Manga Events March 2021: Manga Planet Listing

Hello from Manga Planet! Here is our monthly list of manga events happening in Japan this March 2021!

Please note that some events may be canceled or postponed due to the declaration of a state of emergency in Japan. Make sure you practice social distancing and take preventive measures against COVID-19 when joining these events!


Takeshi Obata 30th Artist Anniversary Exhibition NEVER COMPLETE

An exhibition to commemorate the 30th artist anniversary of Takeshi Obata will be held. The exhibition will feature about 500 original drawings carefully selected from 15,000 archives. New drawings that take a step forward from “NEVER COMPLETE” will also be featured.


Date and time January 17, 2021-March 28, 2021
*Closed on Mondays and the day after national holidays
From 10 AM to 6 PM
*Until 8 PM on Fridays
*Admission is until 30 minutes before closing
Place Takasaki City Museum of Art
Entrance Fee Same-day tickets
General: 600 yen (500 yen)
University and High School students 300 yen (250 yen)*Prices in parentheses is the price per person in a group of 20 or more people or with an internet discount ticket
*Admission is free for persons with a Physical Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mental Disability Insurance, and Welfare Certificate and their accompanying persons (up to 1 person), persons aged 65 and over, and Junior High School students and younger.
Official Site (in Japanese only)


“Rurouni Kenshin” 25th Anniversary Exhibition

An exhibition for the 25th Anniversary of Rurouni Kenshin will be held in Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo. An unprecedented scale of original and colored manuscripts depicting Kenshin and other fascinating characters will be on display.


Date and time January 22, 2021-March 7, 2021
*Open all year
*Complete date and time designation system
*There will be a partial change of exhibits during the exhibition. The second half of the exhibition will be on February 11 (Thu./Holiday)11:00-19:00
*Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and the opening day (Jan. 22) will be from 10:00 to 19:00
*Last admission is until 18:30
Place Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo
Entrance Fee General: 1,600 yen
Junior and High School students: 1,000 yen
Elementary School students: 600 yen
Admission Ticket with Goods: 3,100 yen (common charge)
Official Site (in Japanese only)


“Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii” Volume 10 Release Commemorative Campaign

For every 1000 yen purchase of “Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii” related books, you will receive an application ticket with a serial code. Those who applied in the lottery will receive a deluxe prize from those who applied in the lottery.

*Registration to CLUB Animate is required.


Date and time Campaign: February 26, 2021 (Fri)-March 14, 2021(Sun)
Lottery: February 26, 2021 (Fri)-March 28, 2021 (Sun)
Place Animate Stores Nationwide, Animate Mail Order, Movic Mail Order
Entrance Fee
Official Site (in Japanese only)


“Komori-san wa “Animate de Kau koto ga” Kotowarenai!” 9th Volume Commemorative Lottery Campaign

Popular work “Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!” will be released on February 5(Fri). To commemorate this, Animate will be holding a lottery campaign. For each purchase of the target product, you will receive a serial application form. A signed duplicate original picture will be presented by lottery to the customers who applied during the period.

*Registration to CLUB Animate is required.


Date and time February 5, 2021(Fri)-March 7, 2021(Sun)
Place Animate Stores Nationwide
Entrance Fee
Official Site (in Japanese only)


“Kuroshitsuji” 15th Anniversary Comic Fair 1 Edition

During the period, you will receive a bookmark with a famous scene from the manga for every purchase of one target product.

A display contest with the themes “Character Popularity Vote” and “Quote and Scene Vote” will be held at each store.
The “characters” and “quotes and scenes” that were voted by everyone will be the bonus designs for the fourth edition.


Date and time January 12, 2021(Tue)-March 12, 2021(Sun)
Place Animate Stores Nationwide
Entrance Fee
Official Site (in Japanese only)


“Onna Doushi toka Arienai Desho to Iiharu Onnanoko o, Hyakunichikan de Tetteiteki ni Otosu Yuri no Ohanashi” Volume 3 Release Commemorative Fair

“Onna Doushi toka Arienai Desho to Iiharu Onnanoko o, Hyakunichikan de Tetteiteki ni Otosu Yuri no Ohanashi” volume 3 will be on sale on February 13, 2021. A Valentine’s Day message card(2 types) will be given as a benefit for each purchase of the target product during the period.
* You can choose the benefits
*Will end as soon as the benefits are gone


Date and time February 9, 2021 (Tue)-March 11, 2021(Thu)
Place Animate Stores Nationwide
Animate Mail Order
Entrance Fee
Official Site (in Japanese only)


Shueisha Jump Remix “Katekyo Hitman REBORN!” Purchase Campaign

During the period, a stamp rally sheet will be given when you purchase Shueisha Jump Remix “Katekyo Hitman REBORN Blood of Vongola.”
You will receive one stamp for each volume purchased.
Those who collect all stamps will receive a 5-piece set of Emblem can badges drawn by Akira Amano-sensei. This will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
*The redemption of the benefits will start from July 16, 2021 (Fri) and will end as soon as it is gone.
*the stamp rally sheet will not be reissued if it’s lost
*You will not receive the benefits if you purchase more than one copies of the same product


