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Four Twisted Tales to Read on Manga Planet This Halloween

Give yourself the chills with these macabre horror manga titles!

Halloween marks the perfect time to scare yourself silly with some horror manga! With mysteries, monsters, and gore galore, we’ve selected the perfect manga from the Manga Planet library to give you goosebumps this spooky season.

CONTENT WARNING: The following series include dark scenes and graphic gore. Please do not continue if you are a younger reader or sensitive to these topics. For some lighter seasonal reading, check out our supernatural manga picks, or check out our October reading list on Twitter and our other socials!

Manga Planet Halloween titles: Fort of Apocalypse

Fort of Apocalypse

Story: Kuraishi Yuu
Art: Inabe Kazu

Yoshiaki Maeda doesn’t think his life can get any worse after he’s arrested for a murder he didn’t commit and sent to the Shouran Academy for juvenile delinquents. With violence, bloodlust, and bullies for roommates, Yoshiaki quickly finds his new prison life spiraling into chaos — only for things to get even more shocking when a truck full of cannibalistic zombies goes crashing into the institute! Can Yoshiaki survive this new trial long enough to prove his innocence? 

This chilling horror manga is perfect for anybody looking for an exciting battle-royale–style adventure this Halloween. With a plot that goes from wild to wilder, this page-turner will have you dying to know what happens next. Plus, the dramatic art style uses incredible anatomy and hints of realism to pull you even deeper into the world of Fort of Apocalypse.


Manga Planet Halloween titles: Gaira

GAIRA – Confidential Records of Mythical Beasts

Story & Art: Itahashi Syufo

Set in Kyoto in an alternate 2019, Mobile Warrior Monks, JSDF Special Forces and even mad scientists are desperately searching for the legendary Gaira Factor. Pipe walking Zenkyo leads the Gaira Six Poets – a group of genetically enhanced humans – in their fight to prevent the Factor from falling into the wrong hands. With color pages and a retro-futuristic setting, this cyberpunk series is a must-read for sci-fi fans!

First drawn in 1996, this cult classic was written before Japan’s cyberpunk boom. While we may be living in 2022, the 2019 setting will have you feeling nostalgic for the future that society dreamed of decades ago. The manga tells the story of genetically enhanced humans and monsters, combined with a distinctly Japanese aesthetic to create a truly original story.


Manga Planet Halloween titles: Until Your Bones Rot

Until Your Bones Rot

Story & Art: Utsumi Yae

One terrible summer, a group of five children killed a man and buried his body in a rural cave. They revisit the scene every year to remember their sin and confirm that their secret is safe. Five years pass and the five teens decide to hide the body from construction workers. But to their horror, the body has vanished, replaced with a phone that rings upon discovery. They’ve been caught. Will their new witness keep their secret, or will the blackmail go too far?

This psychological manga joins a group of young students as they feel the consequences of murder and the strain this heavy secret has on their friendship. With dramatic twists and a mysterious blackmailer, it’s up to you to play detective and figure out just who is threatening to spill the beans and reveal our protagonists’ secret. 


Manga Planet Halloween titles: Asuna


Story: H.P Lovecraft
Art: Hakaishin Yamaguchi

Best friends Kyou and Dan find themselves torn apart by Kyou’s beautiful girlfriend Asuna Isogami. Dan wants to be happy for his friend, but something isn’t right about Asuna. She has inherited the mysterious house on the cliff following her “sorcerer” fathers sudden death. Asuna also claims to have inherited his magic and while Kyou is charmed, Dan isn’t convinced that the woman is who she claims to be… Or perhaps, she isn’t even human at all.

With a shocking opening page, this incredible one-shot puts a Japanese twist on a classic H.P Lovecraft story. The artist skillfully draws characters that you’ll root for which are contrasted by the unsettling Asuna, a character who unsettles readers from the moment they meet her. Why not spend your Halloween reading a story that was inspired by one of the Godfathers of classic horror literature?


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