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Experience a Fresh First Love this February on Manga Planet

Like it or not, February has become an international season of love. Don’t panic if you’re not celebrating, though, because we’ve got the perfect selection of tasty Valentine’s treats for you right here, with lots of love from Manga Planet!

Whether you’re looking for fluffy yuri or a whirlwind romcom, we’ve got the perfect series to warm your heart on this special holiday.

Sasayaki no Kiss -Read my lips.-

Story: Nambu Kumako
Art: Morishima Akiko

Haruka has been deaf since birth, only able to hear her voice in her dream world. One day, she meets a beautiful high school girl with an equally beautiful voice in her dream. Although she makes friends with the girl, Haruka assumes this is all a dream – Until she discovers a very familiar-looking high schooler in real life, asleep on the bench of her local park! Is it possible that Haruka’s dreams have become a reality, or is that too good to be true?

This mixture of fluffy romance and dream fantasy makes for a sugary sweet read! This novel shows Haruka living her normal high school life and falling in love, all while dealing with our sound-focused world, along with her impressive dreamworld! You’ll get stuck into this adorable love story between the shy Haruka and flashy Shiho.

Real Girl

Story and Art: Nanami Mao

Hikari Tsutsui is your typical shy otaku, a loner who is satisfied with living online in a world of anime and gaming. However, his life takes a dramatic turn when Iroha sets her sights on him during detention. Iroha is sassy, confident and has messed around with most boys at school… Everything Tsutsui hates in a 3D girl! You can imagine his surprise when he finds himself quickly falling for her after talking to her. How will he cope with this shocking IRL plot twist? 

Real Girl tells the story of two outsiders as they learn more about each other. With shocking plot twists and an exciting cast, you’ll quickly find yourself invested in this fast-paced relationship between two polar opposites!


You’re the Fiancé!

Story & Art: Haruna Mami

University student Mei Sahara is optimistic and naive, having grown up rich and sheltered. However, her life is quickly turned upside down when her father introduces her to Hijiri Kamijo, her new husband-to-be! Not only is he a good-looking company president, he’s also super pushy and determined to steal all of Sahara’s firsts! Will she really be able to cope with him as her husband?

This heart-racing Josei series will keep you hooked with plot twists and drama with every turn! Adult fans of shoujo will love this series, using your favorite shoujo tropes in a more mature setting. Will you be rooting for Kamiji, or will your sights be set elsewhere?


First Love Story: Shino x Asuka Story

Story: favary Inc., Tamaoki Kosame
Art: Aoto Hibiki

Shino has big plans for her new high school life – get a boyfriend, get passable grades and stick close to her old friend group to fit in. She knows that she’ll never be anything like the beautiful, smart and talented Asuka, so why even try? Fitting in is best! Or so Shino thinks, only to have her ambitions shaken when Asuka suddenly asks her to be her friend. What could the impossibly perfect student representative possibly want from Shino? 

This story of opposites attracting shows that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side… but love always prevails! The novel follows the story of two very different girls who start as friends and discover that their connection runs a little deeper, with all the excitement and awkwardness of first love!


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