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Cosplay, J-Pop, Anisong and More at Cosplay Mania 2018

Cosplay Mania: Cosplayers, Voice Actors, and more, OH MY!

Cosplay Mania celebrated its 10th anniversary

Cosplay Mania, one of the biggest and most popular cosplay conventions in the Philippines, celebrated its tenth anniversary from September 28 to 29, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center. We had the pleasure of visiting for the first time this year!

  • Can’t see the giant Gundam in Odaiba? You can behold  a (not quiet as giant, but big) Gundam Gunpla brought to Cosplay Mania.
    Can’t see the giant Gundam in Odaiba? You can behold a (not quite as giant, but big) Gundam Gunpla brought to Cosplay Mania.

Organizers Cosplay.ph prepared a jam-packed schedule that included idol performances, voice actor meet and greets, anisong DJ sets, concerts, cosplay competitions and much more. Cosplay.ph also invited J-Pop artists AiRI, Megumi Nakajima, fhána, stage actors Hiroki Ino and Kousuke Asuma, and voice actors Chiharu Sawashiro and Shunsuke Takeuchi as guests, much to the delight of fans. Filled with fan-driven passion and industry muscle, talented artists and official vendors like Good Smile Company, Banpresto, and Gunpla lined the exhibition hall.

Cian Phaelis as Cian Phaelis as Ciel and Sebastian from Black Butler at Cosplay Mania
Duo Cian Phaelis appeared at Cosplay Mania in their Yume 100 Prince – Sun Version cosplay.

Although a cosplay-centric event, Cosplay Mania encompasses the visual, aural, physical, and mental experience of being a fan and consumer of Japanese popular culture. In one day, an attendee could watch a Yoshinoya gyudon eating contest, jam out with anisong DJ SunaP and DJ29MEAT, and swoon to  Chiharu Sawashiro and Shunsuke Takeuchi’s dulcite tones. All that wouldn’t include the other festivities happening throughout the venue.

  • Nissan Yakisoba toss at Cosplay Mania 2018

According to staff, newcomers and returnees alike should plan ahead of time since there is so much going on at any given moment.

Cosplay Mania radio taisou exercisesAttendees warm up for an exciting day at Cosplay Mania with a special edition of radio taiso exercises.

Quantum Amusement Corp. at Cosplay Mania
Fans could experience Japanese arcades at Quantum Amusement’s area.

Global and Local Talent all on One Stage

Anime, manga, and gaming fans weren’t the only one having a time at Cosplay Mania. The convention made sure to satisfy idol fans with performances by Philippines-based indie idol group Aidoru Sozai and Japanese pop dance cover group Seishun Kakumei.

Aidoru Sozai at Cosplay Mania

Aidoru Sozai is a seven-member group that debuted in September 2018. Heavily influenced by Japanese popular culture, this group has the goal to “bring the J-POP idol experience to the Philippines with their catchy songs and entertaining performances.”

Seishun Kakumei is an eight-member award-winning cover group that debut in 2011. Fans of J-pop and anime, Seishun Kakumei members specialize in songs by AKB48, Morning Musume, S/mileage, Tokyo Girls’ Style, AAA, 9nine, E-girls, and μ’s (muse).

Along with Aidoru Sozai and Seishun Kakumei, DJSunaP and DJ29MEAT played their sets at Cosplay Mania, bringing the anison club scene from Tokyo to the Philippines. Whipping up excitement, DJSunaP pulled audience members onto the stage with him and even one Gon-san cosplayer as they laid out beats from some of the most popular anime worldwide. 

  • DJSunaP and DJ29Meat performing at Cosplay Mania

On September 28, DJSunaP premiered to the Cosplay Mania audience the opening song of Tokyo MX anime Devidol, a new series that began airing in Japan on October 5.

Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay!

Cosplay Mania wouldn’t live up to its name if it didn’t create a space for professional and amateur cosplayers to shine.  Over the course of two days, the convention held three cosplay competitions: Ultimate Cosplay Championship, Cosplay Mania Cup, and Cosplay Solo Showdown. Both on and off the stage, passionate fans brought their characters to life and bonded with fellow cosplayers.

  • Cosplay Mania 2018
    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplayers bust out their best Jojo pose at Cosplay Mania! (Left to Right: Haruka Nyan (Caesar) Judy Kujo (Jotaro Kujo), Alex Masahiro (Koichi), Carlo Patrick Torres (Jotaro Kujo), Jecelaine Antiquiere (Kakyoin), Ninier San (Jotaro Kujo), Joselito Joestar (Kira Yoshikage))

Want to have the Cosplay Mania experience? Cosplay Mania 2019 will be held from September 28 to 29, 2019. In the meantime, Cosplay.ph will be hosting Cosplay Matsuri 2019 from December 29 to 30, 2018.

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