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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: August 2020 Week 3

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga updates in the Manga Planet Library for Week 3, August 2020.

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Chie Shinkyu’s Nekobitashi: The Daily Life of Chie and Her Cats by Chie Shinkyu 

Cats don’t like water. Is Sen an exception to the rule, or is he just too stupid to pay attention?

Cats don’t like loud noises. Sen reacts immediately, but when he adapts, will Chie’s sheets survive the onslaught?

Story Summary:
After mourning the loss of her beloved feline companion Suu, manga artist and cat mom Chie Shinkyu decides to turn over a new leaf and find herself a new baby to love! Following a tip from her brother-in-law, Chie picks up the stray she calls “Sen” and takes him home with her. Surely nothing’s going to go wrong… right?


Melon Cream Soda by Aya Kadoi 

vol.32 CAT’S EYE –
There’s a new transfer student in class! Everyone saw her in the art class portrait…that Nekota drew?

Yuka just wants to know why Sota looks so glum – does he really have to fend her off like that?

vol.34 3 O’CLOCK TEA TIME –
Just like clockwork, Manaka runs into who she always runs into at the very worst time. But what’s so different this time around?

Story Summary:
There are three sisters in the Mikumagawa family: calm, relaxed college student Manaka, the quite rough-spoken (?) high-schooler Rinka, and the youngest Yuuka, a smart young girl who can recite the succession of shoguns in the bath. With a family like this, every day is a little adventure!


Salary Man Kintaro by Hiroshi Motomiya

Kintaro and his newfound buddies are just enjoying their payday night when they get all caught up in the fight of their lives! Can they win not only against the Yakuza, but against the company shareholders as well?

Kintaro and the Chairman spend a quiet weekend fishing together. Which of them will get to reel in the elusive striped beakfish?

Kintaro spends some time at the Chairman’s villa and gets to know the rest of his family. But there’s someone there whose face reminds him a lot of his past…

Story Summary:
Retired ex-bike gang leader of the “Hasshu” Kintaro Yajima leaves his hometown where he worked as a fisherman until his wife, Akemi, passed away. With his son, Ryouta, they go to Tokyo, where Kintaro would start with his new job: a salaryman. Now, the question is: would Kintaro be able to handle the office work and office politics being a salaryman brings?

Spirit Circle by Satoshi Mizukami

Lafalle catches up with a person from his past, but what side has this guy Ash chosen to support? Lapis suspects something is afoot, but will Lafalle ever tell her what’s going on?

How far is Lafalle willing to go to ensure the resumption of humanity’s cycle of life, death, and rebirth? Will Lapis finally find out what he’s been hiding from her?

Story Summary:
Fuuta Okeya’s dad said second-year middle school students are unstoppable, and Fuuta’s inclined to agree. He’s determined to make the most out of his ordinary student life, but everything changes when the mysterious Kouko Ishigami transfers into his class. Not just because Fuuta thinks she’s pretty and likes her – but because she thinks Fuuta is her rival from a past life!


Baby Zoccha by Yumi Ikefuji

While That Child’s Asleep –
While one of the kittens takes a well-deserved nap, it’s another cat’s time to shine…let’s have a warm welcome for “Baby Oyassan”!

Oyassan’s Daily Life 1 –
Baby Oyassan’s name is a perfect fit for his looks, but is he happy about this? How can such a tiny cat deal with being essentially called a middle-aged uncle?

Story Summary:
Before a cat becomes a cat, it’s a kitten. From the moment Milly gives birth to her first litter, both she and her children have much to learn about the wide world they live in. Follow Milly and her fluffy, clumsy kittens as they grow through laughter and tears! A spin-off story to the popular series “Zoccha no Nichijou.”


Charge!! Men’s School by Akira Miyashita

Otokojuku’s annual school trip is happening today, but what kind of place would a school this hardcore even deign to visit? They’re about to find out, because who’s in charge today? Their second-year seniors!

Heihachi Edajima is the principal of Otokojuku. He also has one last hair remaining on his head. What happens when that one last hair bids him farewell?

There’s a new guy calling the shots in Otokojuku, but he isn’t that new after all – what kind of guy is Gouji Akashi, the real head of the second years? And where the hell is Momo when you need him?

Story Summary:
Otokojuku is the kind of school that seems like it’s up to no good. For most of their students, this is the only place that will take them despite or even because of their violence issues. Headmaster Heihachi Edajima believes that giving young men a military education will provide them with brighter futures, but how much is wishful thinking?


Harmony from the Ears by Wadapen 

STAX .1 –
Hibiki and Nene sneak into the headquarters of the Japanese audio equipment company Stax. What’s so different about their product when compared to everything else they’ve listened to so far?

