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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: April 2021 Week 4

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our manga chapter update list for Week 4, April 2021. We’ve brought back weekly releases of 5 Thirdline titles and A Restaurant of Bliss this week!

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Tsumanuda Fight Town by Michirou Ueyama

When Dorae gets suspended, Lammy may be trying her best to stand in as Mitsuru’s second, but is she ready for this next opponent?

In the Overlord’s lair, Dorae gets the rare opportunity to watch Mitsuru outsmart his unknown opponent. Should she really be this relaxed about the situation?

Story Summary:
Mitsuru Yaegashi arrives in Tokyo with hopes of being a professional illustrator. But things take a turn when he finds out that the location of the cheap apartment he’s supposed to stay in, Tsumanuda, is famous for its legalized street fights and is for street fighters only. He is about ready to look for other options when he meets a mysterious woman in a maid outfit named Dorae, who introduces him to the world of street fighting.


The Legend of the Strongest, Kurosawa! by Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Kurosawa and his coworkers toast to his latest success, but when they part ways, it looks like he isn’t that happy after all…

Could the random drunkards Kurosawa meets in his drunken sulk come up with some sound advice for him?

Kurosawa gets taken in by the same men he had drunk the night away with, but what happens when he sees someone he knows?

Story Summary:
Kurosawa is sick and tired of his boring, ordinary life growing old as the less popular site foreman in Anahira Construction. The turning point comes when his 44th birthday comes along, and no one remembers or celebrates with him. Realizing he lived a life without drive or purpose, Kurosawa tries to go past his comfort zone to turn his life around. Will his newfound shenanigans help him or hurt him when he gets caught up in fights with delinquents?


Tonight, I’m Loving My Boss! by Mitiko Kisaka and Asako Mukae

The night before the new store’s opening, Kei rushes to get things ready – of all times, why does Nagato choose to tell her about her confession plans now?

Story Summary:
If Kei only falls for the worst kinds of bad boys, how should she avoid her fate? By not falling in love, of course! After her latest ex-boyfriend breaks her heart by leaving her for his pregnant lover, Kei swears up and down that she’s never going to let herself go through that again. This time, she says, as she starts a purely physical relationship with her boss Sakuma, it’s going to be different – but can she really stop herself from falling in love with him?


Salary Man Kintaro by Hiroshi Motomiya 

It seems like a colorful cast of characters follows Kintaro wherever he goes, and Tohoku is no exception!

One late-night duel with Mr. Igo leads to Kintaro having to be at his beck and call – but how long will Kintaro follow along?

Kintaro may not know the first thing about shady government deals, but he’ll still do his best to do things the right way…

Story Summary:
Retired ex-bike gang leader of the “Hasshu” Kintaro Yajima leaves his hometown where he worked as a fisherman until his wife, Akemi, passed away. With his son, Ryouta, they go to Tokyo, where Kintaro would start with his new job: a salaryman. Now, the question is: would Kintaro be able to handle the office work and office politics being a salaryman brings?


LOVELY! -My Adorable Mamecchi by Kumako Nambu and Hiromi Takashima

CHAPTER 41 Can I Believe You…? –
As far as brokenhearted reactions go, crying like a baby in front of your unrequited love sounds pretty lame. But is this just the thing Hikaru needs to do so Mamecchi can believe her?

CHAPTER 42 Stay Away from My Girl! –
Hikaru rushes to Ayamaro’s house to give him a piece of her mind. Mamecchi follows suit, but what would she say about this situation?

Story Summary:
Everyone may have their eyes on the charming, prince-like Hikaru, but there’s only one person Hikaru’s got her eyes on – her darling childhood friend Mamecchi! But between Mamecchi’s hot-and-cold personality and Hikaru’s subconscious denials, this sure doesn’t look like a recipe for success…when a certain repeat customer gets into Mamecchi’s good graces, will Hikaru finally muster up the courage to confess to her first love?


Gambling Emperor Legend Zero by Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Zero begs his teammates to save themselves and leave him behind, but are either of them keen on letting him go alone?

Suezaki and Yuki try their best to convince Zero to do a three-man gamble with them. Will they succeed?

Story Summary:
Gambling genius Zero saves three teenagers from their group suicide attempt and convinces them to work with him, acting as “Robin Hood” and returning swindled money back to their original owners. But when the swindlers themselves catch their ragtag team, one thing leads into another, and suddenly they’re all being invited to Muryo Zaizen’s big tournament – a gambling free-for-all where the stakes are high, and the mortality rate is higher! With nothing but his quick wit, can Zero get out of the competition alive?


Charge!! Men’s School by Akira Miyashita 

Everyone panics when J gets beaten almost to death – everyone, that is, except Momo! In spite of everything, is J’s Mach Punch really that strong?

