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Six Manga Planet Titles to Spook You This Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to enjoy some spooky stories. Scaring yourself is part of the fun and the Manga Planet Library has got just the thing to get you in the mood!

Today we will be showcasing a variety of Manga Planet titles with eerie stories, from psychological sci-fi to the frights of reality, all perfect for Halloween reading. Grab yourself a warm pumpkin spiced drink and scare yourself silly with these six spooky manga titles.

(If you’re not good with horror then don’t panic – We’ve got something for you, too!)


You Mustn’t Come to Kuganegasawa

Story and Art: Ajika Nana

A Japanese take on H.P. Lovecraft’s The Whisperer in Darkness. Professor Matoba is warned by a student to stay away from the village of Kuganegasawa, where “beings with feathers” are rumored to be living. But when the student suddenly drops out and returns to the mysterious Kuganegasawa, Professor Matoba can sense that something isn’t right…

If you’re a fan of sci-fi horror then you won’t be able to get enough of this psychological one-shot this Halloween.



Story and Art: Hakaishin Yamaguchi

Dom’s childhood friend Kyou seems to have found his perfect partner in Asuna, but Dom isn’t so sure. Asuna’s black magic quickly throws their friendship – and mental states – into jeopardy. Can things ever go back to how they were before?

You won’t be sure who you can trust after reading this Lovecraft-inspired psychological one-shot!


The Woman of Arkham Advertiser

Story and Art: Yuki Takata

The Woman of Arkham Advertiser follows budding reporter Alice as she works hard to prove herself as a great journalist. Alice and her sidekick Billy are given the opportunity to investigate the mysterious deaths occurring around Arkham, but they’re in for a shock! 

This fun story combines the spooky aspects of famous H.P. Lovecraft stories with a retro manga art style, making it perfect for Halloween reading.


Hana Gurui

Story and Art: Fumi Shimomura

Hana Gurui is a collection of 6 short stories set in a pseudo-historic Japan. With Youkai (Japanese monsters), scenic settings, and gorgeous artwork, Fumi Shimomura’s stories depict a series of interactions between normal humans and the supernatural. 

If you’re a fan of Japanese folklore and Youkai tales then you’ll love this mysterious collection, which contains two previously-unpublished stories.


Chilling Messages

Story and Art: Masaya Hokazono

If you find reality scarier than fiction then Chilling Messages is the comic for you. Horror manga artist Masaya Hokazono tells the stories of his bone-chilling experiences with social media, the manga industry, psychics, and his fellow artists in this 4-panel collection. 

The series combines comedy and horror to create a fun and exciting comic that you can’t help but laugh at.


Kuro’s Cat Rental

Story and Art: Ranma Kusumi

If you’d rather avoid scary stories altogether and are looking for something cute and mysterious then try Kuro’s Cat Rental. This charming story follows Masa, the fish seller as he learns more about the infamous Cat Rental store in Edo. 

With cat youkai and a historical setting, this on-going series should satisfy your supernatural desires – without giving you a fright!


Which title on Manga Planet would you recommend for Halloween? Let us know on Twitter!


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