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Have a Meow-gical Cat Day with Manga Planet!

February 22nd marks a special day in Japan – Cat Day, aka Neko no Hi (猫の日). On this day, people across Japan take a moment to share their love for their feline friends, often sharing photos of their cats and even posting cat-ear selfies.

The date may seem random at first glance, but there is actually a very specific reason behind the date; The number two in Japanese is pronounced “Ni” while a cat’s cry is pronounced “Nya.” Since the words sound particularly similar, February 22nd was deemed Cat Day by the Japanese Executive Committee in 1987.

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up all of our kitty-focused manga in one big post, perfect for binge reading!


Kuro’s Cat Rental

Story and Art: Ranma Kusumi

Fisherman Masa is asked to investigate the mysterious Cat Rental store but gets more than he bargained for when he meets the mysterious manager, Kuro! With plenty of fantasy and Youkai elements, this Edo-period story is perfect for anybody looking for a fun, historical read.




The Shop Cats of Tokyo: A Manga from Cat Avenue (Full Color Edition)

Story and Art: ms-work (Nekomaki)

Tourism meets manga in this adorable full-color story, introducing the reader to some of the cutest workers in Tokyo – the cats! The Shop Cats of Tokyo is ideal for any travelers looking to expand their Tokyo itinerary.



Chie Shinkyu’s Nekobitashi: The Daily Life of Chie and Her Cats

Story and Art: Chie Shinkyu

After adopting a stray called Sen, mangaka Chie discovers she may have bitten off more than she can chew with this cheeky kitten! This wholesome manga looks into the ups and downs of kittens and being a cat-lover while drawing manga.



My 20 Years with the Professor (Full Color Edition)

Story and Art: Sugisaku

A bittersweet comic depicting the life of one boy and his cat as they grow up together, going through the good and bad times together. If you grew up with a cat, then you’ll surely relate to this heartwarming story.




Patisserie Langue de Chat: Cat’s Tongue Bakery (Full Color Edition)

Story and Art: Chai

Langue de Chat is a patisserie made by cats for cats! This sweet manga follows a part-time worker as he grows and learns more about the world. It also includes some recipes to follow in real life!



Baby Zoccha

Story and Art: Yumi Ikefuji

Milly, the cat, has just had kittens – but looking after babies is never easy! Baby Zoccha follows the growth and development of these adorable kittens from Milly’s perspective, with plenty of aww-worthy and funny moments.



Ryo Ikuemi’s There is a Limit to Cuteness

Story and Art: Ikemi Ryo

Ryo Ikemi is a mangaka who also happens to have owned a large number of unique cats throughout her life. Her hilarious (and sometimes bittersweet) manga will have you falling in love with each and every one of her precious pets.




Nuku-Nuku Final -I Love My Cat-

Story and Art: Naomi Akimoto

A comfortable slice-of-life comedy revolving around the elderly Yamaha and his beloved pet cat Shima. Any cat owner or lover will be able to relate to Yamada’s experiences while falling in love with these adorable protagonists.



Keeping a Cat at the Age of Thirty

Story and Art: Rie Yamamoto

After being dumped by her long-term boyfriend, our protagonist decides to buy a cat but soon discovers that her cat can talk – and this cat doesn’t hold back! Cheeky as it may be, this strange cat may actually have a point…



Enoshima Waikiki Cafe

Story and Art: Haruko Okai

Chef Yori has started hearing voices at the empty Waikiki Cafe that he works at… Little does he know, the voice belongs to Aubrey, a seemingly ordinary cat with some extraordinary abilities. Perhaps all Yori needs to bring customers to his cafe and improve his relationship is a gentle nudge from his unique pet.



My First Cat

Story and Art: Shihoko Shimura

After spontaneously adopting a cat, the ordinary office worker Eiko starts a brand new life with her kitten. Eiko’s tiny new friend may just help her grow as a person and learn to make important decisions for herself.



Cat Melting Pot

Story and Art: Sakura Iwamichi

The story of the Iwamichi household is a chaotic one, with ten cats and Moji the dog. It may seem wild, but you’ll gradually come to discover the charms of each cat and how they interact with each other in this wholesome manga!



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