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Dagashi Kashi Kotoyama Exhibit at The Gallery of Fantastic Art (GoFa)

Gallery of Fantastic Art

The Gallery of Fantastic Art (GoFa), a Tokyo based gallery that specializes in comics, games, animation, science fiction, is hosting the Dagashi Kashi Kotoyama Exhibit from February 10 to March 11, 2018. To commemorate the broadcast of anime’s second season, GoFa gives fans a chance to see mangaka Kotoyama’s original artwork, color illustrations, and key-frames and character designs from the anime. The exhibit focuses on Hotaru Shidare, the manga and anime’s heroine who loves dagashi (cheap candy in Japanese), and features many of the character characters from Dagashi Kashi.

What is Dagashi Kashi?

Dagashi Kashi is a shōnen manga written and illustrated by Kotoyama. Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday began serializing the manga in June 2014 and the series currently has ten volumes. Animations studio Feel adapted the manga into an anime in January 2016, The anime’s second season is currently airing in Japan.

In Dagashi Kashi, aspiring mangaka Kokonotsu Shikada refuses to inherit his family’s sweet shop, a countryside store that has lasted for eight generations. Kokonotsu’s daily life is turned around when Hotaru Shidare, the heir to a famous confectionary company, appears suddenly trying to convince his father to join her company. At first, Kokonotsu’s father refuses Hotaru’s request but then declares that if Hotaru convinces Kokonotsu to inherit the family’s sweet shop, he will work for Hotaru’s company.

Thanks to our friends at GoFa Manga Planet had the opportunity to visit the exhibit and take a photo for all our fans!

Dagashi Kashi Exhibit
The gallery featured a mix of color illustrations, original artwork from the manga and character designs, and keyframes from the anime adaptation.
Dagashi Kashi Kotoyama
Kotoyama-sensei created these color illustrations specifically for the exhibit. Also, as part of the exhibit, Kotoyama-sensei answered questions from fans.
Hotaru Shidare
This color illustration is from the Dagashi Gashi’s 3rd volume.
Dagashi Kashi
Although Dagashi Kashi is all about candy, the illustrations are pretty sweet too.
Dagashi Kashi
For those interested in how manga is created, the exhibit also presents the roughs next to the final pages.
Dagashi Kashi Kotoyama
Guests can see Kotoyama-sensei’s handiwork in person at the exhibit.
Dagashi Gashi
Guest can also see the hand-drawn pages of the manga from chapter 153.
Dagashi Kashi
Even without the dialogue, guest can enjoy pages from chapter 153.
Dagashi Kashi
Beside Kotoyama’s art, guests can see how the animation team adapted the characters and added life to them.

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