Story Summary:
Lured by a shady note into an empty music room, Nene opens the door to find… a pair of headphones? But not just any pair of headphones, a luxurious pair of headphones that had helped popular musicians the world over create beautiful music! Listening to her favorite song through them awakens Nene’s love for headphones, but one more question – who brought her here?


The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior by Ruri Miyahara

Volume 5, Chapter 3 –
It’s Usa’s first New Year’s Eve over at the Kawai Complex. Will he get a step closer or further from his beloved Ritsu-senpai on the last day of the year?

Volume 5, Chapter 4 –
The Kawai Complex residents go on their first shrine visit of the year. Usa is speechless at the sight of Ritsu in her best kimono, but…is there something else he should be remembering?

Volume 5, Chapter 5 –
Usa’s mom is a chronic oversharer and to be completely honest, he’s counting down the seconds until she finally leaves. But is Ritsu faring any better with her own mom?

Story Summary:
Thanks to his parents’ job transfer, Usa has to live on his own. The problem is, his new place is full of weird people, and the upperclassman he admires is one of them…? A teenage romance comedy that’s heavier on the humor, not so much on the romance!


Nuku-Nuku Final -I Love My Cat- by Naomi Akimoto 

PART 23 –
It’s cold out and Mister Yamada really doesn’t wanna leave the warmth of his apartment, but he really can’t put off his grocery shopping any longer! What day is it today anyway?

PART 24 –
Does Shima like large, wide spaces, or small, narrow spaces? New, shiny things, or old, familiar things? Yamada’s about to find out.

Story Summary:
A warm and fluffy slice-of-life comedy depicting Yamada and his beloved pet cat Shima’s preciously ordinary daily lives.


Peacock King by Makoto Ogino

Kujaku gets called over by a geological researcher to investigate a series of strange accidents happening along a highway under construction. Have they truly opened the road to Yomi?

Kujaku visits an all-girls’ school, where a young girl named Kaoru tells him about the strange disappearances that have been happening recently. Who is behind all of these, and do they have something to do with Kujaku’s past?

Story Summary:
When people have problems of a spiritual nature, they know who to go to for help – high up in Mt. Koya, where the Koya Hijiri live, there is a young man named Kujaku, after the Peacock Wisdom King Mahamayuri. With his spiritual skills, chasing back malicious spirits is a piece of cake for fearless Kujaku – but are these daily threats all that life has in store for him?


SoreMachi: And Yet the Town Moves by Masakazu Ishiguro

There’s a fire in the Arashiyama household. How did this happen? Believe it or not, it all starts with Hotori’s school shoes…

The town gets news of their worst typhoon yet. The Arashiyama family takes Kon-senpai in, but will she really get out of a sleepover with Hotori unscathed?

Takeru and his classmates have to turn in a wall newspaper as a group project. Can they use this chance to solve the years-old mystery of Messie, the monster in the nature pool?

Story Summary:
There is a small maid cafe that nearly nobody goes to – Maid Cafe Seaside, quiet enough for Sanada to do his homework in. His airheaded classmate and childhood friend Arashiyama works as the cafe’s only maid, and though she looks just like a cute maid waitress, she sure doesn’t act like one. What happens when her friends stop by for a visit?


My First Cat by Shihoko Shimura 

After Eiko’s first brush with a fierce kitten, she begins to learn that not all cats are as calm and amiable as her dear Nakka. What will happen to her when Egami asks her to look after his cat Shima?

It’s been three months into Eiko and Egami’s relationship, and she suddenly finds herself thinking about the M-word – if they ever move in together one day, would their cats ever get along?

Story Summary:
Office worker Eiko has been doing just fine – she works an ordinary job, lives an ordinary life, but a chance encounter threw her all the way out of her comfort zone and led to her adopting a cat. Will she ever get used to having strong feelings and making her own decisions for the first time in her life? A story of a typical woman and a typical cat who find a new home in each other.


Please Help Me Maohsama by Futago Minaduki 

HELP 23 –
Can lonely Mau cope with the reality of their having no family anymore? Can the rest of the Hero’s (Demon Lord’s?) party catch up with the rest of them?

HELP 24 –
Mau’s new friends catch up with them and cheer Mau up by letting them know they’re not alone anymore. Will the Priestess and Soldier be on their side?

Story Summary:
Once upon a time, a fearsome demon king died at the hands of brave heroes, returning peace throughout the world. While the demon king themselves had passed away, traces of their power remain on the outskirts of the city. One of the heroes who slew the demon king continues on his quest to protect humanity, but what happens when a demon child gets attached to him?


