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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: January 2021 Week 3

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our manga chapter update list for Week 3, January 2021. We added Sunrise Snack Bar to our manga lineup this week!

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Tsumanuda Fight Town by Michirou Ueyama

FIGHT 23: You’ll Have to Defeat Me First! –
Jiro falls into a rut when his one blow completely stops his opponent’s heartbeat. As he wavers, Dorae sets him into shape with an ultimatum…!

FIGHT 24: How Arrogant Can You Be? –
How much longer will Dorae keep hitting Jiro while he’s down? Mitsuru and his family decide to help!

Story Summary:
Mitsuru Yaegashi arrives in Tokyo with hopes of being a professional illustrator. But things take a turn when he finds out that the location of the cheap apartment he’s supposed to stay in, Tsumanuda, is famous for its legalized street fights and is for street fighters only. He is about ready to look for other options when he meets a mysterious woman in a maid outfit named Dorae, who introduces him to the world of street fighting.


No Matter Where You Are, I Love You by sajimakatana 

Meiko gets an idea from her patient about what clothes she should try wearing to the next show. Meanwhile, why did Namikawa go to the theater in the first place anyway?

When Meiko’s little brother crashes in Shiki’s place for the meantime, will he really judge his sister’s newfound fixation as much as she imagines he will?

How did Shiki first get into being a fan of JOY-TELL? On a rare time alone with Ritsu, she finally gets to tell her story.

Story Summary:
Mitsuki Namikawa has always been in love with 2D characters. However, her strict mother, just as consistently, disapproves of her daughter’s obsession, going so far as to banning anime and games in the house when Mitsuki was younger. Her two best friends and coworkers, Atsuno and Madoka, accept her for all she is: a complete manga and anime addict. Atsuno shares Mitsuki’s love for anime and manga while Madoka tags along with their passionate preaching and enjoys having two close girl friends who support each other with no judgment. One day, when the three friends go to Atsuno’s and have their regular anime watching drinking night, Mitsuki meets a character like she has never met before. Even though she knows he only exists beyond the screen, what lengths will Mitsuki go to for this 2D character?!


The Legend of the Strongest, Kurosawa! by Nobuyuki Fukumoto

This probably has the worst situation for Kurosawa to be in – at a glaring disadvantage with his school-aged opponents, while his so-called “disciples” watch!

With his attackers set to beat the hell out of him, there’s only one thing Kurosawa can do – but can it work?

Just when it seems like Kurosawa’s surprise attack has turned the tides over in his favor, another student suddenly comes into the spotlight…!

Story Summary:
Kurosawa is sick and tired of his boring, ordinary life growing old as the less popular site foreman in Anahira Construction. The turning point comes when his 44th birthday comes along, and no one remembers or celebrates with him. Realizing he lived a life without drive or purpose, Kurosawa tries to go past his comfort zone to turn his life around. Will his newfound shenanigans help him or hurt him when he gets caught up in fights with delinquents?


First Love Story: Shino x Asuka Story by favary Inc., Kosame Tamaoki and Hibiki Aoto

Shino slowly realizes that Asuka’s not the only one in love, but when she confesses, is it already too late for her?

Story Summary:
Ever since Shino saw Asuka take the stage to lead the freshman pledge, she knew they were in completely different worlds. Intelligent, endlessly talented Asuka is the type who’d only be friends with fellow preppy girls – never ordinary girls like her! The correct plan of action for Shino to take for her high school debut is to fit in by sticking close to her old friends, getting through academics somehow, and snagging herself a boyfriend – but when Asuka herself asks Shino to be her friend, does fitting in even matter?


LOVELY! -My Adorable Mamecchi by Kumako Nambu and Hiromi Takashima

CHAPTER 13: Cinderella and Peter Pan –
Mamecchi’s in Hikaru’s room to read her manga. But just as Hikaru is about to kiss Mamecchi in her sleep, she opens her eyes, and…?

CHAPTER 14: She Absolutely CANNOT Find Out –
Summer vacation just started and Hikaru takes Mamecchi with her to enjoy the beach with her classmates. Should she really be getting along well with Saya?

Story Summary:
Everyone may have their eyes on the charming, prince-like Hikaru, but there’s only one person Hikaru’s got her eyes on – her darling childhood friend Mamecchi! But between Mamecchi’s hot-and-cold personality and Hikaru’s subconscious denials, this sure doesn’t look like a recipe for success…when a certain repeat customer gets into Mamecchi’s good graces, will Hikaru finally muster up the courage to confess to her first love?


Strawberry Canyon by Hiromi Sakuta 

Miyo and her friends make it all the way to Shiobara Boulder. She just wants to focus on her climbing, but the other girls on the trip have their sights set on her…

When Keita and Tetsu first met, they both thought exactly the same thing about each other – “this guy isn’t normal”!

