LOVELY! -My Adorable Mamecchi

Story: Kumako Nambu / Art: Hiromi Takashima

LOVELY! -My Adorable Mamecchi
LOVELY! -My Adorable Mamecchi
Title : LOVELY! -My Adorable Mamecchi
LOVELY! – Itoshi no Mamecchi

Story : Kumako Nambu
南部 くまこ

Art : Hiromi Takashima
高嶋 ひろみ

Publisher : Parsola Inc.



Hikaru Hano
The talented, charismatic “prince” of an all-girls’ high school.
Moe Mamenoki
Everyone calls her “Mamecchi”. A filial daughter who cooks for her family’s bento shop.
Ayamaro Saionji
A rich heir who’s a repeat customer of Mamecchi’s family’s bento shop. Likes their croquettes.
Saya Wakuri
Has a special “relationship” with Hikaru; they keep each other’s secrets.
Mai Harukaze
Saya’s best friend, the school idol whose doll-like face makes her popular with men of all ages.


Everyone may have their eyes on the charming, prince-like Hikaru, but there’s only one person Hikaru’s got her eyes on – her darling childhood friend Mamecchi! But between Mamecchi’s hot-and-cold personality and Hikaru’s subconscious denials, this sure doesn’t look like a recipe for success…when a certain repeat customer gets into Mamecchi’s good graces, will Hikaru finally muster up the courage to confess to her first love?
©️Kumako Nambu/©️Hiromi Takashima/Parsola Inc.

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