Silver Fang – The Shooting Star Gin – by Yoshihiro Takahashi

Elder Takeda forces his way out of the hospital to take one-month-old Gin under his wing. But Daisuke’s still very skeptical about all of this – should he really be this rough with what is essentially a baby?

Story Summary:
“In the snowy mountains of Akita, Daisuke and his parents manage a skiing ground. Daisuke grows up with great tales of bear hunter Gohee Takeda and his bear hounds, among them their skirmish with the dangerous Akakabuto, a great bear that’s terrorizing the mountains. On the day old man Takeda decides to hunt for Akakabuto again with his loyal bear hound, Riki is the day a rare brindle puppy was born. Daisuke names the pup “”Gin,”” and thus begins a pup’s journey to being a great bear hound.”


Sun-Ken Rock by Boichi

Level.40 –
Ken may be at the end of his rope, but he’s still got some fight in him, he swears! Is this really enough to ensure he doesn’t suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of Yong-bae?

Ken may have won over four of the five lieutenants, but how about the fifth one, Yong-bae? After such a thorough battering-down, can our greenhorn boss still find it in himself to carry on?

Level.42 –
As the battle for the Imperial Casino comes to a close, who will come out as the winner and loser? In the aftermath, Ken and Tae-soo have a little chat.

Story Summary:
Delinquent Ken goes to Korea to follow the girl he loves and to become a police officer by her side. His dropout status and nationality don’t do him any favors. Still, after protecting a roadside vendor one night, he gets an offer from the opposite side of the law – join this guy’s “geondal,” a Korean mafia group, as its new boss!


Butterfly Storage by Icori Ando 

File:21 MONSTER –
Tanaka looks back on the sons he once had – genetically modified twins who learned and matured at a perfectly terrifying rate.

File:22 SHOWDOWN –
The Butterfly Squad is tasked with taking out the intruders making their way through the server. They are to protect the butterflies at any cost, even if they have to break their own rules! But how can they do that when they can’t even tell friend from foe…?

Story Summary:
When a person dies, their soul turns into a butterfly and flies away. Holding the thoughts and consciousness of the deceased, this butterfly can last for 49 days before fading away completely. In this world, the Death Bureau, a national agency that collects and freezes dead souls’ butterflies, lets the family of the deceased interact with the data in their relative’s butterfly through a 3D hologram. Their duty also includes making sure butterflies don’t end up in the wrong hands – without killing or getting killed!


Magical☆Taruruto by Tatsuya Egawa

Taruruto walks in on Honmaru assembling his remote control helicopter. Is this Honmaru’s own form of magic? What happens if it combines with Taruruto’s?

It’s Iyona’s birthday and Honmaru’s invited – but he’s terrified what mischief Taruruto would be up to if he knows that he’s invited, too! Can he get past Taruruto’s see-through magic?

Story Summary:
If you say the right words, one of Honmaru’s dad’s old books can summon a magician. His name is Taruruto, and he can grant wishes – but doing good deeds makes him weaker! All that Honmaru wants is to stop being bullied and to get to hang out with his new friend Iyona. Can Taruruto do something about that?


Ragna Chronicles by Masaya Hokazono

On October 27th… –
The date is October 26. A pretty girl comes up to Domoto and asks him – does he still remember her? Why should Domoto remember a girl named Ao?

Story Summary:
On the planet Raguna, there is a music festival. With Leader at its helm, the musical group “Karriot” is brought to life by Gaia’s organ, Freya’s guitar, Seiichiro’s mandolin, and Nathaniel’s pipe…but his pipe isn’t just any ordinary pipe! The legend says of the Clausel pipe that “If you play the pipe on the night of Pavana, the moon shall be alight as the stars dance in delight.” But what does this mean, exactly…? In Masaya Hokazono’s sci-fi fantasy done in the style of legends, these mushroom man friends encounter falling stars, destroyed moons, and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth itself!


Raise the Demon by Keito Yoshikawa

Let’s follow Alice on the job as she teaches a ringmaster and his assistant how to get along with a South American demon. What happens when people don’t listen to instructions?

Snowy days remind Shiouten of the past – the lady who wanted a companion who wouldn’t die before her, and the beast that eats its owner’s lifespan.

Story Summary:
“One rainy day while Motoi and his friend, Reiichi were on their way home, they encountered a young girl who looked like a foreigner who then led them to a shop by a hill slope. There, they meet the shop owner, an old man named Shouten, who deals with exotic wildlife – both ordinary and unordinary: demon beasts. Fascinated by the mysterious beasts the shop holds, Motoi agrees to work and raise a demon. Motoi’s journey of encountering different demon beasts begins.”


