If We Leave on the Dot

Story & Art : Ayu Inui

If We Leave on the Dot
If We Leave on the Dot
Title : If We Leave on the Dot
Teiji ni Agaretara

Story & Art : Ayu Inui
犬井 あゆ

Publisher : SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD



From the Sales Team. 31 years old. Shy, quiet, anxious.
From the Corporate Planning Department. 26 years old. Outgoing, friendly, and loves meat.


Yukawa comes into the office and always hangs up her coat on the rack; most others just sling it over their chairs. That may be because Yukawa is proper, but maybe because she loves receiving handwritten notes from her coworker Mizuki. Until recently, Yukawa only knew Mizuki and her sweet vanilla scent from afar, but one day she was able to befriend her after a mix up with their coats.
Since then, Mizuki communicates with Yukawa and asks her to go out after work via pen, paper, and coat. They never make plans ahead of time, nor do they even know each other’s phone numbers.
As Yukawa navigates her feelings and learns more about Mizuki, will their relationship blossom into more than whatever it is right now?
©️2019 Ayu Inui/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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