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The Horrifyingly Beautiful Junji Itō : Collection Exhibit at ACG_Labo

Any horror manga fans out there?

Fuchi ominously greeted guests at @ACG_Labo.

In the winding backstreets of Harajuku, gallery space ACG_Labo held the Junji Itō Collection Exhibit from January 19 to February 2, 2018. The exhibit ran in conjunction with Studio Deen’s Junji Itō: Collection anime series that began broadcasting on January 5, 2018. This anime adapts stories from Itō Junji Kessaku-shū (Junji Itō Masterpiece Collection) series and the Fragments of Horror. The series is 12 episodes long and has two OVAs based on Tomie planned.

Thanks to our friends at ACG_Labo, Manga Planet had the opportunity to take photos for all our fans!

@ACG_Labo Junji Ito
As soon as guests entered the gallery, they could see Shinobu Tagashira’s artwork for the series.
@ACG_Labo Ito Junji
@ACG_Labo is a modestly sized gallery space, but the owner knows how to pack in illustrations and keyframes. Junji Itō’s illustrations hung above anime on the far wall .
Shinobu Tagashira
Director Shinobu Tagashira (director for Diabolik Lovers and character designer for Hunter x Hunter) created the character designs and key visuals for this anime. Above is Yūko from “Namekuji Shōjo”.
Sōichi ("Sōichi" series)
Above is Shinobu Tagashira’s rending of Sōichi from the “Sōichi” series.
Shinobu Tagashira captures the fear  Fuchi invokes in “Fashion Model.”
Tohru Oshikiri
Tohru Oshikiri from “Oshikiri Idan”Tagashira’s
Shinobu Tagashira
Tagashira’s visual captured the entirety of the series.
Tomie Ito Junji
Above is Tomie, the titular character from Itō’s famed horror manga.
Handsome Man at the Crossroads Shibito no Koiwazurai Junji Ito
Would you like to cross paths with the Handsome Man at the Crossroads (“Shibito no Koiwazurai”)?
Ito Junji
The gallery’s gift shop had the whole lineup of Ito Junji’s manga.
Ito Junji
Junji Itō’s illustrations hung above the anime’s visuals.
Ito Junji
The exhibit also offered limited edition T-shirts based on the anime.
Ito Junji Collection
Want to take a photo with this handsome man?
Forget the handsome man, how about the beautiful and alluring Tomie?
Ito Junji
Love Junji Itō enough to drink a mug based on his manga?
Ito Junji
True fans of the animation process could see at the exhibit how the animators planned the series.

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