stranger she met in an alleyway.
“First Night”: Kinomi Nakamura, a young girl who’s insecure about her own body, wishes to share a magical first night with the famous porn star, Rinichi.
“Switch Night”: Teacher Hirata and his ex-student Sugaya meet again after two years and spend the night catching up.

Voice Work! by Azure Konno *NEW*

Scene 1 I CAN’T SAY THAT! –
Kanna has to help at her big sister’s workplace. She won’t make her do anything crazy…right?

Kanna gets to see how a voice actress works for the first time. What can she learn from watching Fumika?

One week before Kanna’s first recording session, her big sister coerces her into playing her first eroge.

Scene 4 RESOLVE –
Kanna gets to know more of the staff behind her sister’s company, as well as who the scenario writer is – it’s someone she knows very well!

Kanna sees her character for the first time. Is this enough for her to practice comfortably…with Nagatoshi?

It’s finally time for Kanna’s first recording session. Can she duplicate the same success she had during practice?

Story Summary:
Growing up in their single-parent household, Kanna knows that her mom and big sister Yayoi always do their best to make sure she has the best life has to offer. So when said big sister asks Kanna to help out with work, she can’t help but say yes – but will Kanna ever be ready to lend her voice to the kind of video games Yayoi has been making?


Peacock King by Makoto Ogino

Just when it seems like Tomoko and Ashura could be able to escape with Kou at the helm, Siegfried catches up with them.

Tomoko herself decides to face off against Siegfried, but are his powers truly on the same level as hers?

Reunited with the mummified body of her father, Tomoko begins to remember the past she had forgotten.

Following the words of the mysterious hooded figure, Jikaku decides that only one of his twins should live.

As the demons, headed by Houou, blast their way through the Peacock Castle, Onimaru learns a bit more about the dark leader.

With the Lance firmly in hand and the dragons at his feet, Kujaku moves forward, to where Tomoko could be.

As Tomoko fully completes her transformation into the dark leader she must become, Kou begs to have her back.

Ashura weeps as she watches the aftermath of a love that cannot be. Is there anyone left who can stop Tomoko from her rampage?

It is finally time for the twins of prophecy, Akira and Tomoko, to face off against each other in the ultimate battle of darkness against light.

Story Summary:
When people have problems of a spiritual nature, they know who to go to for help – high up in Mt. Koya, where the Koya Hijiri live, there is a young man named Kujaku, after the Peacock Wisdom King Mahamayuri. With his spiritual skills, chasing back malicious spirits is a piece of cake for fearless Kujaku – but are these daily threats all that life has in store for him?


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