Date and time February 5, 2021(Fri)-July 31, 2021(Sat)
Place Animate Stores Nationwide
Entrance Fee
Official Site (in Japanese only)


Gundam Ace 20th Anniversary Fair in Animate

KADOKAWA will hold the “Gundam Ace 20th Anniversary Fair” in bookstores nationwide. Animate will also be participating in the fair. Along with the benefits given nationwide, there will also be Animate limited benefits.
During the period, for each purchase of the target product, one shikishi (6 types common nationwide, 6 Animate-limited types. 12 types in total) will be given as a benefit.
* You can choose benefits
*Will end as soon as benefits are gone


Date and time January 26, 2021(Tue)-March 21, 2021(Sun)
Place Animate Stores Nationwide
Entrance Fee
Official Site (in Japanese only)


“Another Original Artwork” Exhibition~Mitsuo Higashiura, Asuka Sachiko, Nanaeko Sasaya, Yoko Tadatsu~

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the “Original Artwork (Dash) Project,” a new “Original Artwork (Dash)” exhibition will be held to look back on the characteristics, significance, and activities of the “Original Artwork (Dash).”


Date and time October 29, 2020 (Thu)-April 6, 2021 (Tuesday)
Closed every Wednesday, New Year Holidays (December 26, 2020-January 6, 2021), February 25-26 (Thu-Fri), March 25-26(Thu-Fri)
Place Kyoto International Manga Museum 2F Gallery 1, 2, 3
Entrance Fee Free
*Admission to the museum is required separately
*Free admission on November 5(Thu) for “Kansai Culture Day”
Official Site (in Japanese only)


“Colette wa Shinu koto ni shita” Volume 18 Release Commemoration Original Artwork Exhibition in Kobe Marui

A petite exhibition will be held in Kobe Marui to commemorate the release of the 18th volume of “Colette wa Shinu koto ni shita.” 30 original artworks by Alto Yukimura-sensei will be exhibited. Original goods, as well as autographed reproductions, will be sold at the exhibit.


Date and time February 19, 2021(Fri)-March 8th, 2021(Fri)
11:00-20:00 (Sundays and Holidays: 10:30-20:00)
Place Kobe Marui 5F Limited-Time Shop
Entrance Fee Free
(Admission on the first day and during busy times
Depending on how crowded the store is, admission may be restricted, and numbered tickets may be distributed.
Please refrain from lining up during business hours
Admission procedure may change on short notice before the event)
Official Site (in Japanese only)


Pop Team Epic Pop-up Shop #Fourth and Fifth Seasons in Kobe

For the first time in Hyogo Prefecture, the home of Okawa Bkub-sensei, the Pop Team Epic Pop-up shop will be held in Kobe.
Same as in Tokyo, a Pop Team Epic Shrine and other fun exhibits will be present. New limited edition goods with illustrations by Okawa Bkub-sensei and other goods will be available.


Date and time March 12, 2021(Fri)-March 21, 2021(Sun)
11:00-22:00 (Sundays and Holidays: 10:30-20:00)
*Until 18:30 on the last day
Place Kobe Marui 5F Special Venue
Entrance Fee
Official Site (in Japanese only)


Prince of Tennis Big Picture Exhibition- Prince of Tennis × New Prince of Tennis-

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the serialization of “Prince of Tennis,” an exhibition will be held in Kanazawa. Colored and original drawings will be exhibited. Original goods and prints produced for the exhibition will also be available for purchase.


Date and time March 19, 2021(Fri)-March 31, 2021(Wed)
*Admission is until 30 minutes before closing time
*Until 5:00 PM on the last day
Place Korinbo Daiwa 8th Floor Event Hall
Entrance Fee General: 900 yen (tax included)
University and High School Students: 700 yen (tax included)
Junior High School Students: 500 yen (tax included)Admission Ticket with Benefits
1,600 yen (tax included)
*With antibacterial mask case (limited quantity)*Re-entry is not allowed
*Tickets with benefits are not sold at the venue
*Benefits can only be redeemed at the exhibition hall. If the ticket is lost, the benefits will not be exchanged.
Official Site (in Japanese only)


Manga “Double” Original Picture Exhibition

In line with the #Tokushima New Normal Film Festival, an exhibition of “Double” will be held in Tokushima Prefecture, the hometown of Noda Ayako-sensei.


Date and time March 13, 2021(Sat)-March 19, 2021(Fri)
Place Awaodori Kaikan 2nd Floor
Entrance Fee Free
Official Site


Kuroshitsuji Black Label Pop Up Store in Fukuoka

“Kuroshitsuji Black Label,” Kuroshitsuji’s merchandise label, will be opening a pop-up store in 4 venues nationwide (Osaka, Tokyo, Aichi, and Fukuoka). This time, the theme is “Funtom Hotel.”


Date and time Lottery Application:
January 29, 2021 (Friday)-February 5, 2021(Fri)
Lottery Admission:
February 26, 2021(Fri)-February 28, 2021(Sun)Free admission is scheduled for dates other than the dates stated above.
Free admission may be available during the lottery period.
Numbered tickets may be distributed depending on the situation.
Place Fukuoka PARCO Main Building B1F Special Venue
Entrance Fee Free
Official Site (in Japanese only)

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