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Get Inspired this New Year with Manga Planet

With the new year comes new goals and resolutions. Whether it’s self-improvement, talent building, or even just expanding your manga collection, the first of January is a great day to start working towards your new goal.

If you’re thinking about learning a new skill or discovering a new hobby, but you’re not sure where to start, then we’ve got all the inspiration you need… in manga form!

Complex Age

Story & Art: Yui Sakuma

Nagisa Kataura is a twenty-six-year-old office worker with a secret – Hiding beneath her seemingly average exterior is “Nagi,” a professional cosplayer whose high standards, gorgeous photos and passion for the Magical Riding Hood Ururu anime have earned her fame and respect in the cosplay community. 

Despite her success, her “normal” co-workers and society consider her hobby weird and childish – Plus, even some in the cosplay community seem to be turning on her as she grows older. After meeting the tiny and adorable Aya Kurihara, Nagisa begins to question all of her hard work and wonder if it’s truly time to give up on her true love to integrate into “normal” society.

As you grow up, can be hard, to find the right balance between your hobby and your working life. Not only that, but as you mature you’ll find yourself inevitably being compared to younger talents, especially those who seem effortlessly gifted. 

However, if you stay focused on your passion, you can find your place and work out a balance that suits you – Plus, you can spend your adult wages on your beloved hobby!


Story and Art: Yuki Suegetsu

Extroverted sixth-grader Chihaya’s attention is quickly captured by Arata, a shy transfer student from rural Fukui whose quiet exterior hides his immense talent for karuta, a traditional Japanese card game. On the other hand, Arata is stunned by Chihaya’s innate talent for karuta after finding himself playing a game with her. This chance encounter will change their lives forever, marking the start of a long and emotional journey that brings both new friends, new struggles, and a series of life lessons. 

You can meet all kinds of new people through local hobby clubs, allowing you to expand your horizons and see the world from different perspectives. From crafting to gaming, there’s sure to be a local group (both in real life and online) that supports your interests! You never know – you might even learn more about yourself in the process.

The Silk Weaver’s Apprentice and The Kiryu Spirit 

Story: Yasunori Kasuga
Art: Ariko

After overhearing some gossip at school, art student Saori decides to visit Ryuu, her old childhood friend who dropped out of school to take over his family’s struggling textile business after his father died. While Ryuu doesn’t recognize her at first, the two quickly team up once more after discovering a mysterious girl who claims to be Princess Shirataki, the Goddess of Weaving! Will Princess Shirataki and Saori be able to aid Ryuu in his journey to revive the Kiryu arts and honor his father’s memory?

Many old cultures and traditions are dying out, maintained only by local groups and charities. Why not look into the history of your area and learn more about your own culture? Whether it’s learning a language or discovering local crafting techniques, there’s certain to be all kinds of historical secrets for you to discover, directly from the people already doing their best to maintain the culture!


The Many Flavors of Kumika

Story and Art: Akihiro Ononaka

Kumika is an alien from Chlorodium #2, an impoverished planet where food is hard to come by. Instead of food, the people of Chlorodium #2 inhale microorganisms from the air, conveniently bypassing the need for food altogether! However, after moving to planet Earth and getting an office job, a nasty cold leads Kumika to try human food for the first time, introducing her to the comforts and joys of the culinary world. Join Kumika as she learns all about human food and makes new friends along the way.

Moving to a new area, country, or planet, can be scary but if there’s one thing that brings people together, it’s food! Culinary adventures will bring you closer to your friends while providing you with opportunities to meet new people and discover more tasty recipes. Plus, if you’re planning on revamping your diet this year then it’ll be more important than ever to keep your menu fresh and exciting.


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