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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: June 2020 Week 1

Don't miss releases with this list of chapter updates for Week 1 of June 2020!

Hello from Manga Planet! A new month means more new manga releases – here are the chapter updates of manga titles that we released in June 2020 Week 1!

Cat lovers are in for a treat this week, because SEVEN new cat-related manga titles have been added to our Library! Make sure to keep up with updates from Manga Planet by following our Twitter account!


Chie Shinkyu’s Nekobitashi: The Daily Life of Chie and Her Cats by Chie Shinkyu *NEW*

Chapter 1 ADOPTED
Chapter 2 SUCKLING

They say if you go to Sendamachi you can just get a cat; Chie never knew it was this effective.

Story Summary:
After mourning the loss of her beloved feline companion Suu, manga artist and cat mom Chie Shinkyu decides to turn over a new leaf and find herself a new baby to love! Following a tip from her brother-in-law, Chie picks up the stray she calls “Sen” and takes him home with her. Surely nothing’s going to go wrong… right?


Melon Cream Soda by Aya Kadoi


Manaka has one weakness when she gets lovesick, and Rinka is more than just another lazy girl!

Story Summary:
There are three sisters in the Mikumagawa family: calm, relaxed college student Manaka, the quite rough-spoken (?) high-schooler Rinka, and the youngest Yuuka, a smart young girl who can recite the succession of shoguns in the bath. With a family like this, every day is a little adventure!


Spirit Circle by Satoshi Mizukami


Alongside Koko, Fuuta remembers another past life – Vann, a noble knight fighting a witch.

Story Summary:
Fuuta Okeya’s dad said second-year middle school students are unstoppable, and Fuuta’s inclined to agree. He’s determined to make the most out of his ordinary student life, but everything changes when the mysterious Kouko Ishigami transfers into his class. Not just because Fuuta thinks she’s pretty and likes her – but because she thinks Fuuta is her rival from a past life!


Baby Zoccha by Yumi Ikefuji *NEW*

Screen 1
Screen 2

A first-time mother gives birth to a beautiful litter of kittens. They all have a lot to learn!

Story Summary:
Before a cat becomes a cat, it’s a kitten. From the moment Milly gives birth to her first litter, both she and her children have much to learn about the wide world they live in. Follow Milly and her fluffy, clumsy kittens as they grow through laughter and tears! A spin-off story to the popular series “Zoccha no Nichijou.”


The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior by Ruri Miyahara

Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Usa isn’t asking for much – he just wants to get along better with Ritsu! Surely that isn’t so bad?

Story Summary:
Thanks to his parents’ job transfer, Usa has to live on his own. The problem is, his new place is full of weird people, and the upperclassman he admires is one of them…? A teenage romance comedy that’s heavier on the humor, not so much on the romance!


Chilling Messages by Masaya Hokazono

Eerie Mysteries – Setting the Stage : Shrine Ghost Stories “The Red Book”
Eerie Mysteries – Guests That Should Not Exist

Hokazono-sensei gets a theatre adaptation offer – he doesn’t expect the producer to be this young!

Story Summary:
A collection of four-panel comics where Masaya Hokazono talks about the toils and travails of being a horror manga artist. In this light-hearted romp through his day job, he tackles things such as reader-submitted ghost stories, the terrors of social media disapproval, hospital experiences, real fake psychics, and what may be the scariest things of all – his fellows in the horror manga industry!


Nuku-Nuku Final -I Love My Cat- by Naomi Akimoto *NEW*


In his old age, cat lover Yamada spends a peaceful everyday life with his beloved cat Shima.

Story Summary:
A warm and fluffy slice-of-life comedy depicting Yamada and his beloved pet cat Shima’s preciously ordinary daily lives.


SoreMachi: And Yet the Town Moves by Masakazu Ishiguro

Chapter 7 Space Adventure Romance
Chapter 8 The Poster Girl is World Famous
Chapter 9 Equation of Love

Hotori may be a hot mess, but everyone has a soft spot for her! Or…do they, really?

Story Summary:
There is a small maid cafe that nearly nobody goes to – Maid Cafe Seaside, quiet enough for Sanada to do his homework in. His airheaded classmate and childhood friend Arashiyama works as the cafe’s only maid, and though she looks just like a cute maid waitress, she sure doesn’t act like one. What happens when her friends stop by for a visit?


Inugami Kai by Masaya Hokazono

What did 23 mean when he said “Fumiki will become the world”?

What does Kiryu mean by “opening the gate to Tokoyo-no-kuni”? What has become of Yuriko?

A story of a dog and a boy but not in the ways one may think. The only things the dog Inugami knows about himself and his past are his abilities to heal quickly, grow blades from his back, and that someone somewhere once told him to watch over humanity. Being surrounded by humans who yearn to capture his powers for their own ulterior motives makes him question what use there is in protecting such a terrible species…until he stumbles upon the young man Fumiki in an abandoned building and becomes his friend.


