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Coslandia 2019: The Ultimate J Culture Festival Event Report

Idols, anime, cosplay, games, e-sports and many more!

Coslandia 2019 was held last November 1-3, 2019 at SMX Convention Center Aura (Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines). Coslandia 2019 is a celebration of J-culture, which provided Japanese culture enthusiasts of all ages an event that they would be unlikely to forget. Manga Planet was there to cover Day 2. Here is our event report!

Fashion, Idols, J-pop and Cosplay on Stage

On Day 2, Coslandia Girls Collection, a fashion show featuring MNL48, sister group of AKB48, was held on stage, and fans of the idol group got to see their favorite gals strutting their stuff on stage, as the members served up some smashing looks holding their audience captive during the whole runway.

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Of course, no self-respecting J-culture convention would be complete without cosplay and in that category, Coslandia does not disappoint by showing us the crème of the crop of the Philippine Cosplay sphere. During the World Cosplay Summit PH stage session, the Philippine representatives for World Cosplay Summit (WCS) 2019 (Team Class S) showed off their impeccable showmanship, as they wowed the audience with their fight choreography. The WCS 2013 representative, Eiri, also made an appearance on stage to share her experience when she was part of WCS.

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Team Weapon and Mass Destruction, the representative for Pop Culture Hiroshima 2019, held in April this year, also made an appearance and shared their experience at Pop Culture Hiroshima. They mentioned that in Pop Culture Hiroshima, participants are expected to put on a show by singing and that as long as you give it your all, the Japanese will respond to your performance with the same level of enthusiasm.


Team Blackout, Coslandia 2019’s National Capital Region (NCR) Qualifiers for Pop Culture Hiroshima 2020slated in April next year, rapped their way through Hypnosis Microphone’s “Welcome to the Division.” One can’t help but be awed that the two members rapped the whole song which was meant to be rapped by 4 units composed of 12 members.

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Virtual idols were also graced the stage of Coslandia as the local virtual android idol cosplayer unit Miku 16 gave Vocaloid fans a treat performing some of Vocaloids’ greatest hits like “Melt and World is Mine” on stage.

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Japanese-Filipino singer/dancer/songwriter TJ Hirotoshi Maeda danced up a storm on stage during Coslandia 2019. From western hits such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to One Piece’s “We Are”, TJ’s exuberance impressed the audience during the idol showcase.

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The Nagoya-based idol group, Fairy Tales performed the song “Sky’s The Limit” which was one of the theme songs for the movie Seikimatsu Blue. When they were on stage, they made a heartfelt plea for those who enjoyed their show to support them by buying their goods. During their performance, there was this poignant air of them giving their very best as this may be the last time that they’ll get to visit the Philippines.

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The J-pop Idol group 1-Girls, a J-pop idol group formed in December 2011 which consists of five members selected from a dance school for children. Their performance was full of bold and complicated moves which served as a testament to their dancing background.

“Wa-Pop” songstress TOMOCA captivated the audience with her elegant looks and powerful vocals. On stage she performed “Hello,” the song she wrote for the movie Seikimatsu Blue and won the hearts of anime fans as she sang the fan-favorite theme song of Neon Genesis Evangelion “Cruel Angels Thesis.”

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Idols everywhere!

Besides the mini concerts on the main stage, those that were watching on the satellite stages did not miss out on the musical festivities. Various idols performed on stage while the fans danced wota-style to the beat!

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Activities Galore at Coslandia 2019

In addition to the representatives of the various international cosplay competitions onstage, there were also cosplayers to be found off-stage. Coslandia 2019 even had a booth for their Cosplay Ambassadors, so that fans can meet and greet their cosplay idols.

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For those interested in taking their photos to the next level, the Rapid Shots 360 video booth provided a platform where you can pose to your heart’s content while the camera rotates around the platform, taking shots of you in various poses and angles. Even MNL48 Team L couldn’t resist the lure of glamour shots!

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Fans of MNL48 Team L had a chance to take photos with their favorite members at the Fuji Photo Booth which was right beside the MNL48 booth.

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For Japanese snack Pocky lovers, there was also a booth where you can get your Pocky fix! With every 100 pesos worth of purchase of Pocky , you get your very own gigantic inflatable Pocky stick! They also had a photo booth where you can take purikuras to show your enthusiasm for Pocky.

coslandia j-culture festival philippines

For fans of both sports and technology, there was a HADO booth in Coslandia 2019. HADO is best described as dodgeball on techno steroids. HADO utilizes motion controls, smartphones and augmented reality to provide a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Some lucky players even got to play against the MNL48 girls!

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All in all, Coslandia 2019 was a fun romp through J-culture. Here’s to hoping that we get years more of events like this one. Manga Planet thanks the organizers of Coslandia 2019 for allowing us to cover the event.

Coslandia Official Website: http://coslandia.wixsite.com/coslandia
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CoslandiaPH/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoslandiaPH
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coslandiaph/

Watch out for exciting news next week on Manga Planet! Details will be posted on our blog so don’t miss it!

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