Be My Dunwich

Story : H. P. Lovecraft, Art : Syufo Itahashi

Be My Dunwich
Be My Dunwich
Title : Be My Dunwich

Story : H. P. Lovecraft

Art : Syufo Itahashi
板橋 しゅうほう

Publisher : SAN-EI Corporation



Henry Armitage
Miskatonic University’s head librarian, whose refusal to let Wilbur Whateley borrow the University’s copy of the Necronomicon spurs a series of events beyond his wildest imaginations.

Francis Morgan
One of Miskatonic University’s professors whose specialty is on Medicine and Comparative Anatomy. Is Professor Armitage’s assistant, and seems to occasionally make ridiculous inventions.

Wilbur Whateley
A mysterious being who, despite being born to his human mother Lavinia, does not seem to appear human at all. He had spent his whole life being taught witchcraft by his grandfather, and wishes to get his hands on the Necronomicon.

Pauline Sabin
Henry Armitage’s niece, a reporter for the Arkham Advertiser, who shows kindness to Wilbur Whateley.


When the strange twins Wilbur Whateley and his invisible brother, born out of forbidden black magic, attempt to open the gates to a dark world using the Necronomicon grimoire… Miskatonic University’s head librarian Henry Armitage and his colleagues are here to stand in their way! This manga adaptation by Japanese SF manga genius Syufo Itahashi gives a new spin on “The Dunwich Horror” of the Cthulhu Mythos!
©Syufo Itahashi/SAN-EI Corporation

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