Sugiyama and Nanao bond over a surprising common point. Meanwhile, pro climbers and climbing hobbyists alike bond together to clean the Kasama Boulder.

Story Summary:
It all started because Miyo wanted to get to know Tetsu’s new friend, Keita. Now, after five years together, Miyo, Keita, and Tetsu are Berry Canyon’s Monkey Gang -that is, three talented climbers at the local bouldering gym “Berry Canyon.” Suddenly, Keita announces he will be quitting bouldering, much to Miyo and Tetsu’s surprise. Unable to contain her feelings, Miyo blurts out that she is aiming for the Olympics even though she rarely enters competitions, in the hopes that their gang can stay together. But now that she announced it, how will Miyo follow through? Will she be able to overcome her mental blocks and climb to the top? Or will the pressure get to her and make her lose her grip?


Gambling Emperor Legend Zero by Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Zero and the other gamblers around him are astounded by the talent of the young man in front of them! Does he really have what it takes to survive in this Dream Kingdom?

Zero and a few other gamblers get whisked off to participate in a gamble with a 25% survival chance – called a “quarter jump”!

Story Summary:
Gambling genius Zero saves three teenagers from their group suicide attempt and convinces them to work with him, acting as “Robin Hood” and returning swindled money back to their original owners. But when the swindlers themselves catch their ragtag team, one thing leads into another, and suddenly they’re all being invited to Muryo Zaizen’s big tournament – a gambling free-for-all where the stakes are high, and the mortality rate is higher! With nothing but his quick wit, can Zero get out of the competition alive?


Yuri Will Not Blossom at Work! by Mai Yanagawa and Ruri Hazuki

CHAPTER 13 She Doesn’t Realize It (1) –
Rikka and Yuri barely wake up early enough to check out of the love hotel in time, but just when they think their day can’t get any worse, they bump into a couple of people they know…

CHAPTER 14 She Doesn’t Realize It (2) –
Shiori and Ruiko manhandle Yuri and Rikka into joining them in their movie date. Not the best way to spend a day off, but can Rikka even refuse them?

Story Summary:
Just as Rikka thinks the matchmaking event she grudgingly signed up for can’t get any more dreadful, she runs into her colleague-slash-rival Yuri Kisugi. Using Rikka embarrassment as leverage, Yuri compels Rikka into helping her find the perfect candidate to marry. With the advice – rather, the unnecessary commentary – of her two other colleagues Shiori and Ruiko, Rikka goes along with Yuri’s antics with the hopes it will lead her rival away while she climbs up the company ranks. But what happens when Rikka’s nurturing tendencies coincide with Yuri’s secret vulnerabilities?…


SoreMachi: And Yet the Town Moves by Masakazu Ishiguro

How did Kon-senpai end up joining the Ping Pong Club in the first place? Between the wild story she tells Hotori and the reality Haribara saw, there’s gotta be some truth in here somewhere…

Hotori gets asked to make sense of a mysterious video from twenty-six years ago. Does their high school have its own version of the seven mysteries?

Story Summary:
There is a small maid cafe that nearly nobody goes to – Maid Cafe Seaside, quiet enough for Sanada to do his homework in. His airheaded classmate and childhood friend Arashiyama works as the cafe’s only maid, and though she looks just like a cute maid waitress, she sure doesn’t act like one. What happens when her friends stop by for a visit?


Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji by Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Kitami looks up to see that Kaiji has just made his nightmare come true – his teammates have gone up the staircase without him!

As the limited jan-ken-pon gamble slowly reaches its end, someone approaches Kaiji…Jouji Funai, the same man who tricked him out of his stars!

Kaiji regroups with Ando and Furuhata, swearing he won’t turn on them – so they better not turn on him! Can his double buyout plan really still work?

With only 23 minutes remaining, Kaiji’s group moves into action. But how can they use their stockpiled cards if nobody wants to play with them?

Story Summary:
After getting roped into a former coworker’s debt as his cosigner, Kaiji Ito finds himself stuck with an astronomical amount of debt. The loan shark Endo gives him one last chance – get onboard the gambling boat Espoir and win his freedom back by facing aimless young people in the same situation as him. There’s just one problem – a fate worse than death awaits those who lose on the Espoir.


He is 10 Years Younger Than Me! by Nagi Sawara

Step 4 –
Kobashi bails Wakaba out of her ex-boyfriend’s confrontation by pretending to be the new man in her life, but why can’t she help but wish this wasn’t just pretend?

Step 5 –
Wakaba knows that Kobashi has something he wants to tell her when he finishes making her shoes, but is it really the one thing she wishes he’d say?

When Takumi first knew Wakaba, how could he very quickly tell her apart from the rest of the crowd?

