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Be a Chic Devil at 『DEVILMAN crybaby meets BEAMS JAPAN – SABBATH SHINJUKU –』

The latest anime adaptation of Go Nagai’s Devilman manga has gained global attention and notoriety with the release of Masaaki Yuasa’s DEVILMAN crybaby on Netflix. Along with building an international audience, DEVILMAN crybaby has cultivated a local fan base and presence in Tokyo with DEVILMAN crybaby SABBATH SHIBUYA, 「DEVILMAN NIGHT kensuke ushio LIVE @WOMB」and now the 『DEVILMAN crybaby meets BEAMS JAPAN – SABBATH SHINJUKU –』, a collaboration pop-up store and exhibit.   

BEAMS JAPAN in Shinjuku

From July 18 to 31, 2018, fans can purchase limited edition clothes and goods, and view a small exhibit on the 4th floor of  BEAMS JAPAN in Shinjuku. Ayumi Kurashima, character designer for DEVILMAN crybaby, created new visuals featuring Akira and Ryo wearing the clothes from this collab.

Thanks to our friends at ANIPLEX and BEAMS, Manga Planet had the opportunity to visit the pop-up store and take photos for all our fans!



DEVILMAN crybaby “meets” on the 4th floor of BEAMS JAPAN, the flagship store that carefully curates art, clothes, and crafts centered on the concept of “Japan.”

Ryo and Akira in the 『DEVILMAN crybaby meets BEAMS JAPAN – SABBATH SHINJUKU –』

The exhibit displays the visual for the pop-up store illustrated by Ayumi Kurashima. Akira and Ryo wear and carry t-shirts, jackets, and goods from this collaboration.

  • Showcase of Takahisa Atsuji's Devilman crybaby art at 『DEVILMAN crybaby meets BEAMS JAPAN –SABBATH SHINJUKU-』

BEAMS showcases art by Takahisa Atsuji, DEVILMAN crybaby Statue crafted by Shinya Akao (Headlong), and scripts from the anime.

  • Original Devilman Crybaby art by Takahisa Atsuji


DEVILMAN crybaby collaborated with TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS and designer Takahisa Atsuji to produce three new t-shirts.

  • DEVILCAT from the Devilman Crybaby collaboration with BEAMS at 『DEVILMAN crybaby meets BEAMS JAPAN –SABBATH SHINJUKU-』
    “DEVILCAT” Price: 4,000 yen and available in S, M, L, XL

The pop-up store displays goods from the DEVILMAN crybaby x Natalie collaboration items. More details on these items can be found on the official Natalie website.

  • Devilman Crybaby x Natalie collaboration hoodie at『DEVILMAN crybaby meets BEAMS JAPAN –SABBATH SHINJUKU-』

Feeling a little cold with just a t-shirt? This oversized hoodie Ryo wears can do more than warm the most feverish fan. Available in both white (for Ryo) and black (for Akira), the hoodie is great for fans who wants to be stylish and comfy.


While Devilman is inside the hoodie, there is plenty of design outside as well.

Devilman Crybaby x Natalia Backpack

With a Sabbath touch, the DEVILMAN crybaby backpack is subtle and stylish enough for the fashion-forward fan.

  • Devilman Crybaby x Natalie Leather card case

For those who want DEVILMAN crybaby on more than just their body, the pop-up shop has an iPhone case and leather card case.

Devilman Crybaby x Natalie Stickers at 『DEVILMAN crybaby meets BEAMS JAPAN –SABBATH SHINJUKU-』

These stickers can add a DEVILMAN crybaby flair anywhere.

Though not as wild as the Sabbath in the anime, 『DEVILMAN crybaby meets BEAMS JAPAN – SABBATH SHINJUKU –』gives fans a chance to spice their every day with devilish charm. Be sure to check out BEAM’s official website for more information on the pop-up store: https://www.beams.co.jp/news/1009/

DEVILMAN crybaby official website : https://devilman-crybaby.com/

DEVILMAN crybaby official Twitter : @DevilmanCryBaby ( https://twitter.com/DevilmanCryBaby )

©Go Nagai-Devilman Crybaby Project

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Release Your Inner Demon at DEVILMAN crybaby SABBATH SHIBUYA


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