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Get Fit with Four Sports Titles from Manga Planet

Despite the summer heat, July has been a big month for sports events all around the world, from football to tennis. Whether you love to get out and get active or if you prefer to stay indoors, we’ve got the perfect manga for you!

Sports Day (スポーツの日) was first held in October 1966 to commemorate the 1964 Olympics, offered as a way of promoting good physical and mental well-being to the general public. The event is usually held in October, avoiding Japan’s notoriously humid and hot midsummer season. This year the event is being held in July to represent the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Some commonly spotted sports day events include track and field, relays, long jumping, tug-of-war, and even three-legged races. The day is often celebrated by the community, sparking a festival feeling with team parades, radio calisthenics, and most major sporting events, the national anthem.


Sports-themed manga in Manga Planet

Strawberry Canyon

Story & Art: Sakuta Hiromi

After meeting Keita at her local bouldering gym, Miyo has fallen in love with both bouldering and Keita. But when Keita suddenly announces that he is quitting the sport, Miyo decides to give him some incentive to continue and keep her Monkey Gang together, so to the surprise of her friends – and herself – Miyo announces that she’s aiming for the Olympics. 

Will she be able to handle the pressure, or will her new dream fall apart with her friend group? 

This fun manga combines the best of shoujo and sports with drama, rivalries, and the power of friendship. The vibrant cast helps to build the world of Strawberry Canyon as you learn more about bouldering.


Missile Bird

Story & Art: Kumata Ryusen

After a painful defeat from rising star Sho at his final middle school competition, badminton player Ayumu decides to retire. After all, he’s too short and untalented, right? 

This resolution is quickly scrapped when he spots Sho at his new school, refusing to join the badminton club.

Ayumu finds that his passion for badminton has rekindled, and he’s desperate to practice and eventually play against his rival once more – But will Ayumu be able to convince him?

Missile Bird is perfect for any traditional shounen sports manga fan. With cool character designs and well-written dialogue, you’ll find yourself rooting for Ayumu to improve – and pick up some handy badminton skills along the way.



Story & Art: Takehiko Inoue

After hundreds of years, the old earth sport of Basketball has exploded in popularity across the universe. An intergalactic league is formed of teams from all around space, but one planet is missing. The elderly Yoshimune decides that it’s high-time Earth gets its own team, and he has the money to back his plans up, promising 100 million in hard cash per month to the most promising earthling players. Meanwhile, 14-year-old Hideyoshi is a mischievous kid who strives to get rich quickly with his basketball skills. Who better than him to become an intergalactic basketball star!

Beater Buzzer combines sports and sci-fi to create a unique and fun reading experience, all in full color! The manga originally ran between 1996 and 1998, making it perfect for fans of older manga.


Tsumanuda Fight Town

Story & Art: Ueyama Michirou

Mitsuru just wants to find a cheap apartment in Tokyo to follow his dream of becoming an illustrator, but quickly discovers why the rent was so cheap – Street fights are legal and encouraged in Tsumanuda.

Before Mitsuru can pack his bags and skip town, the mysterious maid Dorae steps in to help him through his first fight. With some training, perhaps the seemingly weak Mitsuru will have what it takes to survive in Tsumanuda Town! 

While perhaps not a conventional sports pick, Tsumanuda Fight Town is full of competitive battles and information about martial arts and its history. Plus, it’s all being taught by a cute maid!


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