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Japan Weekend Online: A Special Event Report

In the face of the ongoing pandemic which led to a lot of conventions and events taking a backseat this year, Japan Weekend, Spain’s largest anime conventions, is unfazed and pushes through, taking their event online. Japan Weekend Online or JWO, held on June 1-7, 2020, presents an interactive online approach of appreciating the Japanese culture amongst other things, especially relating to anime and manga. With the price of 5€, one gets to enjoy the whole event in the comfort of their homes.

The online layout designed by the organizers of JWO is quite a unique experience. It presents a feel of going to the actual event itself. There are labeled icons, eight of them overall, which can point you where you want to explore. The first one you’ll see is the Info icon where the details and program of events for the whole week are located.


The next icon, Charlas or “Talks” icon wherein the masterclasses, talks, travel blogs and workshops are located. Masterclasses include a dancing session with Korean professional dancer Jonah Aki, cosplay photo manipulation with cosplayer Kujalice and an agricultural lecture on Yamaaoi Wasabi, the first wasabi plantation in the Mediterranean with Pau Gelman.


As for talks, there is a lot to choose from this year: from anime and manga appreciation, creation, and translation to the impact of the pandemic for anime events and conventions. Lots of anime studios and influencers like Crunchyroll Originals, Ventura, Garuna Effect, Mangaline Editions, Alessandra Moura, and many more are glad to impart their knowledge and experience in the anime and manga industry. There are also travel blogs that showcase Japanese culture and anime events. You can also check out interesting workshops where you can learn things like origami, Sumi-e courses, manga creation, cosplay, and make-up tutorials.


Of course, you don’t want to miss Manga Planet and our sibling service, futekiya’s talk at the Charlas which featured an editorial presentation on our digital manga subscriptions. There, our very own Editor-in-Chief, Emma Hanashiro, and Producer, Gladys Angala explained the inner workings of Manga Planet and futekiya alongside their witty moderator, Nabil Akram. They talked about the upcoming titles, the websites, and other things Manga Planet and futekiya subscribers should look forward to.


At the Live icon, you can view the premieres and meet and greets. Among the premieres, there is singer Mika Kobayashi, presenting her latest album Mika Type Ha and singing the song Tsukaite. There is also an Anisong Concert where one can get nostalgic with songs from anime such as Card Captor Sakura and Magical DoReMi. There are also documentaries about cosplay, the legend of Tengu play, Game of Thrones, and a Doukou Taiko tribute in the fight against COVID-19. As for meet-and-greet line ups, there are two separate mediums: Zoom and Instagram. For Zoom users, a.k. Wirru and geheichou went live on Thursday, 3pm and 5 pm; victormame and haizea on Friday, 4 and 6 pm; Ladybeard and a smile on Saturday, 7 and 10 pm; and gesha on Sunday, 7 pm. For Instagram users, ariel rec and killer queen went live on Tuesday, 5 pm; laia lopez on Wednesday, 5 pm; jordi cruz on Saturday 5 pm; and jonah aki on12 pm.

Meanwhile, at the Artist Alley, you can view various art merchandise from different artists. It is sorted by handicrafts, prints and fanzines, and charms, pins, and accessories. And there’s truly a lot to check out when you click on your favorite artist’s icon which will forward you to their online stores where their work is on display and up for grabs.


There’s also the ‘Area de Recreo’ or ‘Recreation Area’ where lots of activities are in store like unboxing various merchandises from Shonen Jump, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Studio Ghibli, answering different kinds of trivia and signing up to video game tournaments featuring Dragonball Fighter Z, Fortnite, and League of Legends.

Zona Cosplay or ‘Cosplay Zone’ is also bustling by the weekend with a lot of cosplayers dressing up as their favorite characters and battling out to stand out from the rest.

At the Tiendas or ‘Shops’, features various merchandise from Japan from food and drinks, anime figurines, and anime blu-ray discs.


And last but not least, don’t miss the chance to interact with your fellow anime enthusiasts on the Chat icon which adapted the layout of the Dollars chat room from the Durarara!! anime.

Overall, Japan Weekend Online is really a great event to check out. It is very informative as well as entertaining. It really was interactive and well-organized. It surely brought the fun of a real-life anime event to the comfort of our homes. The online venue is open until the 20th of June so check it out while you still can!


Did you check out Japan Weekend Online? What part did you have fun with the most? We’d love to hear from you on our Twitter account!


Japan Weekend Online

Date and times: June 1-7, 2020 (Live events)
*Online venue is accessible until June 20th
Official website: https://japanweekend.com/online/
Ticket: 5€


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