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Experience Renaissance at the ARTE Exhibition in Tokyo

ARTE Exhibition ARTE Exhibition ARTE Exhibition

Set foot in the flourishing art and culture of early 16th century Florence this June and marvel at the meticulously picked 30 reproduction manuscripts of Arte at Manga Night BOOKS Café & Gallery’s ARTE Exhibition. The exhibit runs from June 11, 2020 (Thursday) to June 25, 2020 (Thursday).


ARTE Exhibition ARTE Exhibition ARTE Exhibition

Original drawings of Arte on display the moment you step inside Manga Night BOOKS Café & Gallery


What is “Arte”?

Arte is a Japanese manga series by Hokkaido-born manga artist Kei Okubo. It has been serialized in Coamix’s Monthly Comic Zenon since 2013. It has an animated series adaptation with 12 episodes that premiered this April 2020 in Japan at TOKYO MX, etc.

ARTE Exhibition ARTE Exhibition

Arte’s manga and anime promotional stands


The story revolves around Arte, a sheltered lady born to a noble family in Florence, Italy during the renaissance period—an era full of life, vigor, and artistic developments. It was a period marked with the revival and surge of interest in art and literature that produced numerous masterpieces and skilled artisans and a time when the dowry was the norm and women’s education centered on how to become a good bride and wife to win a gentleman.

Arte, whose only joy was to glide her brush on a canvas, resists on being a caged bird and chooses the path of a painter instead of marrying a man. This is where her story starts, her journey in looking for an apprenticeship in a field dominated by men. Her determination, optimism, and perseverance in wanting to become an artist in spite of all the discrimination she had to endure eventually capture the attention of the people she encounters, especially the cold and distant well-known painter Leo, to whom she has a lot to prove.

An array of different manga volumes released and its original drawings on display


ARTE Exhibition

The 30 reproduction manuscripts on display at the ARTE Exhibition are a mix of certain poignant scenes from different volumes of Arte’s manga. You will notice that they are arranged in sets of 3 with labels just below the first panel that indicates the volume and page.

Significant scenes and people the undeterred Arte will encounter in her journey.

Available at Manga Night BOOKS Café & Gallery are three original postcards that are sold for 180 yen (tax included) each and various manga volumes of Arte. The friendly staff is always on stand by, willing to assist and guide if you want to purchase anything.

Another thing you will notice the moment you enter the shop is the promotional video of the TV anime playing on a monitor at the end of the coffee table that cuts through the stillness of the cafe and gallery. There are also promotional leaflets of the TV animation series that are free to take and are placed on the long coffee table together with a sketchbook wherein you can leave messages, comments, and any words of encouragement.


Exhibit Admission

Admission is free but you have to make a reservation online ahead of time. Due to the current pandemic, the health and safety of the customers and shop staff are of top priority, and in order to observe this, up to 3 people including travel companions can enter. Each reservation is up to 20 minutes. It is highly advised to wear a mask and disinfect your hands with alcohol at the store when visiting.

In the event that you have to cancel, make sure to process it immediately online to give other fans the chance to make a reservation. Rest assured, no cancellation fee will be charged.


Exhibit Venue

Manga Night BOOKS Café & Gallery is open to the public and is located in the quiet neighborhood around Myogadani Station. Listed below are different routes to get there.

By train

  • 14-minute walk from Kasuga Station (via Toei Subway) or Korakuen Station (via Tokyo Metro).
  • 10-minute walk from Myougadani Station (via Tokyo Metro)

By bus

  • Less than a minute via Toei Bus from “Kasuga 2-chome (Metro 02 line)


ARTE Exhibition Details

Date and time June 11, 2020 (Thursday) to June 25, 2020 (Thursday)
CLOSED: Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays
14:40 – 19:00  *Open for 20 minutes per reservation.
Place Manga Night BOOKS
SPICE 1F 2-14-9 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0003
Entrance Fee Free
Official Site http://manganight.net/alte/ (in Japanese only)
Reservation site https://airrsv.net/manganightbooks/calendar
*Reservations can only be made online from the above site.


Official Links

TV anime Arte official website

Arte on Monthly Comic Zenon


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