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Event Report: AniManGaki Online 2020

Manga Planet joined AniManGaki Online 2020, an online event organized by the anime community in Malaysia! AniManGaki is considered one of the largest events for anime, comics, and games (ACG) in the country. The online event stream, which consisted of their program and online competitions, lasted three days from August 21-23 and was accessible via their official website and social media handles on Facebook and Youtube. It also had a week intended for artists, cosplay, and exhibitors between August 24-28.

The first day consisted mostly of the opening ceremony, where the head organizer Jo Lynn gave a few words for everyone watching and participating in the event. After that, the three emcees for the event were introduced: Dante, IQI, and Ash, dressed up in gakuran. They gave a brief overview of what to expect of the event and showed the cute giveaways. The Magic Rain’s Legend of Runeterra Tournament, which featured the finals, was held afterward. Then, the first day ended with the rejuvenating beats of ACG Mix and Animode, which starred in various anime songs.

The second day started with the usual word from sponsors and some advertisements. It also showed a preview of what to expect and the event’s special guests for the coming days. Afterward, Dante and IQI (wearing formal wear) officially welcomed everyone for Day 2 with the side humor of Ash waking up as Majinbu.

The first activity to come up was Pass the Brush Challenge with Kei-chan (the event’s mascot), which featured several cosplayers passing out brushes and cosplaying various anime characters.

Afterward, we got an outstanding performance from the band Drumstick, which played Kyouran Hey Kids!! from Noragami, Binary, and the Mandarin version of Adamas from Fire Force. It was followed by another cutesy and bright performance from Luna Cresente, an upcoming Taiwanese Idol Group formed by Japan Toypla Inc., the company behind the well-known J-idol group, Kirameki Unforent. Luna Cresente consisted of five members: Sakuraba Hatsuki (Macaron Pink), Nemuri Himeko (Fallen Angel Purple), Hanagi Riri (Jade Green), Yumeno Riyuki (Azure Blue), and Seto Aina (Ice Blue).

Ash finally made his appearance before the event proceeded with the next program, Idol Monster, a contest for singers performing anime songs. The program had nine contestants competing for the top spot and is hosted by its three judges: Grace (from Fazz/Nabiya), Kaoru (from Harmonia ACG), and Jasmine Minori (from The Crestfall Band). The three of them were critical in their commentary and gave pointers for improvement for each of the contestants.

Next up was the online panel for No Straight Roads, an upcoming video game developed by the Malaysian studio Metronomik. The video game stars an action-adventure plot where leading duo MayDay and Zuke battle the EDM empire with rock music. Wan Hazmer, CEO of Metronomik and Team Director of No Straight Roads, gave a brief overview of the game’s development for two and a half years. After that, the panel was passed on to Daim Dziauddin, No Straight Roads’ Creative Director, to continue with the interviews with the rest of the team. For the concept art aspect of the game, Ellie (SillyJellie), one of the team’s concept artists, showed us the early sketches of Sayu and how the game used to be school themed. After that, we heard from NSR’s CG Director Jarold Sng Koon Shan, and Levant, one of the Illustrators of translating 2D art to 3D art. Ben Fong, the Gameplay animator, then showed us the animations done for the game’s hero motions.

The panel was cut short with some technical difficulties, but the emcees kept the crowd entertained with Dante singing Baka Mitai by popular demand. Once the technical problem was sorted, NSR’s panel continued with the game’s boss motions with Fyco Foo, another Gameplay animator. The environmental aspect of the game was discussed by Danish Mak Mun Choon, NSR’s Environment Artist. He explained finding a connection between everything together while working on the game’s environment design. Afterward, the panel proceeded with the game’s Props with two of their character modelers, Jan Teo, for interactable props and Daphne Lee for the collectible props. The panel concluded with two environment artists, Makoto Wong Ka Cun and Syed Hafiz bin Syed Abdull Aziz Jailani, who talked about the game’s lighting and creating an environment that follows the music. No Straight Roads is now available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Onto the next panel, Malaysia Touhou Brigade presented an interview panel with the Touhou creators Takahiro/Reitashi Hojo and ZUN with their host Kairyu and translator Burhan Hadi. The interview questions ranged from “getting to know” questions, such as whether they ever tried Malaysian cuisine, to latest updates on their platforms, and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected Touhou culture.

After that, there was a brief intermission of Pass the Pen Challenge with Sakura where artists pass out pens and showcase their artist skills for the world to see. Following that, Shino Shimazaki, former idol now turned singer, showcased her music brand as a singer and featured four songs: Hijitsuzai Sei Shoujo, Yoru ni Kakeru, Tabun, and Harujion Acoustic Arrangement, a collaboration with Max that was brought by Hibiki Productions.

Then, there was another panel showcasing the art of balloons where you can create your own Pikachu with SUPA DUPA Circus and origami folding your own Ash Ketchum Hat Evolution with Origami Academy. Afterward, there was Quiplash, a contest where the most votes between two choices win, and the winner’s choice is granted points.

