A Substitute Marriage With an Admirable Husband

Story and Art : Mio Tatsumoto

Title : A Substitute Marriage With an Admirable Husband
Toshiue no Danna-sama

Story & Art : Mio Tatsumoto

Publisher : OHZORA Publishing Co.,Ltd



A newlywed 20-year old. Always admired Kenichiro even though he was her older sister’s betrothed.
The 35-year-old fiancé of Miya’s older sister Mirei. Worries whether Miya is okay with their sudden arranged marriage.
A shy and timid girl who recently had to quit her job reluctantly.
A man Ayako meets in Europe. Studies Japanese and wants to sharpen his speaking skills with Ayako.


Sometimes all it takes is a little push from fate to find your true happiness…

“A Substitute Marriage With an Admirable Husband”: Miya has an older sister, Mirei. Mirei is elegant, proper, and polite, the family’s jewel. Miya, however, is none of that. She is scolded for being childish, wearing old kimonos, and having no manners. But even she admires her older sister, especially because Mirei will marry Kenichiro Hirose, Miya’s first and lifelong love.
As the days lead up to the big wedding, Mirei is nowhere to be found. This marriage is impossible without the bride! To everyone’s surprise, Miya takes her chance and volunteers to marry Kenichiro in her sister’s stead. Will this be the happily ever after she always wanted?

“Smile, Again”: It wasn’t her fault. This mistake was not Ayako’s fault. And yet, here she is again, apologizing for a mistake that. Wasn’t. Her. Fault. Ayako is like that. She is bullied for speaking slowly and being timid until she is pushed to quit her job. Ayako hates being like that. So when she meets dazzling and charming Hal while on a trip to Europe, Ayako grows a whole new shell. Maybe there are more ways Hal can bring a fresh breeze into Ayako’s life…

©︎MIO TATSUMOTO/OHZORA Publishing Co.,Ltd 2017

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