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Go Wild at Work this May with Manga Planet

For some readers, summer is fast approaching and will mean long days, hot weather, and plenty of opportunities to have fun with your friends! The only problem is that having fun can often mean spending money, so there’s no better time to get yourself a part-time job and earn some money. If you need some motivation or want an escape from IRL work, we’ve got just the manga for you! 


Demon Convenience Store

Story & Art: Yukio Hirai

Akari moves to the countryside from Tokyo following her grandmother’s death to stay with her widowed grandfather. To help out, she gets a part-time job at the 24-hour convenience store “Ayahashi,” located on the town’s border. Everything is going smoothly until she takes up the night shift and the customers suddenly seem much less than human…

Learn all about the stars of Japanese folklore in the ‘Demon Convenience Store,’ featuring cat-girls (bakeneko), kappa, and more! If you thought serving human customers was bad, wait until you see the chaos of having a supernatural clientele in this fantasy comedy.



The Crow Loves Kyoto’s Cuisine 

Story and Art: Uota Minami

Crow youkai Karasuma “Karasu” descended into the human world to fully embrace one of humanity’s greatest inventions – good food! Armed with a human transformation and a part-time job to earn some money, Karasuma decides to eat his way through Kyoto’s cafes, restaurants, and bakeries to discover all the delicious food that Japan’s cultural capital offers!

You’ll be drooling as you learn all about Japanese food in this comfy story. With a fun cast and amazing-looking dishes, this series is perfect for foodies and anybody interested in Japanese culture.



SoreMachi: And Yet the Town Moves 

Story & Art: Ishiguro Masakazu

Sanada loves to do his homework at the Maid Cafe Seaside, a quiet cafe that’s usually perfect for focusing on his studying. Arashiyama, his loud and hyperactive classmate, works as the cafe’s only maid. Unfortunately for Sanada, Arashiyama invites her friend to hang out at the cafe, and the peace is very quickly broken! 

Living in a small town can mean there isn’t much to do, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have your own fun, as shown by the airheaded Arashiyama and her friends in this lively comedy series. Although, the fun may come at the cost of Sanada’s grades…




Story & Art: Akamatsu Ken

Negi Springfield has graduated from magic school and is ready to enter the working world, dreaming of becoming a great wizard just like his father. He moves to Japan to teach English at the famous Mahora Academy, an all-girls high school, but his babyface and young age make his students skeptical. Will Negi be able to follow his dreams, or will his pupils crush him?

This popular manga features a young genius eager to progress in his teaching career while searching for his missing father. With comedy, drama, and a sprinkling of ecchi scenes, this manga is perfect for magic and shonen readers – Plus, if ‘Negima!’ isn’t enough, you can read the spinoff series ‘UQ HOLDER!’ on Manga Planet!




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