It’s time for the first years to challenge the last chamber of the sacred corridor – why should Momo sit out and let Genji have this one?

Toramaru isn’t some kind of horse that can be whipped around to someone else’s will – now’s the time for him to show everyone!

Story Summary:
Otokojuku is the kind of school that seems like it’s up to no good. For most of their students, this is the only place that will take them despite or even because of their violence issues. Headmaster Heihachi Edajima believes that giving young men a military education will provide them with brighter futures, but how much is wishful thinking?


A Restaurant of Bliss by Yasuhiro Nakanishi 

Chapter Diabetes –
Shino Koike is the young president of Restaurant Dollhouse’s favorite cheese import company. Can Yuuko really cater to her requests – even to her diabetic grandfather?

Chapter Branded Beef –
Yuu asks Kosuke to help her with her brothers’ hankering for branded beef – but can he do this on such a tight budget?

Story Summary:
Restaurant Dollhouse is a quaint little hideaway that prides itself on making its customers happy, no matter how big their problems may be. That’s how young widow Yuko runs her business, but if her stepson Kousuke had his way, he’ll turn this humble canteen into the pinnacle of authentic French haute cuisine his father would have dreamed of!


The Great Sham Marriage by Hiroko Ishimaru and Nanako Naruse

The moment Amiko lets her real feelings pass through her lips, she knows it’s all over. Will Rei coax out the truth she’d been hiding from him all along?

Story Summary:
Amiko Inada takes pride in being the hardworking, poker-faced secretary to Sakura Products Trading’s irrepressible Casanova of a Chairman, but little does anyone around her know, even she has fallen prey to her boss, Rei Sakura’s charms! When her supposed lack of interest makes her the best candidate for a sudden marriage of convenience, how long can she keep up her cool façade?


Peacock King by Makoto Ogino 

Yuki, one of the shrine maidens serving Kumara, tells Kujaku something he should probably know before facing off with him.

Just when Kujaku had finally reunited with his old frenemy Onimaru, Onimaru puts his life at risk to keep Raga from blocking his path.

Story Summary:
When people have problems of a spiritual nature, they know who to go to for help – high up in Mt. Koya, where the Koya Hijiri live, there is a young man named Kujaku, after the Peacock Wisdom King Mahamayuri. With his spiritual skills, chasing back malicious spirits is a piece of cake for fearless Kujaku – but are these daily threats all that life has in store for him?


SoreMachi: And Yet the Town Moves by Masakazu Ishiguro

Takeru wonders how on Earth someone like Ebi would ever like him. Could she be the spiny lobster he saved in the past?

Award-winning painter Ryo Murofushi asks Hotori to show her some inspiring paintings. Could Mr. Moriaki’s late grandfather have what she’s looking for?

It’s time for the third year’s school trip to Hokkaido! Asai’s love life may be blossoming, but will anyone follow suit?

Story Summary:
There is a small maid cafe that nearly nobody goes to – Maid Cafe Seaside, quiet enough for Sanada to do his homework in. His airheaded classmate and childhood friend Arashiyama works as the cafe’s only maid, and though she looks just like a cute maid waitress, she sure doesn’t act like one. What happens when her friends stop by for a visit?


Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji by Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Kaiji doesn’t even have the time to grieve the loss of Sahara – who are the men watching on the floor above him?

As Kaiji inches closer and closer to the same doom that had befallen Sahara, he sees it – a sparkling path to freedom!

Kaiji takes a leap of faith and jumps onto the sparkling glass pathway. Will it shatter underneath his feet?

Kaiji is greeted on the other side by the black-suited men and Tomegawa himself. Are they here to give him his hard-earned prize?

Story Summary:
After getting roped into a former coworker’s debt as his cosigner, Kaiji Ito finds himself stuck with an astronomical amount of debt. The loan shark Endo gives him one last chance – get onboard the gambling boat Espoir and win his freedom back by facing aimless young people in the same situation as him. There’s just one problem – a fate worse than death awaits those who lose on the Espoir.


Silver Fang – The Shooting Star Gin – by Yoshihiro Takahashi 

Gin comes up with a plan to bust Smith out of the mansion. He may have grown quickly, but has he grown enough for his plan to actually work? 

Story Summary:
In the snowy mountains of Akita, Daisuke and his parents manage a skiing ground. Daisuke grows up with great tales of bear hunter Gohee Takeda and his bear hounds, among them their skirmish with the dangerous Akakabuto, a great bear that’s terrorizing the mountains.  On the day old man Takeda decides to hunt for Akakabuto again with his loyal bear hound, Riki is the day a rare brindle puppy was born. Daisuke names the pup “Gin,” and thus begins a pup’s journey to being a great bear hound.


