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Manga Planet Turns 3 with Special Messages and an Anniversary Sale!

Today, November 18, 2022, marks the third anniversary of Manga Planet! In celebration of this milestone, our founders have a few words to say. And since we couldn’t have made it this far without you, we’re launching a sale on our three-, six-, and 12-month plans, so read on for details.


Let’s kick off the party with a message from our president, Hiroki Kurihara:

Thanks to everyone, Manga Planet is able to celebrate its third anniversary this year. We are deeply grateful to all our users for the support.

As we enter our fourth year in 2023, huge changes await in the horizon. Manga Planet will be reborn, so to speak.

What does that mean? We’ll fill you in on the details as the big day approaches. In the meantime, have fun looking forward to the reveal!

We hope to continue growing in our quest to make manga even more easily accessible to the many manga fans around the world, so your continued support would be greatly appreciated.

ー Hiroki Kurihara, President and Board Member


Next up, head of development Hirotsugu Takano also has a message for everyone:

It’s been three years since we launched Manga Planet Library, and it’s thanks to all our users that our service has been able to continue.

We’ve got something big to share regarding the future of Manga Planet, so stay tuned for the news next year.

We’ll keep improving our service to make your manga reading experience all the more user-friendly, convenient, and — above all — fun, so please keep rooting for us in the years to come.

May everyone have a very fulfilling manga-reading life!

ー Hirotsugu Takano, Head of Development and Board Member


Manga Planet 3-Year Anniversary Sale

And now for the celebrations: as a token of our appreciation, we’re offering our three-, six-, and 12-month subscription plans at 50% off their regular price from now until 11:59 pm (in JST) of November 30, 2022.

For comparison, here’s how much each plan costs, as well as how much you’ll pay with this offer. At half-price, a 6-month plan is even cheaper than a 3-month plan at regular price, and a 12-month plan is cheaper than a regularly priced 6-month one.

Plan Regular Price 50% Off
3 months US$17.99 US$8.99
6 months US$29.99 US$14.99
12 months US$47.99 US$23.99

So if you’re not yet subscribed to Manga Planet, let alone don’t have an account yet, this bargain is one that you shouldn’t miss! Take the first step by signing up before this campaign ends:



If you’re already a user and are currently logged in, you won’t be able to view the links above, so please check them out while logged out. You can sign in and subscribe to any of the above plans to avail of the discount. Please note, though, that if you’re already currently subscribed to any of the above plans, you are, unfortunately, not eligible for this offer — this is only for those who aren’t subscribed to any plan.


All of us at Manga Planet would like to thank you for the support you’ve given us since our launch. Staying true to our goal of making officially licensed manga affordable and accessible, we’ll keep striving to grow our library to include ever more titles across various genres.

Manga Planet Happy 3rd Anniversary / Birthday




About Manga Planet: Read manga, support artists

In 2012, Manga Planet started as a joint project between Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and FANTASISTA, INC. to research and explore the ways manga is read throughout the world. Aiming to bring new manga to fans from all over the world and support artists and the industry, Manga Planet pushes for affordability and access to manga through a subscription-based service.

Readers who subscribe to Manga Planet and pay a flat monthly fee of $6.99 will have access to our expanding library of English-language manga. By the end of 2020, subscribers will have unlimited access to at least 500 titles. To subscribe, please go to read.mangaplanet.com and create an account. More information is in our Guide.

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