Ryo Ikuemi’s There is a Limit to Cuteness by Ryo Ikuemi

Bogged down by two illnesses and a fraction of his usual size, the odds don’t look particularly well for dear Chobi. What does it mean for him when he starts wanting to drink water?

A few days after, the Ikuemi family dreams of Chobi. How did he look like, and where was he going?

Story Summary:
Not all cats are the same, but they’re all lovable and cute in their own ways. In this autobiographical series, Ikuemi-sensei takes us through the Ikuemi family’s long history of cat parenting, starting all the way back from their cat “king,” the majestic Kiyo.


Sweepa! Daily Life Improvement Edition by ZECO

CHAPTER 6 I Can Change OutFits Too! –
Rune may have convinced her master to finally start sleeping in her own bed, but there’s still so much to do! …but why is Kaoru obsessing over her outfit now? Is this a trap?
Story Summary:
Kaoru Yumeno is a very popular writer who draws exquisite, delicate romances starring beautiful maid protagonists. But in real life, Kaoru couldn’t be any further from the truth – she’s absolutely incapable of cleaning up! One day, she thinks she’s getting her new robotic vacuum cleaner, but instead she gets… a cute robotic vacuum cleaner… girl?


Enoshima Waikiki Cafe by Haruko Okai

Break time used to be Yori and Audrey’s time – but then Hikari came along and now all she and Yori do is make googly eyes at each other. Audrey sure does hope nobody hears her ranting about this…

Uzura’s Market is well-known in Enoshima for its beloved cat Mari, but you wouldn’t know it from asking her owner – who says she doesn’t own a cat at all! If that’s the case then why has Mari stayed right here for this long?

The third-rate god made its way back here again, and now Cafe Waikiki’s suffering from the same loss of customers they’ve had before! But is it really the only one wishing for this to happen?

Story Summary:
Cafe Waikiki is so empty that owner-chef Yori swears he’s been hearing voices. Why isn’t he getting any customers? His cooking can’t be that bad, and it’s not like he’s in the wrong location, so what other reason could there be for this to happen?


Ikokui!! Taste the World with Kazari & Eri by minimaru

Dish 12 Ravishing Russian –
Over a hearty Russian meal, Kazari and Eri talk about what they might grow up to become in the future.

Story Summary:
High school student Kazari Narimiya works part-time for teen magazine Chloe, where she’s introduced to Elena “Eri” Tsukishima, a returnee from overseas, who will be her partner for a new project. What’s their mission? To try out local foods from around the globe! Together with Eri, who seems way too casual about this, can Kazari get over her doubts and fulfill her dream, one “exotic” restaurant at a time?


Marin by SANYO and Himekawa Art Pro.

The band Crystal makes their way to Treasure Island, the land of the power stone of love. Will it take Marin’s mind off the things about herself she just can’t remember?

Story Summary:
Nobody may know how the beautiful, mysterious Marin washed up on the shores of Happy Island. Still, everybody knows it’s her dance that sets previously-unknown band Crystal right into the spotlight. But just as things seem to go swimmingly for the band, Marin gets caught up in a series of events that may or may not have something to do with her origins, and the fate of their world as they know it!


Enchanted Racer by Akira Itou, Lightia Racing and Jun Ikeda 

Turbo and Retra need to rack up two more victories to ensure a place into the main game, but there may be a strong contender who wants to nip their chances in the bud – the same person who compiled Gunrehm!

Story Summary:
In a planet called Deadheat, where it is mostly devoid of water, monsters embodying the planet’s energy called Enemonsters roam around. Hunters called Coinmakers pursue those Enemonsters by defeating them and turning them into coins. In a twist of fate, Coinmaker Turbo meets the racer Retra when he visits his grandfather’s grave. Thus begins their journey in collecting strong monster coins dubbed as The Ultimate Seven.


Patisserie Langue de Chat: Cat’s Tongue Bakery (Full Color Edition) by Chai *NEW*

Chapter 1 –
In a little bakery called “Cat’s Tongue”, a part-timer tries to help his coworker out. But how can he carry his own weight if he can’t even carry these boxes?

Chapter 2 –
On his day off, our part-timer has a little chat with the Japanese sweets shop owner. How were his coworkers before he even got here?

Story Summary:
In a town where only cats live, there is a patisserie named “Langue de Chat.” Surrounded by his very dependable manager and powerful seniors, a tiny part-time worker tries to find his role within the shop, while going through his personal growth along the way.


