Enchanted Racer

Author: Akira Itou, Story: Lightia Racing, Art: Jun Ikeda

Enchanted Racer
Enchanted Racer
Title : Enchanted Racer

Author : Akira Itou
伊藤 彰

Story : Lightia Racing

Art : Jun Ikeda
いけだ じゅん

Publisher : SOZO Comics



A strong-willed Coinmaker whose goal is to find and collect The Ultimate Seven monster coins to continue his grandfather’s legacy. While he is a bit clueless on some things like enchanted machines, he is quite perceptive when needed and has a kind heart. He also expresses interest in being an enchanted racer.
An enchanted racer looking for a strong monster coin to help her country, Lightia. Determined, she has been racing to get booster privileges to solve the supply shortage in her hometown.

In a planet called Deadheat, where it is mostly devoid of water, monsters embodying the planet’s energy called Enemonsters roam around. Hunters called Coinmakers pursue those Enemonsters by defeating them and turning them into coins. In a twist of fate, Coinmaker Turbo meets the racer Retra when he visits his grandfather’s grave. Thus begins their journey in collecting strong monster coins dubbed as The Ultimate Seven.
© Akira Itou/© SOZO/© SG-R

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