Be Prepared at AX 2018: ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT Must-Haves Checklist

ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT, a large-scale escape game created by Shueisha, Inc., and DNP America, LLC in cooperation with SCRAP, CORP, is making its North American debut at Anime Expo 2018. From July 4 to 8, fans of Eiichiro Oda’s popular Shonen Jump manga series can immerse themselves in a pirate adventure and challenge their minds along the way.

Thinking about playing the ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT, but not sure what you need to embark on a whole new quest with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates? Manga Planet is here to help with a Must-Haves Checklist! Make sure to have the following so you can complete the game and win prizes.

 ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT Must-Haves Checklist

ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT Must-Haves Checklist

Anime Expo Pass

According to the game’s official website, all game participants are required to have an AX badge to play. The PUZZLE HUNT transforms the halls of the convention into the “mysterious Seagull Islands.”


Just an AX badge is not enough to start the ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT! Tickets to the ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT are currently on sale for $25 here. Be sure to purchase it so you can join in on the fun.


Unlike other escape games, the ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT includes an AR feature. Fans with a smartphone can unlock the game’s story while they solve the puzzles. Of course, fans without a smartphone can experience the entire game and story!

The game creators advise fans to download the VR app before the game and test it before starting. For more information, check the Puzzle Hunt official website:

Mobile Battery

If you’re using a smartphone to play the game, you may run out of battery power before you know it! On average, players finish the ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT in two hours, but depending on the crowds at AX and how long it takes you to solve the escape game riddles, it may take longer.

A Large Bag!

When you play the ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT, you will receive a fair share of loot. Right from the start, the game staff will give you a limited edition 9-card set, a game kit, and a Japanese style folding fan. Also, the first 5,000 players who start the game will enter a lottery and are guaranteed to win an ONE PIECE prize! Prizes include large figures as well, so you will want to bring an extra bag to carry around as you embark on the Puzzle Hunt.


Be sure to stay hydrated! According to weather forecasts, Los Angeles will enter a heat wave from July 5 to July 7 with temperatures reading the 100s. Even though you’ll receive a folding fan to keep yourself cool, water is still a MUST.

A Tough Mind!

SCRAP, CORP crafted the puzzles for this event so they will not be easy! But, don’t be daunted! There are plenty of hints along the way to help you make it off the island with the Straw Hat Crew!

Hopefully, this list will aid you as you set off on your own Romance Dawn. Let us know in the comments what you’re checklist is for the Puzzle Hunt, too!

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