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Editor’s Blog: Manga Planet Hits the (Small) Screen

The Editor’s Blog is Manga Planet’s wrap-up of the week. 

The Golden Age of Decadence is Back!

After a long hiatus, this original manga series by Yasunori Kasuga and Yutsuki Inumura returned on August 1. Everyone can read it for free on our website until August 15, 2018. We have also released all chapters of The Golden Age of Decadence to celebrate Chapter 10 (and give everyone a refresher)!

What is The Golden Age of Decadence? Mysterious spirits from the Lethe Valley have invaded 19th century Paris and are stealing words from people. Poetry, however, can defeat these spirits. Blighted by the spirits, famed poet Baudelaire faces a fate worse than death and decides to teach poetry to Cocteau, an illiterate orphan, after sensing a hidden talent in him. But, can Cocteau learn poetry when he can’t even read? Why do these spirits from the Lethe Valley steal words from people?

You can read all ten chapters here at Manga Planet.


Manga Planet’s YouTube Channel

Long at last, we have opened our YouTube channel! You can watch preview videos for After School!, The Golden Age of Decadence, and RAYZ OF LIGHT along with many more videos.

Be sure to follow us for the latest news, manga updates, and videos straight from Tokyo!

In Our Orbit:

Boys’ Love has been an ongoing topic here at Manga Planet, and this Editor’s blog is no different. Recently, futekiya, a new Twitter and Instagram account about BL, has been sending out small polls asking fans about their opinion on various topics varying from original BL vs. doujinshi to even omegaverse.

These questions have a small sample size and are only surface level, but with time, maybe we can see more depth from both futekiya and even Manga Planet!

(We are working hard on several projects now that we hope to announce soon~)

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