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Event Report: Cosplay Matsuri Online

Bearing the tagline ”The Ultimate Online Cos Experience”, Cosplay Matsuri Online was Cosplay.ph’s response to the fans clamoring for a Japanese pop culture-based event in the middle of a pandemic that has forced physical conventions to halt. Cosplay Matsuri Online was a two-day event held on December 19 and 20, 2020.

Day 1 of Cosplay Matsuri Online started with Best MATCHuri, a quiz where contestants had to test their anime knowledge.

The next panel, Making Faces Transformation Tips and Tricks, was a cosplay make-up tutorial hosted by Yanna, where she gave tips on how to drastically change your looks to match the character better.

Next up was futekiya’s panel, where the BL manga subscription service was introduced to Filipino viewers. When asked about publishing doujinshi on the service, Emma Hanashiro (Editor-in-Chief) mentioned that not all doujinshi are based on popular series or manga; in fact, doujinshi are mainly self-published original works. She also talked about the hot titles for futekiya- the top 3 free titles were I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love, Seitokai: When a Student Council Member Rehabilitating a Bad Boy Somehow Turns Into a Romantic Comedy,  and First Love Encounter. On the other hand, the top 3 paid titles were Simplified Pervert Romance, You’re my Sex Star, and I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love.

Emma then recommended Harada’s One Room Angel as an introductory title for people who aren’t used to reading BL, as she thought that the manga was very good. After that, she discussed the futekiya library’s curation process; according to her, it sometimes just boils down to whether or not the publisher is willing to publish the manga in English. Gladys Angala (Producer) added that simulpub titles, such as Pink Heart Jam, are also determined by the publisher. Since there are a lot of manga being published, futekiya’s goals would be to bring the readers manga that they really want to read and to fill out the niches, such as BL manga that wouldn’t normally be picked up by other publishers. During this panel, futekiya also gave a month’s worth of access to either Manga Planet or futekiya to 3 lucky winners of their quiz.

Watch the futekiya Panel below or on futekiya’s YouTube channel!


The convention staple Cosplay Auction made its way online for fans who were absolutely itching to battle others for specific anime merch.

In the middle of a pandemic, masks are all the rage, and the cosplay world is not behind said trend. In Matsuri Mask Charades, cosplayers donned their masks, gestured away, and hoped that the other contestants guessed what they were trying to make an impression of.

Fans of cosplayer Kael PK from Thailand got a treat as he told us more about himself while dressing up as the much-loved character Zhongli from the popular game Genshin Impact.

On the 2nd day, he also made an appearance as Diluc from the same game.

Cosplay Matsuri Online Day 2 of the event started with a quiz game, Shadow Play, where contestants had to guess the character based on the silhouette shown on screen.

In the next panel, Maria Song walked us through her process when taking selfies. First, she decides on her vision of a shoot and then executes the set-up based on said vision. Position and timing are key, so selfie-takers must make sure that both are properly set up beforehand. The more photos you take, the more likely you are to find a photo that meets your standards even after multiple reviews. In the end, it’s up to you whether or not you want to edit.

In the Manga Planet panel, Gladys Angala (Producer) introduced viewers to the service, which is an online subscription service for officially licensed manga.

Some of the titles she shared included My Favorite Carrera EV, which was written and drawn by Kia Asamiya of Silent Mobius and Steam Detectives fame, Seikimatsu Blue by Hirota Shintaro which had a live-action adaptation with members of MNL48 as part of its cast, Soremachi: And Yet the Town Moves by Masakazu Ishiguro, and Missile Bird by Shizusa Io and Ryusen Kumata, a manga that’s being released almost simultaneously in Japan and other territories. Gladys pointed out that they have recently started releasing josei manga – such as Madoka’s Secret by Deme Kingyobachi – and yuri manga, like First Love Story: Shino x Asuka story by Favary Inc/Kosame Tamaoki. When asked if she had any titles she would recommend, Gladys mentioned Harmony from the Ears, a manga that would be great for headphone enthusiasts.

Gladys mentioned that the thing that makes manga interesting and relatable to Filipinos is that it is very varied with stories ranging from dark to everyday life stories. For example, Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk was very popular in the Philippines because it dealt with something very close to Filipino’s hearts. On the subject of feedback, they have received grateful comments from customers thanking them for releasing old titles that people have practically given up on having an English release.

Manga Planet also gave out a month’s worth of subscription to either futekiya or Manga Planet to 3 lucky fans.

If you missed the Manga Planet Panel, you can watch it below or on our YouTube channel!


Even though the convention is online, a Philippine-based anime convention really wouldn’t be much of a convention without anime karaoke and fans definitely showed their enthusiasm for anisong as they warbled while in costume.

All in all, Cosplay Matsuri Online was a fun, if brief romp for anime enthusiasts in the Philippines. And it couldn’t come at a better time, just before the holidays!

If you couldn’t attend the Cosplay Matsuri Online, watch the Highlight Reel below to see what you missed!


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