Story Summary:
Wakaba Amamiya thought she had her life figured out. At 30 years old, even being tall and having large feet, she thought she would soon marry her boyfriend of five years only to overhear him on the phone, saying, “she’s more like a mother than a girlfriend.” Heartbroken, Amamiya runs. She runs so much her shoe breaks. Luckily, the local shoe shopkeeper, Takumi Kobashi, comes to her (shoe’s) rescue. Saddened that Wakaba can never find cute shoes in her larger size, the young cobbler proposes to make shoes designed with her feet and size in mind. Surprised but happy, Wakaba gladly accepts to help out the young man, but what will Wakaba do when the glass slipper fits?


Sun-Ken Rock by Boichi

Level.100 –
Benito left Pickaxe at the mercy of their opponents, but can he get over his fears to prove his worth as a member of Sun-Ken Rock?

Level.101 –
As Benito finishes up his and Pickaxe’s battle, Ken gives “Mister Engine” his final punch.

Level.102 –
A third opponent tries to catch Benito and Pickaxe by surprise – can anyone save them? Meanwhile, Kae-Lyn and her opponent have one thing in common…

Story Summary:
Delinquent Ken goes to Korea to follow the girl he loves and to become a police officer by her side. His dropout status and nationality don’t do him any favors. Still, after protecting a roadside vendor one night, he gets an offer from the opposite side of the law – join this guy’s “geondal,” a Korean mafia group, as its new boss!


Two Guns Under the Sheet by Nanaoku Hoshii and Taki Kitao

Sakura barely runs from the police with an unconscious Aya in tow. Do they have enough time in the bar owner’s house for her to know who “Riko” is?

When Aya started working as a detective, she met Riko, her very reliable, very beautiful senior coworker.

Story Summary:
All Aya ever wanted was a one-night stand who could take her mind off her lost love, but with Sakura, she may have finally gotten more than a one-night stand – she may have finally found “The One”! But before she rushes into imagining their future together, there’s one uncomfortable question Aya has to face first – could it be possible that her beautiful new love is somehow related to the same organization she’s bound by duty to destroy?


Night and Day by Yu Akegata

#13 OCEAN –
Shiho and Akari make some nice new memories by the ocean in Akari’s hometown.

Ever since Akari and Shiho came back to Tokyo, it feels like Shiho’s been keeping her distance. Is there something she’s been keeping from Akari?

#15 EXTRA –
A look into four more of Shiho and Akari’s dates.

Story Summary:
When they’re on their sugar-sweet dates, Akari’s always dressed to the nines in the cutest, trendiest fashion… meanwhile, her dear Shiho always looks like she just rolled out of bed. Despite their differences, both of them are alike in exactly one thing – they want their girl friend to be the happiest woman in the world!


It’s Personnel! by Yuni

Komori witnesses the one moment in which Yamanobe is even colder than she is at the office. On the other hand, she just got assigned to work with her and Mr. Matsui…
Yamanobe chats with the head hostess, Kujo listens in on a conversation between Personnel, and Yuni-sensei talks about why she wrote “I’m Personnel”.

Story Summary:
Ms. Komori is the ace of the Sales and Marketing Department, and she damned well knows it. With a smile that can convince anyone to do anything, she always goes well over her monthly quota – so imagine how surprised she is after finding out she’s getting transferred over to the dull, uptight Personnel Department! But little does she know that she may have more in common with her new coworker Ms. Yamanobe than she originally thought…


Yurizen! Salon -Shirayuri’s Comforting Food Therapy- by Kumako Nambu and Miso Higashikawa

CHAPTER 13 Love Carefully Diffused Over Time (1) –
The chicken wing samgyetang is almost ready to eat, but how will our team coax Miyako out of her room long enough to taste it?

CHAPTER 14 Love Carefully Diffused Over Time (2) –
While Yumiko tends to Miyako back home, Mikko, Anju, and Amane do a little bit of grocery shopping.

Story Summary:
Was it fate that led to Miiko meeting Doctor Shirayuri that one rainy day…or was it just her cramps? Pâtissier Miiko works through little pains like the rest of us, but when her ailments begin to affect her work, there’s got to be something she can do about it. Enter beautiful, mysterious herbal medicine doctor Shirayuri, who might be the solution to Miiko’s problems – in more ways than one!


If We Leave on the Dot by Ayu Inui

Chapter 4 –
Now that they’re a “couple”, Mizuki says she and Yukawa should go out for a date. Yukawa might as well enjoy this, right?

Chapter 5 –
Yukawa’s apparently stuck at home, sick. Is she really sick or is she just avoiding Mizuki?

Chapter 6 –
When Mizuki first saw Yukawa, she couldn’t help but wish that she could see her again.

