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Editor’s Blog: MAOMAO! Returns to Manga Planet

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Spend Every Day with Mao!

Manga Planet is proud to announce we will be re-releasing the English and Japanese versions of MAOMAO!, bomi’s fantasy four-panel manga. Starting on April 4 until April 27, 2018, MAOMAO! will be updated every weekday.

MAOMAO! follows the story of Yamada, an average college student. After a demon summoning mixup, Yamada finds his everyday life thrown into chaos by Mao, the Princess of Darkness, and her bevy of enchanted friends, Dorako and Tatami. Throw in a  mangaka and her harried editor, and Yamada’s world is brimming with supernatural hijinx.


If you are learning Japanese now, our latest original manga series is perfect! You can read it both in English and Japanese.

Manga Planet Visits AnimeJapan 2018

Last weekend, we attended one of the largest anime events in the world, AnimeJapan.

AnimeJapan 2018

What is AnimeJapan? Organized by the AnimeJapan Organization with support from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, The Association of Japanese Animations, and The Association of MANGA Publishers, AnimeJapan promotes Japan’s animation industry to domestic and foreign fans and business investors. This year’s AnimeJapan took place from occurred from March 22 to March 25 in Tokyo Big Sight.

Want to exclusive photos from AnimeJapan? Be sure to read our exclusive photo report on the event. This year’s AnimeJapan was also great for Boys Love fans.

If you are interested in other manga and anime events in Tokyo, be sure to read our articles on the Cheese!’s Ikebo x Shōjo Manga Genga-ten, Land of the Lustrous Exhibit at Yurakucho Marui, Kizu Natsuki at Manga10Yoneda Kou’s Op: The Colourless Days of Yoake Itaru Book Fair@Shosen and Himouto Umaru-chan Exhibit.

Ikebo x Shoujo Manga Genga-ten
Want to take a peek into the world of shōjo manga?

In Our Orbit: Is Omegaverse Becoming Mainstream?

Want to see more of BE BOY x animate’s booth? Not sure what omegaverse is? Check out our article, AnimeJapan 2018 with a Boys Love Eye.

At this year’s AnimeJapan, Animate teamed up with Boys Love manga magazine BE BOY to produced a booth that would leave fujoshi and fudanshi with nosebleeds. While this booth featured an interactive photo experience with Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu.’s protagonists, it also had a small exhibit on omegaverse.

Love it or hate it, omegaverse has seemingly seeped into the public image of Boys Love. Even though right now there isn’t an omegaverse anime, one corner in an AnimeJapan exhibition could be the stepping stone to an anime adaption of one of the many omegaverse manga series out now.

Is there a deeper meaning to the popularity of male pregnancy (and sometimes parenthood) in modern Boys Love? This question, right now perhaps sophomoric, will be explored future in future Manga Planet Editor’s Blogs. Stay tuned to examine this (controversial?) trend.



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