Girls’ Love of the Dead

Story: Nanaoku Hoshi / Art: Akiko Morishima

Girls’ Love of the Dead
Girls’ Love of the Dead
Title : Girls’ Love of the Dead

Story : Nanaoku Hoshii
星井 七億

Art : Akiko Morishima
森島 明子

Publisher : Parsola Inc.



Mitsuki Fueda
A normal high school girl who decides to follow her best friend.
Rin Takano
Mitsuki’s best friend. Was the swim ace of their school and was last seen at the swim team’s training camp.
Ms. Mymmie
The teacher in charge of Grade Zom, Class B. What kind of reason could she have for continuing to teach after being turned into a zombie?


When Mitsuki’s best friend suddenly dies, she decides to seek out the old abandoned building of their school, the Romero Private Academy for Girls. But when she meets her dear Rin again, there’s quite a lot of reasons why the other girl doesn’t remember her…
(Warning: Suicidal ideation and death)
©️Nanaoku Hoshii/©︎Akiko Morishima/Parsola Inc.

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