The next panel was with Asterisk x MYCC: When manga meets comics, where manga and comic artists like HK (from My Comics Community), Hamano Shin, IT, Rachel, Ivan, and Billie (from Asterisk Academy) shared their skills and gave out pointers on artist struggles, commissions and the market.

Following that was the Creative Cosplay Photo Competition hosted and judged by Alex Chrysler (photographer), Rikka Blurhound (cosplayer), and Calvin Wong (photographer). The competition had ten competitors vying for the first prize. After that, AniManGaki Online revealed their surprise guest, Aimee Blackschleger, who had worked alongside the famous Hiroyuki Sawano. She sang ‘The Fallen Angel.’

Afterward came the awarding ceremony for both Idol Monster and the Creative Cosplay Photo Competition. For Idol Monster, the winners were: ‘I Choose You’ Award, Tomiko (Michushirube); 2nd place, Jei Suzuki (Ai no Scenario); and the 1st place granted to Hira Mafu (Renai Saiban). For the Creative Cosplay Photo Competition, the winners were: consolation prize, Angel (Rin) and Aki (Exusiai); 3rd place, Mikado Ryugamine (Aqua); 2nd Place, The Wooden Hermit (Sauron); and winning 1st place, Ryuusa (Jin Li).

There was a brief intermission with Yoodo, featuring Oral Cigarettes’ Kyouran Hey Kids!! performance by Brightburn, Kana-Boon’s Silhouette featuring Rina and Akeboshi performed by Wind before proceeding to the next panel: our very own Manga Planet Industry Panel.

The panel was hosted by Dante, who interviewed Manga Planet’s Editor-in-Chief, Emma Hanashiro, and Producer, Gladys Angala. The panel started with a brief overview of Manga Planet: an online subscription service for officially licensed manga. The site has 58 titles, and its library is still growing. Its key features include a well-curated content, regular updates, long term subscription plans, and accessibility on any device. Manga Planet also has original blog contents, and manga fans operate it; in other words, Manga Planet has a global reach providing access to manga readers, and stopping manga piracy is one of the service’s goals. The panel discussed recent events such as the shutting down of some illegal anime sites, and while Manga Planet feels for the fans, they hope that manga readers would see Manga Planet as a legal means of accessing content. They also gave previews of some of the titles the site has and shared a bit of an overview of how Manga Planet operates and how the subscription service works. Manga Planet promised more manga additions in the future.

If you missed our Industry Panel at AniManGaki Online 2020, you can now watch it below or on our YouTube channel!

After that, Stroberitea gave a performance that consisted of four songs: Gurenge, Passion, Suteki Da Ne, and Endless Storm. The emcees then proceeded to conclude Day 2 with a positive note.

On Day 3, the emcees greeted everyone who gathered for the third day dressed in punk style blacks. First up again was the next batch of cosplayers for the Pass the Brush Challenge with Kei-chan dressed up in their anime favorites. It was followed by the lively performances by 暖爐Stove & Re:TurN-Circus- and Tukuyomi Dining Company.

Following that was the Pet Cosplay Competition hosted by Dova, Yugana Senshi Uon, and JY, where owners dressed up their lovely pets in adorable anime costumes. The competition was followed by the Kadokawa Senpak Staz Virtual Tour, where we got to see various anime collections and X-venture.

After the virtual tour, we saw the Claw Machine Challenge with Play United, where they tried to get as many anime collectibles as possible. Then, performances from Lynne Hobday and Kao=S followed with the latter performing Jiware. After that, there was the game Draw From Memory, where artists drew various anime characters like Naruto from memory. Yoodo returned to present a performance by the band Patriots.

The event then proceeded by another Balloon Sculpture and Origami Making session, the latter featuring how to fold Ivysaur. Drawing with Nishii Terumi and Naska panel came in next, where they shared artist tips like how the design aspect has to be included in the story. The panel was followed by the game Anime Quiz which had three rounds: Trivia, Song, and Video.

Another performance by Project Zangyo performing Black or White and Tigridia followed, and IQI himself interviewed them. They also revealed another special guest, Yvonne Sing (aka Kaichou), the founder of AniManGaki, and then announced the winners of the Lucky Draw.

After the Lucky Draw, there was a live performance by Liliana Vampiana, followed by the announcements of the winners for the Pet Cosplay Competition and the Art Competition. The winners for the Pet Cosplay Competition were: for 3rd Place, Muffin; 2nd Place, Bokgao; and 1st Place, Woofie. For the art competition, Anes Amira was declared the winner.

With that, the online event comes to a close with the emcees saying their goodbyes and thanks to everyone who joined the live stream. This was then followed by the afterparty with Mishiyaro, who kept the beat pumping until the end.

Aside from the online live stream, AniManGaki Online also offered home-based cosplay competitions and anime merchandise at the art marketplace and exhibitor icons back at their official site. While there were some technical difficulties along the way, AniManGaki Online 2020 sure brought the fun in anime conventions closer to us in these trying times.


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