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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: December 2022 Week 1

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga chapter updates on Manga Planet for Week 1, December 2022. Make sure to keep up with updates from Manga Planet by following us on Twitter!


Manga Planet Chapter Updates November 1 Week 1: My Favorite Carrera EV

My Favorite Carrera EV, Vol. 8 by Kia Asamiya

#78 Are You My Excelsior?
Reina has to learn things by herself this time. But she’s never been the kind of person who can…

#79 Reina Drives a Ferrari
Can Reina’s new friend teach her what exactly makes a Ferrari different from a Porsche?

#80 Devil vs Devil
If Reina’s Porsche can’t hold a candle to Makoto’s Lamborghini, then why is Makoto taking her so seriously?

#81 Beastgirl and Cowgirl
Today’s unexpected match is between Yuri and Makoto. There’s no point in having all that power if you can’t put all of it to use!

#82 Eve of the Race
Everyone tells Reina she shouldn’t take tomorrow’s match way too seriously, but she can’t help it.

#83 Decisive Battle!! At the Airfield!
The skies are clear and everyone’s all gathered at Kowa Airfield’s runway. How are our competitors feeling?

#84 The 2000-M Race
Just ten more minutes until the race starts. What is Reina doing inside her Porsche?

#85 Whiteout
Reina wants to go into fifth gear. But is this the best that she and her Porsche can do at this moment?

#86 Reina Off-Course
The evening of the ill-fated race, neither the loser nor the winner are feeling any better about things. What will Reina do next?

#87 Cars Vary, Like People
Why does the guy running Akimoto Motors know so much about Reina’s parents?

#88 Cars Are…
Reina’s own Porsche may be out of commission, but how’s she supposed to fully decide if she wants out of the supercar life anymore?

#89 Reina’s Second Carrera
It’s going to take a while for Reina’s Carrera to get fixed. In the meantime, Akimoto gives her his keys…

Story Summary:
22-year-old Reina Todoroki inherits her father’s bright pink Porsche Carrera RS upon his sudden death. She knows practically nothing about this Porsche, much less how to drive them! Reina wants to honor her father’s memory through the car he’d taken care of in his final years, but first she has to learn how to drive stick…


Manga Planet Chapter Updates November 1 Week 1: Yakuza and Flowers

Yakuza and Flowers, Vol. 4 by Tsumika Abe

Yakuza and Flowers Flower.9
Renji has two whole days off work, and he wants to spend both of them with Saki.

Yakuza and Flowers Flower.10
Mr. Katakura is someone that Renji can never say “no” to. Does this mean he’s given up on Saki?

Yakuza and Flowers Last Flower
A lot has changed within the span of a day. Renji has some words for Katakura, and Saki chats up an unlikely guest…

Upgrade / Afterword (FINAL CHAPTER)
Mei always wants everything to be better. Her current boyfriend just can’t seem to be “better” enough.

Story Summary:
“Yakuza and Flowers”: Saki Ogawa lives a similar life to the flowers she tends to: she wakes up in the morning, is active while the sun is out, then goes to sleep at night to repeat it all the next day. So when she goes to a nightclub for a delivery, Saki enters a new world full of allure and mystique. The nightclub owner Renji Kanamori is just that: alluring and mysterious. Saki can only imagine all of the shady business he must conduct. At least she won’t have anything to do with him…!

“The Triangle Fighter”: Hana and Rui have been dating for three years. And yet… they haven’t been able to go all the way. Every time they get close, Hana instinctively throws hands as if she were in the ring… Rui’s learned to dodge them lately, but the couple won’t be able to avoid talking about it forever!




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