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Experience Japanese Autumn with these Four Manga Planet Titles

Autumn is here! The scenery is changing, and the temperature is dropping, which means it’s time to go indoors, pile on the blankets and get comfortable with a warm beverage… or is it?

In Japan, Autumn marks freedom from the extreme heat and humidity of the summer. People are excited to go outside, eat comfort food, and appreciate nature’s beauty with momijigari (maple-leaf viewing). Let’s find out what makes the season so special – and maybe discover a new favorite manga in the process! Here are four titles in the Manga Planet Library that we recommend for this season!


Ikokui!! Taste the World with Kazari & Eri

Story and Art: minimaru

With a huge variety of seasonal foods and the harvest festival, Autumn is considered the season for eating (食欲の秋, shokuyoku no aki) in Japan! It is a common belief that our appetites increase in the Autumn, and you can enjoy a huge variety of delicious seasonal dishes thanks to Japan’s climate.

If you’re looking for something to chow down on, then try IKOKUI! Taste The World With Kazari & Eri. Kazari meets the laid back Eri after applying for a food reporting job with a teen magazine. Their mission is to try a selection of foods from around the world! Discover all kinds of unique international dishes while enjoying the adorable artwork of IKOKUI!.


The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Story and Art: Miyahara Ruri

The long, comfortable evenings of Autumn make it perfect for settling into a good book; hence, autumn is also known as the season for reading or 読書の秋 (dokusho no aki)! This tradition is said to have originated from the Chinese poet Han Yu, who invited people to read by the lamplight during the fall. Schools even encourage their students to visit the library more often during this period.

This makes it the ideal time to get into a longer series – The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior is perfect for binging, with over nine volumes available. Following his parents’ job transfer, Usa is living on his own and looking forward to his exciting new high school life… But his strange new roommates keep on ruining his chances with his cute upperclassman! Will Usa succeed in high school and romance, or will he just repeat his cringey middle-school years?


Missile Bird

Story: Io Shizusa
Art: Kumata Ryusuen

Japan is famous for its beautiful autumn scenery – The trees change from a calming green to a vivid red and shining yellow, while the cool, crisp weather is a much-needed break from the humid summer. What better time to go outside and do some sports? Most Japanese schools hold their sports festivals during early October to take advantage of the great outdoors. That’s why autumn is also called スポーツの秋 (sports no aki) or autumn for sports.

If you’re not a fan of actually playing sports, how about reading a sports manga instead? In Missile Bird, Ayumu has sworn off badminton following an overwhelming defeat in his last match of middle school. However, after getting into the same high school as the genius who beat him, Ayumu finds his passion for badminton begins to resurface. With a host of unique characters, you’ll find yourself rooting for the players in this energetic manga!


The Silk Weaver’s Apprentice and The Kiryu Spirit

Story: Kasuga Yasunori
Art: Ariko

Autumn is the season of the arts (芸術の秋, geijitsu no aki) in Japan, with exhibitions and festivals favoring it over any other time of year. The crisp air, colorful scenery, and comfortable temperature is also said to inspire creators across the country, making it the perfect time to get creative.

The Silk Weaver’s Apprentice and The Kiryu Spirit is perfect if you’re looking for an emotional yet inspiring read. Princess Shirataki, the spirit of Kiryu silk weaving, descends upon Ryunosuke as he considers taking over his late father’s silk-weaving factory. Ryunosuke’s childhood friend Saori, who wants to study at Tokyo College of Art, is here to help the pair as they discover how to incorporate tradition in modern fashion while dealing with high school trials.


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