Exclusive Interview with MORISAKI WIN

You’ve seen him on the big screen and our social media introducing manga titles in our Library. Now let’s know more about MORISAKI WIN, who is known as the actor who played Daito in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and recently announced his solo debut.

Congratulations on your solo debut!  Would you mind introducing yourself first?
Thank you!
My name is Win Morisaki and I’m from Myanmar. I guess you could say I’m an entertainer.


What made you decide to become a singer?
I originally got into show business because I was scouted by my current production company, and the reason I got into music was because of the boyband I used to be in.


Could you tell us the story of your career?
When the band broke up, I wanted to continue doing music no matter what. Thankfully, around that time, Nippon Columbia, my record label approached me, and that was the catalyst for this major debut.


What was something you struggled with after you got into show business?
There are still so many things I can’t do yet. I’ve always been struggling since I started in this industry.


What else do you do besides singing?
I’m an actor. I played the character Daito/Toshiro in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One.  I was also awarded Newcomer of the Year at the 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize for my role in the 2019 film, Listen to the Universe. The film for the serial drama The Real Thing, scheduled for release this fall, has been chosen for the Official Selection 2020 of the 73rd Festival de Cannes.


What are you excited about now that you’ve had your solo debut?
I’m looking forward to the day where I can sing live on stage in front of an audience.


Do you like manga?  What kind of manga do you like?
To be honest, I’m more of an anime person that a manga person, but I often read manga when I was a student.  I still read what’s recommended to me from time to time.  I prefer fantasy series more than slice-of-life ones.


Of the manga that you’ve read, which series left the biggest impression on you and why?
Dragon Ball, which I read when I was a student.  It’s because it’s so moving from start to finish. I remember being so curious about what happened next that I couldn’t focus in class.

Is there a series you’re hooked on now?
I haven’t read much recently.


Please give us your Top 3 favorite manga list.
1st Dragon Ball
2nd One Piece
3rd Naruto
Sorry, it’s so normal…


What do you think about Manga Planet and our online manga subscription service?
When I first came to Japan from Myanmar and read manga for the first time, I remember being shocked at how high the quality was. I think it’s very attractive to have a service where you can easily read manga from Japan anywhere in the world.


What is “manga” for you?
I suppose it’s something that lets you forget everything and go back to being a kid.


And finally, could you give us your thoughts on your solo debut?
I’m going to go on a tour of Asia with everyone who supported me! For sure! I look forward to your support.


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