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Confess Under The Moon with 4 Romantic Manga Titles From Manga Planet

Autumn is all about the moon, so why not learn all about it while you enjoy some romantic manga? There’s something for everybody this month in the Manga Planet Library!


Tsukimi (Moon-Viewing)

Tsukimi (月見), which translates to Moon-Viewing, celebrates the Autumn moon, usually held between September and October. The full moon is typically celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the traditional Japanese calendar, while the waxing moon is celebrated on the 13th day of the ninth month.
In 2021, the event was held between the 21st and the 24th of September.
Families and friends gather in spots where the full moon can be seen clearly to observe it, decorating the area with Susuki plant displays and eating Tsukimi Dango to honor the moon.
Seasonal foods are used as offerings to the moon during the festival; Sweet potatoes are offered to the full moon, while beans and chestnuts are offered to the waxing moon.

However, in Japan, the shining moon doesn’t only bring the Autumn festival to mind. If you’re standing under the starry sky with your crush by your side, you might find yourself telling them how beautiful the moon looks tonight – and this could be taken as a confession of your love!
The phrase “Tsuki ga Kirei Desu Ne” (“the moon is beautiful, isn’t it”) was penned by Natsume Sōseki, an English teacher who felt that his students literal translation to “I love you” just wasn’t particularly romantic. He felt that two people didn’t need to directly announce their love to convey the feeling, coming up with the phrase as a new, more distinctly Japanese way of translating it.


Romantic Manga

Two Guns Under The Sheet

Story: Hoshii Nanaoku
Art: Kitao Taki

Police officer Aya falls into bed with the beautiful Sakura after spending her days pining for her old partner, who she lost in a tragic incident. While the evening may have started as a one-night stand, emotions run high, and Aya quickly realizes that her days of being single may finally be over! That is until one unfortunate conflict of interest pops up – Could the mysterious Sakura be related to the criminal organization that Aya is aiming to take down?

This exciting novel combines action with romance as Aya puts up with the struggle of being the only woman in the department alongside her composited love life.



The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Story & Art: Miyahara Ruri

Usa has finally moved out from his parents’ house, moving into the Kawai Complex where he meets a gang in particular… unique tenants. More importantly, Kawai, the cutest girl in school, lives there too! Will he be able to capture her attention and break down the walls of her blunt personality, or will he just get lumped in with the rest of his weird new roommates?

This fun story will have you laughing at the expense of our poor protagonist as he learns the ins and outs of his new home. With a host of strange and cute characters, you won’t be bored with the Kawai Complex shenanigans!


Tonight, I’m Loving My Boss!

Story: Kisaka Mitiko
Art: Mukae Asako

Kei is devastated after her boyfriend leaves her to have a child with another woman. With nowhere else to turn, she decides to drink her woes away at the bar and bumps into her straight-faced boss Sakuma… But things quickly escalate when she spends a passionate night with him!
The two of them agree to enjoy a purely physical relationship, but Kei finds she can’t stop herself from developing feelings for the man. Will she be able to put a lid on them, or will the two of them take their relationship to the next level?

This spicy series is full of fun characters and office drama, with various main and side characters to add a sense of depth and tension to the story. Who will you be rooting for?



Night and Day

Story & Art: Yu Akegata

Akari is a girly girl, who loves fashion and makeup, always looking her best. Shiho is cool and relaxed, working as a photographer for her favorite rock bands. However, opposites attract, and the two find their soulmates in one another, spending their days growing even closer as they learn more about the woman they love.

Night and Day is a heartwarming series about two very different women who bring out the best in each other as they reach new levels in their relationship – even meeting the parents!



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