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Editor’s Blog: Manga Planet Basks in RAYZ OF LIGHT

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RAYZ OF LIGHT to Shine on Manga Planet

Manga Planet is proud to announce we will be releasing the English version of RAYZ OF LIGHT on March 23, 2018!

RAYZ OF LIGHT, a new cyberpunk three-part manga written by Yasunori Kasuga and illustrated by Harami Yuuki, takes place in Japan, the year 2025. In this future, advertisements have infiltrated fashion, and young people earn lucrative amounts of money by becoming affiliates. As affiliates, people wear devices attached to clothing that advertise products. The more views an ad has and the younger the affiliate, the more money a person can earn. However, crimes related to this advertising trend have increased. Law, a persona program, has teamed up with Reisen, a former ad agency employee,  to investigate these crimes. An odd-couple team, Law and Reisen dive into a hi-tech world of commercialism and…murder? 


From Stage to Manga

RAYZ OF LIGHT is based on a cross-media crowd-funded project of the same name created by writer Yasunori Kasuga and sound creator ROU. The premiere production of the project was a rōdoku geki, a live-reading of the script by professional actors accompanied by music and images, which occurred on November 11, 2017. Yuki Kimisawa, a well-known actor from the stage play of Tokyo Ghoul and Naruto, performed as Law. A spin-off of the production is set to launch in spring 2018.

In Our Orbit

Here at Manga Planet, we are working to make manga more available in English while at the same time support the artists and writers involved. We are always open to hearing our reader’s opinions and thoughts about manga. Be sure to let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

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