Hana Gurui

Story and Art : Fumi Shimomura

Hana Gurui
Hana Gurui
Title : Hana Gurui

Story and Art : Fumi Shimomura
下村 富美

Publisher : SAN-EI Corporation



Lady Lotus
A peerless courtesan whose beauty and talent made her popular with men in the Imperial Court. In the short story “Revival”, the owner of the brothel she had been part of would stop at nothing to bring her back to life.

A nameless warrior from Hiraizumi who was in service to the Fujiwara, but was deemed useless in battle. Fled to the mountains, where he meets the titular “demon” in “Demon Dance”.


The anthology lauded by Toward the Terra’s Keiko Takemiya as “A manga much like a pomegranate, that brings forth different flavors the more you chew on it, with a dry first bite and a juicy inside.” A world where reality gets entangled with illusion and human emotions get entangled with evil spirits gets brought to life in Fumi Shimomura’s pseudo-historic horror stories. Includes six stand-alone short stories – “Hana Gurui”, “The Grave of Butterflies”, “Neck”, “Water God”, and the previously unpublished “Revival” and “Demon Dance”.
©Fumi Shimomura/SAN-EI Corporation

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