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Jump onto the Court at the Haikyu!! Exhibition


Haikyuu!! Week in Sendai

Many local businesses in Sendai City are also involved in the Haikyu!! festivities and is sponsoring a Haikyu!! Week. More information on the exhibit and events can be found on the official website.

Manga Planet had the chance to swing by the Haikyu!! Limited Shop at the Sendai Forus, the Vlandome Shopping Street, and the Haikyu!! Cafe at the Capsule Cafe Bar.

Haikyu!! Week
The Forus in Sendai is selling limited goods starting from April 14 to April 29, 2018. This sign, at the Forus, says “Spring Haiyu!! Week” and “Congrats! Commemorating Their Nationals Appearance! Kurasuno Shopping Street Thanksgiving!”
Hinata Shouyou
Hinata finally has the height he always wanted outside of Forus in Sendai.
Haikyuu!! Kurasuno
The Kurasuno team greets guests on the first floor of Forus.








Touru Oikawa
Any Oikawa fans drooling over this shirt? (We certainly were.)
Vlandome Sendai
The entire Vladome Shopping Street hung banners celebrating Haikyuu!! and the Kurasuno team.



Haikyuu!! Cafe
Many fans flocked to the Haikyuu!! cafe at the Capsule Cafe Bar after the exhibit.


Haikyuu!! Cafe
When we visited the cafe, many of the items were already sold out.
Haikyuu!! Cafe
Luckily, we managed to snag an Inarizaki Ice Coffee. Each order comes with a commemorative postcard.

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Kimi ni Todoke
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Dagashi Kashi
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Kizu Natsuki
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The golden age of decadence After School!

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