Doctor Mordrid

Story and Art : Masaya Hokazono

Doctor Mordrid
Doctor Mordrid
Title : Doctor Mordrid
Dr. Mordrid

Story and Art : Masaya Hokazono
外薗 昌也



Doctor Mordrid
An archaeologist at the fringes of the scientific community. While his eccentricities drive others away, his genuine talent makes them eager to seek him out.

Mr. Rochschild
A wealthy man who summoned scholars from all over America, including Doctor Mordrid, to investigate the mysterious incidents concerning gold and a dead body.


The year is 1897, the era of the Wild West. Doctor Mordrid may be the scientific community’s outcast, but his unique skills as an archaeologist specializing in occult cases are second to none and begrudgingly recognized by most. With his trusty animal sidekick Kim and more than a few (mechanized) tricks up his sleeve, Doctor Mordrid sets forth to investigate incredible happenings on the American Frontier.
©2020 Masaya Hokazono

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