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Manga Planet Adds More Titles from SOZO Comics

Fade-Away Bunny, Shin Henkei Shoujo, and Guardy Girls to be added to the Manga Planet Library in September 2021!

Ikebukuro, Japan – Manga Planet is pleased to announce the addition of three manga titles from SOZO Comics to the Library:


Fade-Away Bunny

Story and Art: Shiori Kawana
Release Date: September 8, 2021

SOZO ComicsSuu-tan may look like the most adorable, fluffiest little bunny, but her inner thoughts are anything BUT adorable and fluffy. What dark, gloomy thoughts could be brewing inside her pretty little head?



Guardy Girls

Story and Art: D-KEY
Release Date: September 11, 2021

SOZO ComicsIn a world where practically anybody can be a hero if they put their minds to it, a brilliant team of three emerges seemingly out of nowhere and steals the spotlight. Is the world ready for their brand of no-holds-barred heroism?




Shin Henkei Shoujo

Story: DLE/ Sean MacPhillips, Art: Acky Bright
Release Date: September 12, 2021

SOZO ComicsFive cute girls and the Japan Defense Operations Section (JDOS) share a little mechanical secret! By day, friends Riku, Himari, Sara, Ena and Ichika seem like the most run-of-the-mill, very human transfer students…but when push comes to shove they turn into fierce, lethal weapons protecting humanity at large from the evil terrorist organization Tartaros!





Fans can read a free sample of these SOZO Comics titles in the Manga Planet Library. Subscribers to the Library get to read the succeeding chapters in addition to other manga titles from Parsola Inc., futurecomics Inc., highstone, Inc., Starts Publishing, Shodensha Publishing, Thirdline, SOZO Comics, Tokuma Shoten, Home-sha, Inc., LEED Publishing Co., Ltd., San-ei Corporation, WANIBOOKS Co., Ltd., SHONENGAHOSHA, I.T. Planning, Inc., and by mangaka Masaya Hokazono and Nakashima723.


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