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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: December 2022 Week 5

Hello and Happy New Year from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga chapter updates for the final week of the previous year: Week 5, December 2022. Make sure to keep up with updates from Manga Planet by following us on Twitter!


Manga Planet December 2022 Week 5 new title: All Bases Loaded!

All Bases Loaded!, by Masaya Sena *NEW*

Chapter 1(1)
Hiyori swears he’ll never go play baseball again. How much longer can he keep that promise?

Chapter 1(2)
One thing leads to another, and Hiyori gets dragged into the machinations of Hokurei’s baseball team.

Chapter 2
Shou wants to start practicing with Hiyori’s throws. How would they work as a team?

Chapter 3
It’s finally time for Hokurei’s first practice game. How can their rookie freshmen keep up?

Story Summary:
Ever since being tossed aside by a Little League manager for being too small, Hiyori Tsukiya vowed to quit baseball forever. So in its stead, he picks up track and field. Hiyori excels and even places first in a national race.
But even after five years, Hiyori’s heart still can’t seem to give up the longing to stand in the diamond…

The time comes to enter high school. And by a twist of fate, Hiyori finds himself being recruited by the baseball team’s mysterious manager. Will this be his chance to finally reclaim his love for baseball? Will Hiyori even be able to get along with this motley crew of a baseball team…?


Manga Planet Chapter Updates November 1 Week 1: My Favorite Carrera EV

My Favorite Carrera EV, Vol. 10 by Kia Asamiya

#102 An Overnight Stay and the Exit of Plastic Models?
Reina wants a miniature version of her RS to keep. Can Iwasa help?

#103 The Days When We Stared at Each Other
It seems like Reina’s public and private life are both filled with cars.

#104 Reina Goes to Eat Udon
Reina got invited as a guest to a Porsche club’s driving trip around Shikoku.

#105 The Udon Shop’s Here…?And This isn’t in Shikoku!?
Kami wants to sit in Reina’s 930. How bad is this idea?

#106 The Lost Frog
Reina and Kami are lost. Is there any chance that they could find their way back again?

#107 Goodbye Triangle and an Assassin Strikes Again?
One normal meeting day, Reina gets assigned to a new long-running report.

#108 Moby Dick
Reina has to pick up her newest friend, a humongous Porsche Cayenne.

#109 Heartthrob Private Instructor
If Reina needs help with visualizing the Cayenne’s dimensions, Hide just might be the man for the job.

#110 Reina’s Job
On a chilly Hakone morning shoot, Reina crosses paths with a guy she doesn’t wanna see again.

#111 Bayshore Justice
How has Aika taken to the Midnight Porsche so far? Meanwhile, a new driverless car has arrived…

#112 The Name’s Midnight Ghost
The reputation of the “Midnight Ghost” precedes its nameless driver. Who wants to be its rival?

#113 Ghost vs Poisonous Snake
No one stands a chance against the Midnight Ghost. Is this on purpose?

Story Summary:
22-year-old Reina Todoroki inherits her father’s bright pink Porsche Carrera RS upon his sudden death. She knows practically nothing about this Porsche, much less how to drive them! Reina wants to honor her father’s memory through the car he’d taken care of in his final years, but first she has to learn how to drive stick…


Manga Planet December 2022 Week 4 new title #1

4 AM Dream Connection: Every Night, I’m Doted On Sexually By My Demonic Boss Until I Cum!, by Hitsuji Hikahara

Chapter 2
Miu gets invited into a business trip to present for her favorite makeup brand. Who recommended her?

Story Summary:
Miu’s greatest dream is to become a designer. After moving away to escape her stalker ex-boyfriend, she now works at her dream company under the strict ‘demonic’ boss, Kawanami. Miu admires Kawanami’s work ethic, but sometimes the man is just too overbearing. Though Miu has other problems, her recent dreams mostly involve getting steamy with Kawanami, and she’s sure it was all because of that dreamy matchmaking bracelet! Wait, Kawanami has the same dreams, too?


Manga Planet December 2022 Week 4 new title #2

Heat of Destiny, by Rion Nanao

Chapter 2
Sumire believes her savior definitely was a gentle, honorable beta. Is she correct?

Story Summary:
Sumire Toyohara lives in a world where society is divided into three types: alpha, beta, and omega. Being an omega, Sumire had long seen and experienced the discrimination that comes with being one. But with the help of the newly passed Omega Employment Law, Sumire finally has the chance to work in the company of her dreams. However, she still has to hide her second nature to avoid biases.

But things get complicated when Sumire goes into heat even though she’d taken her suppressants. Moreover, it’s always around her colleague, Ryoji Tachibana, who always helped her through it. Could it be that ‘destined mates’ do exist in Sumire’s case?


Manga Planet December 2022 Week 4 new title #3

The Mean Prince Wants to Love Me So Bad: The Sweet and Erotic Life of Being Pseudo-Newlyweds, by Haru Suzukura

Chapter 2
When Wakaba was little, she wanted to be Hiro’s bride. How about now?

Story Summary:
Wakaba’s hardworking single mom just got remarried to a familiar man: Mr. Ono, who used to look after her when her mom was at work. But that means she’s now stepsiblings with her first love, his son Hiroki! The only problem is that Hiroki immediately tells her he doesn’t see Wakaba as a sister…or is that actually a good thing?


The Moment We Start Living Together, I Get Eaten., by Raka Asuno

Chapter 2
Yuki and Megumi wake up in the same bed. What happens to them the morning after?

Story Summary:
Yuki and Megumi have been friends for as long as they can remember. Even as adults, these neighbors spend practically every waking day together, so it’s no surprise that Yuki thinks of Megumi as her dear little brother. But one sudden eviction notice leads to them sharing Megumi’s apartment, and Yuki’s about to find out his feelings for her are anything but familial…


XXX Overflow!: My Stoic Co-Worker Was a Perv All Along, by Mori Ao

Chapter 2
Izumi takes Igarashi home for the night. Was it a good idea to start drinking?

Story Summary:
Tiny, adorable hard worker Anzu Igarashi can read minds. She’s been very good at tuning most of them out, but there’s been one mind she just can’t help but listen to: stoic, no-nonsense Izumi, who can’t stop fantasizing about her! How can she resist temptation when Anzu gets stranded in close quarters with Izumi and his passionate thoughts?


You Can Depend On Me, by Yutsuki Eto

Chapter 2
How much of the sweet nothings Okitsu lavishes on Kaede are even real?

Story Summary:
To everyone else, Kaede has it all: well-balanced work life and romantic love life. It’s true, but only the work-life part. Her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her, and Kaede is just trying to keep her normal self. To make things more cumbersome, Kaede can hear people’s inner voices. Well, except for one person, the office heart-throb, Minato Okitsu.

When Minato discovers Kaede’s non-existent love life, Kaede agrees to a fake relationship. But the way things are going, it may not be so fake after all. When Minato finds out about Kaede’s non-existent love life, Kaede agrees to a fake relationship. But the way things are going, it may not be so fake after all.



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