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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: December 2022 Week 2

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga chapter updates on Manga Planet for Week 2, December 2022. Make sure to keep up with updates from Manga Planet by following us on Twitter!


Fade-Away Bunny, Vol. 8 by Shiori Kawana

Suu-Tan’s Picky Eating
Suu-tan has a very consistent diet.

Swamp Swamp City
What kind of place is Swamp Swamp City?

Suu-tan has begun to imagine how her deathbed would look like.

Hot Day, No Way
It’s really hot out. Nothing will convince Suu-tan to go…

Forever in the Land of Sleep
Suu-tan wants to stay in the Land of Sleep forever.

Shady Story
Suu-tan doesn’t feel like going to work. A customer says he’ll help.

The Gloom Brothers
Let the Gloom Brothers introduce themselves.

Hot as Hell…
The Star Festival is close. What does Suu-tan wish for?

I’ll Give You Bandages
Nyankee gives Suu-tan some extra bandages.

Regular Mood Swings
Either Suu-tan feels kinda okay, or she feels really bad.

DJ Death
Suu-tan brings Death to her favorite cafe.

God of Medicine, Please Help Me
Suu-tan asks the God of Medicine for some advice.

No Energy To Clean
Who could possibly clean this room in Suu-tan’s behalf?

The Land of Sleep
Suu-tan’s enjoying her time at the Land of Sleep so far.

Medicine Management
Suu-tan has too many meds and wants to start downsizing.

Faded-Away Bunny
What makes a Fade-Away Bunny?

Hime-Tan’s Suicide
There’s some breaking news about Hime-tan.

Slipping Into the Void in One’s Heart
Suu-tan’s been tweeting the same thing a hundred times.

I’m Depressed Too
Suu-tan makes a new friend at the park.

Sympathy, Jealousy, Anger
Suu-tan’s boyfriend doesn’t approve of her new friend.

Engaging With Others Leads to No Good
Engaging with others leads to no good. Suu-tan wants to cut some ties.

I’m Not Hallucinating
Can a hallucination do the groceries?

Despair Café Mugs
Suu-tan and Death have been collecting some mugs.

Eating the Same Thing
Does Death really need a balanced diet?

Nothing to Sell
Suu-tan needs to sell something to pay her bills.

Change of Heart
Yuu-tan and Suu-tan are bonding today.

Trash World
Even trash can be recycled into something useful.

Severed Ties
Yuu-tan and Suu-tan chat about her breakup.

Hellish Depression
Suu-tan is overwhelmed. Death calls in a friend.

Joining the Angel’s Assembly
The Angel’s Assembly give Suu-tan a lucky charm.

Story Summary:
Suu-tan may look like the most adorable, fluffiest little bunny, but her inner thoughts are anything BUT adorable and fluffy. What dark, gloomy thoughts could be brewing inside her pretty little head? (CONTENT WARNINGS: Suicidal ideations, self-harm, and drug overdose)





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