Gambling Emperor Legend Zero

Story & Art : Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Gambling Emperor Legend Zero
Gambling Emperor Legend Zero
Title : Gambling Emperor Legend Zero
Tobaku Haouden Zero
賭博覇王伝 零

Story & Art : Nobuyuki Fukumoto
福本 伸行

Publisher : Fukumoto Production/highstone, Inc.



Zero Ukai
An unparalleled genius whose quick wit and intricate schemes have gotten him out of some very sticky situations. Gambles out of the goodness of his heart.
Mitsuru, Yuuki, and Hiroshi
Zero’s fellow Robin Hoods, suicidal kids who had no will to keep on living before being saved by Zero.
Muryo Zaizen
The octogenarian multi-trillionaire president of the Zaizen Group. Concocts a one-of-a-kind, brutal gambling tournament in the search for the best gambler to serve him.


Gambling genius Zero saves three teenagers from their group suicide attempt and convinces them to work with him, acting as “Robin Hood” and returning swindled money back to their original owners. But when the swindlers themselves catch their ragtag team, one thing leads into another, and suddenly they’re all being invited to Muryo Zaizen’s big tournament – a gambling free-for-all where the stakes are high, and the mortality rate is higher! With nothing but his quick wit, can Zero get out of the competition alive?
© NOBUYUKI FUKUMOTO / Fukumoto Production/highstone, Inc.

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