The Many Flavors of Kumika by Akihiro Ononaka

Chapter 31 A Little Convenience Now and Then –
Get in Haruni’s extra-large spaceship, Kumika, we’re going shopping! Where to, you might ask? The renowned, magical land…of the convenience store?

Chapter 32 The End of Summer –
The office goes out for dinner, but as their time together comes to close, somehow Kumika feels lonely…are they going to survive through her getting drunk again?

How did Chlorodium resident Kumika get interested in Earth in the first place? One day, her sister brings her to this seminar…

Story Summary:
In a world where aliens live harmoniously with humans, there exists a kind of alien that doesn’t need to “eat” the way humans do. Hailing from the impoverished planet of Chlorodium #2, where food is a luxury, these aliens live by inhaling microorganisms from the air. Kumika, an uptight, earnest office worker, is one such alien from Chlorodium #2. When a sudden cold leads to her being unable to “feed” herself her usual way, her coworker Chihiro comes to her rescue with a nice warm pot of udon noodles! After a lifetime of never having to eat human food, will Kumika ever get used to getting “hungry”?


Keeping a Cat at the Age of Thirty by Rie Yamamoto 

Yamada and her cat figure out how to best maximize her blog presence. But what is there for her to blog about?

While illustrating for her blog, Yamada comes at a crossroads – there’s no way she can accurately portray her daily life if she’s not going to talk about her talking cat!

Story Summary:
People always say they wish their pets could speak, but do they really mean it? When a woman in her late thirties gets dumped by her boyfriend of eight years, she adopts a cat on a whim, but she definitely wasn’t expecting the cat to call her out on her life choices!


Prince of Lan Ling by Yoshiki Tanaka and Takeru Kirishima

The earth itself shakes when the Prince of Lan Ling’s mask falls to the ground. Is this truly an act of providence, or just a cleverly-timed strategy?

Story Summary:
A fierce warrior who charges into battle against foes who outnumber his forces, a forthright leader as dangerous as the demon on his mask – that is the Prince of Lan Ling. Under the command of his uncle, the Emperor, he must strive to win battles and bring honor to the Kingdom of Qi. But too much honor and his royal relatives will vanquish him as menacingly as he does their enemies!


Ryugu Town is at the Bottom of the Sea by Meme Yoimachi

Masora finds herself at the mercy of a lone gunman. Meanwhile, Su finds herself drowning in untraceable nightmares. How is this all connected?

Story Summary:
Ryugu is a small town under the sea. Aside from the fact that everything is, well, underwater, it’s just like every other small town. Classmates Masora and Sumire are like every other middle school girls, swapping love stories and hanging out in shopping malls. But for some reason, Sumire feels like this “ordinary life” is all going to come crashing down…


Sound of the Sky by Hajime Yamamura

Volume 2, CHAPTER 1 –
Natural genius Hibiki makes her way through lessons and friendships, but is there any way she and Akio can bond over their shared past without things going pretty awkward?

Volume 2, CHAPTER 2 –
Akio wonders how Hibiki’s conducting classes are going. Kajiwara suggests they should sneak a peek at her – but will the strict Professor Sukagawa let them in?

Volume 2, CHAPTER 3 –
Professor Kisaragi asks Akio what’s been bothering him, and he opens up to her about the change that Hibiki inadvertently awakened within him. But what does this mean for his future?

Story Summary:
“When he was young, Akio, an aspiring violinist, was late to watch his Uncle’s orchestra rehearsal when he encountered a girl conducting in front of pigeons. Arriving at the rehearsal by break time, he is surprised to see the girl again. Her name is Hibiki Sonari, the orchestra conductor’s daughter, who proceeds to substitute for her father in conducting the orchestra with amazing results. Deeply moved by Hibiki’s sound, Akio seeks to replicate it. But as years go by, he finds himself slowly losing his passion for music. Despite that, he enters college as a violinist and is surprised to know that Hibiki entered the same college as an aspiring conductor. Will Hibiki be able to help Akio find what’s lacking in his music?”


ZAN by Yoshitaka Amano, Mark A.Z. Dippe and GORIO21(Taishi N.)

Now that Zan remembers his past life, his story can truly begin. Which of the twelve generals will he find first?

Story Summary:
Yoshitsugu is a samurai wandering during the Boshin War period with no memory of who he is. One day, a spirit goddess appears in front of him and points him down a journey to regain his memories. As he slowly regains his memories, it turns out that his true identity is Zan, one of the Twelve generals of the Army of Light scattered throughout different times and different worlds. Now on a mission to find his fellow generals, will he be able to fulfill his duty? What exactly is he fighting for?


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