He is 10 years Younger Than Me!

Story & Art : Nagi Sawara

A Restaurant of Bliss
Title : He is 10 years Younger Than Me!
10sai Shita no Kare Dakedo

Story & Art : Nagi Sawara
佐原 ナギ

Publisher : SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD



Wakaba Amamiya
A tall 30-year-old office worker with large feet and a love for cooking.
Takumi Kobashi
A 20-year-old cobbler who has a passion for making shoes that people will enjoy.


Wakaba Amamiya thought she had her life figured out. At 30 years old, even being tall and having large feet, she thought she would soon marry her boyfriend of five years only to overhear him on the phone, saying, “she’s more like a mother than a girlfriend.” Heartbroken, Amamiya runs. She runs so much her shoe breaks. Luckily, the local shoe shopkeeper, Takumi Kobashi, comes to her (shoe’s) rescue.
Saddened that Wakaba can never find cute shoes in her larger size, the young cobbler proposes to make shoes designed with her feet and size in mind. Surprised but happy, Wakaba gladly accepts to help out the young man, but what will Wakaba do when the glass slipper fits?
©️ 2019 Nagi Sawara/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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