My First Cat by Shihoko Shimura *NEW*


Eiko knows nothing about keeping pets, only that when she saw #11, she had to take them home.

Story Summary:
Office worker Eiko has been doing just fine – she works an ordinary job, lives an ordinary life, but a chance encounter threw her all the way out of her comfort zone and led to her adopting a cat. Will she ever get used to having strong feelings and making her own decisions for the first time in her life? A story of a typical woman and a typical cat who find a new home in each other.


Please Help Me Maohsama by Futago Minaduki *NEW*


Our hero tries to get some food without bumping into his party members, but good luck with that!

Story Summary:
Once upon a time, a fearsome demon king died at the hands of brave heroes, returning peace throughout the world. While the demon king themselves had passed away, traces of their power remain on the outskirts of the city. One of the heroes who slew the demon king continues on his quest to protect humanity, but what happens when a demon child gets attached to him?


Sun-Ken Rock by Boichi


Ken is the kind of boss who fights his way through obstacles, but will he get to Miss Ryu in time?

Story Summary:
Delinquent Ken goes to Korea to follow the girl he loves and to become a police officer by her side. His dropout status and nationality don’t do him any favors. Still, after protecting a roadside vendor one night, he gets an offer from the opposite side of the law – join this guy’s “geondal,” a Korean mafia group, as its new boss!


Ragna Chronicles by Masaya Hokazono

Levin and Luis have been searching for Raega for years. What will they do now that they’ve found it?

The Blue Era –
Picking up a strange ring leads to Seiichiro being snatched up into a stranger world.

Story Summary:
On the planet Raguna, there is a music festival. With Leader at its helm, the musical group “Karriot” is brought to life by Gaia’s organ, Freya’s guitar, Seiichiro’s mandolin, and Nathaniel’s pipe…but his pipe isn’t just any ordinary pipe! The legend says of the Clausel pipe that “If you play the pipe on the night of Pavana, the moon shall be alight as the stars dance in delight.” But what does this mean, exactly…? In Masaya Hokazono’s sci-fi fantasy done in the style of legends, these mushroom man friends encounter falling stars, destroyed moons, and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth itself!


Ryo Ikuemi’s There is a Limit to Cuteness by Ryo Ikuemi *NEW*


Handsome Kiyo had always been the Ikuemi’s only pet cat. What will he feel when they take in a stray?

Story Summary:
Not all cats are the same, but they’re all lovable and cute in their own ways. In this autobiographical series, Ikuemi-sensei takes us through the Ikuemi family’s long history of cat parenting, starting all the way back from their cat “king,” the majestic Kiyo.


GAIRA – Confidential Records of Mythical Beasts by Syufo Itahashi

The Gaira King finally makes his entrance, but is he really the Gaira King? Isn’t that…Tony?

Story Summary:
In an alternate 2019, against the backdrop of Kyoto, the Culture Capital, Mobile Warrior Monks, JSDF Special Forces Group members and mad scientists alike are all in search of the mysterious Gaira Factor, sealed away in an underground temple. Only the Gaira Six Poets, a group of genetically enhanced humans led by “pipe walker” Zenkyo, can have a chance of standing in their way. A futuristic cult classic predating the cyberpunk boom in Japan!

Cat Melting Pot by Sakura Iwamichi *NEW*


Think your pet already stresses you out? Think again – the Iwamichis have eight cats (and a dog!)

Story Summary:
The Iwamichi house has a large, rambunctious family – mother and daughter, ten cats, and one dog. Can this little family keep up with the mess that is sure to follow these many pets with their distinct personalities?


Scum of the Brave by Rocket Shoukai and Nakashima723

Chapter 2 –
Yashiro really isn’t gonna help these kids. Not even if they ask nicely. Or not-so-nicely. (Really?)

Story Summary:
In an alternate 21st century, rich mafia members can turn into “Demon Kings” through increasingly popular ether-enhancement surgery, and the bounty hunters called “Braves” are the ones called upon to take them down. Yashiro only wants the simple pleasures in life – pizza, beer, and card games. When three young Braves offer him a majestic sum to be their private tutor, he agrees solely for the money – but is it worth what he’s getting himself into?


Keeping a Cat at the Age of Thirty by Rie Yamamoto *NEW*


Yamada gets a cat to get over a bad breakup. But what comes out of the cat’s mouth might surprise her!

Story Summary:
People always say they wish their pets could speak, but do they really mean it? When a woman in her late thirties gets dumped by her boyfriend of eight years, she adopts a cat on a whim, but she definitely wasn’t expecting the cat to call her out on her life choices!


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