Story Summary:
Yukawa comes into the office and always hangs up her coat on the rack; most others just sling it over their chairs. That may be because Yukawa is proper, but maybe because she loves receiving handwritten notes from her coworker Mizuki. Until recently, Yukawa only knew Mizuki and her sweet vanilla scent from afar, but one day she was able to befriend her after a mix up with their coats.
Since then, Mizuki communicates with Yukawa and asks her to go out after work via pen, paper, and coat. They never make plans ahead of time, nor do they even know each other’s phone numbers.
As Yukawa navigates her feelings and learns more about Mizuki, will their relationship blossom into more than whatever it is right now?


Sasayaki no Kiss -Read my lips.- by Kumako Nambu and Akiko Morishima 

Volume 4, Chapter 1 –
Haruka’s mom thinks Ayumi is so adorable. Will she still think the same when she finds out they’re more than just “friends”?

Volume 4, Chapter 2 –
Haruka can’t help but remember how far she and Ayumi had gotten in her room – why can’t she help but wish she never stopped?

Story Summary:
Haruka has always lived in a soundless world. But not in her dreams, where she can hear her own voice – and the voice of the only other person in the dream with her, a beautiful high school student wearing an adorable, unfamiliar school uniform. Haruka knows this is just a dream, but why does a part of her think it’s more than that? Is this girl she finds falling asleep in the park really the literal girl of her dreams?


Enoshima Waikiki Cafe by Haruko Okai

Now that Katabami and Shousuke are reunited at last, it’s time for her to finally bless his upcoming marriage – but something else rises out of her throat instead!

The people have begun to notice Katabami’s terrifyingly special traits. Will Shousuke still cover up for her despite the damage she’s caused?

The jester is about to pass, but he has something he wants to know before he does. Meanwhile, where did Audrey get herself stuck into now?

Story Summary:
Cafe Waikiki is so empty that owner-chef Yori swears he’s been hearing voices. Why isn’t he getting any customers? His cooking can’t be that bad, and it’s not like he’s in the wrong location, so what other reason could there be for this to happen?


Sunrise Snack Bar by Rena Yamamoto *NEW*

Hotei’s coworker Nakamura brings him to a snack bar, where he gets infatuated with a certain Ichiko.

Hotei finally thinks he’s getting somewhere when Ichiko starts calling him by name, but Nakamura tries to reel him in – this is a pro at work!

Hotei just knows he has to have a leg up on the competition, but is just blindly following others’ examples really the best way into Ichiko’s heart?

Story Summary:
Young salaryman Mutsuki Hotei gets the surprise of his life when his senior coworker Nakamura drags him to a so-called “snack bar” – especially when he gets enchanted by Snack Bar Metadoll’s own “diva,” Ichiko!


The Crow Loves Kyoto’s Cuisine by uota minami

When Kasumi finds out the truth behind Karasu’s real identity, is this truly the end of the road for him?
There’s a whole flock of pigeons around Hato’s apartment, and he’s just charging his way through them. Karasu tries to give him some advice…
The guardians of Fushimi have come to remind Karasu of the promise he had broken – but which promise are they talking about?
The Crow Temple’s two landlords, Granny and Takahiko, are in a fierce battle. Their topic? Whether white or black broth is better with noodles!

Story Summary:
Legend says there lives a crow who could speak… but the legend never mentioned how much this crow loves to eat human food?! Karasuma “Karasu” descends to the world of humans and is driven by his longing to eat good food – he even picks up a part-time job to pay for his food cravings. Karasuma, in his human form, visits restaurants, cafes, and eateries all around Kyoto and falls in love over and over with all the different meals and dishes he encounters. Follow Karasuma as he introduces and devours all the fine cuisines that Kyoto has to offer.


Pianissimo of the Lips -Angels After School- by Kumako Nambu and Yuu Keijima

Rina’s stuck at home, sick by herself. She says she’s gotten used to being alone, but lost in her painful memories, she calls out for Kamiya-

Rina tells Kamiya the truth about her family situation, and Kamiya tells her one of her family’s secrets in kind.

Story Summary:
Rina Shiina’s life was suddenly ripped apart and, as a result, she has to repeat a year, making her infamous among her classmates. Always alone, Shiina finds refuge at the emergency stairs where she shares her lunch with an injured kitten. Coincidentally, a stereotypically old-fashioned nerdy looking girl with thick glasses comes to care for the injured stray, only to run away after seeing Shiina there. Inviting her to share the space, Shiina and Glasses Girl -Kurumi Kamiya- become more and more comfortable in each others’ companies. One day, the kitten suddenly disappears. Devastated, neither Kamiya nor her glasses can hold back her tears, and after her transformation in front of Shiina, her kitten is not the only thing she loses.


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