Sun-Ken Rock by Boichi

Level.141 –
When Kotani asks Yumin whose side she will stay on, she realizes just how big of a role Ken has played in her life. So she invites Ken on a trip to Jeju Island, with just the two of them…

Level.142 –
Yumin and Ken eat their way through the sights of Jeju Island. Little do they know they’ve just made themselves the targets of a couple of dedicated petty thieves…

Level.143 –
Ken asks Yumin why she asked him to go to Jeju with her in the first place. Yumin says she just wants to return everything that Ken gave her…

Story Summary:
Delinquent Ken goes to Korea to follow the girl he loves and to become a police officer by her side. His dropout status and nationality don’t do him any favors. Still, after protecting a roadside vendor one night, he gets an offer from the opposite side of the law – join this guy’s “geondal,” a Korean mafia group, as its new boss!


Magical☆Taruruto by Tatsuya Egawa 

Honmaru is stuck on his fantasy of kissing Iyona so much that he can’t fall asleep – is there still some way Taruruto can turn this into his favor?

Harako challenges Honmaru to a game of dodgeball, but the stakes are definitely higher – can he beat Harako even without Taruruto’s help?

Story Summary:
If you say the right words, one of Honmaru’s dad’s old books can summon a magician. His name is Taruruto, and he can grant wishes – but doing good deeds makes him weaker! All that Honmaru wants is to stop being bullied and to get to hang out with his new friend Iyona. Can Taruruto do something about that?


You’re the Fiancé! by Esumisumi and Mami Haruna 

Chapter 8 –
On Mei’s 20th birthday, she has to make a choice – will she give Tetsuta a chance to make her happy, or will she keep on waiting for Hijiri’s return?

Story Summary:
Innocent, optimistic Mei Sahara goes home one day to find out that she’s engaged to be married to a man she’s never met as soon as she turns twenty – a few months from now! Good-looking, well-educated company president Hijiri Kamijo looks every bit the perfect prince straight out of a fairytale, but can Mei deal with him as he attempts to take all of her firsts?


Yurizen! Salon -Shirayuri’s Comforting Food Therapy- by Kumako Nambu and Miso Higashikawa

CHAPTER 41 The Trick to Staving Off Summer Heat Exhaustion & A Midsummer Night’s Romance (1) –
When Miiko goes out to grab some groceries, she bumps into her former senior Chihiro, who asks her an armor-piercing question…

CHAPTER 42 The Trick to Staving Off Summer Heat Exhaustion & A Midsummer Night’s Romance (2) –
Miiko panics as Dr. Shirayuri tends to her, seeming not to care that she’s been stripped down to her underwear…and how exactly does this help with her heatstroke?

Story Summary:
Was it fate that led to Miiko meeting Doctor Shirayuri that one rainy day…or was it just her cramps? Pâtissier Miiko works through little pains like the rest of us, but when her ailments begin to affect her work, there’s got to be something she can do about it. Enter beautiful, mysterious herbal medicine doctor Shirayuri, who might be the solution to Miiko’s problems – in more ways than one!


The Pushy Doctor’s Love Prescription by Toriko Kouno and Natsume Natsuyuki 

Saori bumps into her ex-boyfriend Shuuji on her way out of Touma Medical Hospital. Can she even forgive him after all these years of pain?

Story Summary:
Ambitious Saori Fujiya may be pushing 30 by now, but romance is absolutely the least of her problems – she’s committed to her job, and she’s really good at it! So it’s nothing but an unwelcome distraction when every time she makes her rounds at Touma General Hospital, a certain Doctor Maki keeps attempting to reel her in with his flirty charms…


Pianissimo of the Lips -Angels After School- by Kumako Nambu and Yuu Keijima

On the day of her graduation, Shiina thinks back on the short time she had spent with Kamiya. But just thinking about her won’t bring her back…right?

Kamiya musters the courage to talk to Shiina for what may be the last time. What kind of Shiina will she find herself facing?

Story Summary:
Rina Shiina’s life was suddenly ripped apart and, as a result, she has to repeat a year, making her infamous among her classmates. Always alone, Shiina finds refuge at the emergency stairs where she shares her lunch with an injured kitten. Coincidentally, a stereotypically old-fashioned nerdy looking girl with thick glasses comes to care for the injured stray, only to run away after seeing Shiina there. Inviting her to share the space, Shiina and Glasses Girl -Kurumi Kamiya- become more and more comfortable in each others’ companies. One day, the kitten suddenly disappears. Devastated, neither Kamiya nor her glasses can hold back her tears, and after her transformation in front of Shiina, her kitten is not the only thing she loses.


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