Madoka’s Secret

Story & Art : Deme Kingyobachi

Madoka's Secret
Madoka's Secret
Title : Madoka’s Secret
Madoka no Himitsu

Story & Art : Deme Kingyobachi
金魚鉢 でめ

Publisher : SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD



Madoka Yamada
A boy who is used to wearing cute “girly” clothes that his older sister makes for him.
Itsuki Tanonaka
Madoka’s new classmate who always plays soccer with the boys.


Madoka Yamada loves to play with dolls and looks so cute in custom made dresses. But Madoka is a boy. Afraid that he will be made fun of again for being “girly,” Madoka decides to hide that part of himself when he moves to his new town and school. He fits right in, and all his classmates like him, except for one, Itsuki Tanonaka, whose seat is right next to his. Madoka thinks that Itsuki is cool and “manly” and says so, only to be met with his classmates’ snickers. What’s the big deal?! Will Madoka be able to keep his secret for long?
©️2019 Deme Kingyobachi/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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