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Enjoy a Full-Course Autumn Meal with Manga Planet

Don't read these food-themed manga while hungry!

The northern hemisphere is ushering in autumn with cool weather, red leaves, and most importantly: seasonal food!

In Japan, foodies are in for a treat as the changing weather brings an array of delicious seasonal delicacies made with ingredients associated with fall:sweet potato, chestnut, and pear, to name a few. In fact, limited-edition dishes  for the season have already started appearing on menus throughout the country. 

While we can’t deliver real food to your door, we at Manga Planet can serve some mouth-watering treats in the form of food-themed manga directly to your PC or smartphone!


Autumn manga recommendation: Ikokui

Ikokui!! Taste the World with Kazari & Eri

Story & Art: minimaru

Kazari Narimiya is a high school girl who works for popular teen magazine Chloe. Upon introducing her to Elena “Eri” Tsukishima, Kazaei’s manager informs her of their new joint project: to travel the world and report on delicious local cuisine. She hasn’t traveled before, but with the support of the globetrotting Eri, she’s sure to overcome her fears and make her dreams come true!

This fun manga will introduce you to a variety of delicious dishes from around the world as you join Kazari and Eri on their international travels. They might even enjoy a meal in your country!


Autumn manga recommendation: A Restaurant of Bliss

A Restaurant of Bliss

Story and Art: Nakanishi Yasuhiro

Yuko, a young widow, is content to run the Restaurant Dreamhouse as a comfortable and quiet family eatery. She never fails to cheer up her customers, but her stepson Kosuke has other plans — he strives to transform the quaint establishment into the acclaimed French restaurant his father dreamed of, and won’t settle for anything less!

If you’re a fan of classic art styles from artists like Akira Toriyama and ecchi shonen stories, then you’re sure to enjoy this manga from Nakanishi Yasuhiro! First written in 2006, this manga tells the tale of the stubborn yet passionate Kosuke as he tries to beat the odds and move up in the culinary world. You can also find interviews and specialist information between chapters.


Autumn manga recommendation: Kitchen Princess Omnibus

Kitchen Princess Omnibus

Story: Kobayashi Miyuki
Art: Ando Natsumi

Najika loves to cook delicious food for those precious to her and dreams of reuniting with the mysterious boy who touched her heart many years ago. With just a silver spoon to go by, she eventually tracks him down to Seiko Academy. The school is known for its talented genius students, and Najika’s classmates agree that she certainly doesn’t fit in. Things begin to change when the popular brothers Sora and Daichi recognize her incredible culinary skills, but will she be able to harness her skills and capture her prince?

Known by shojo fans around the world, Kitchen Princess combines a dramatic school romance with some fantastical baking! You can even try making Najika’s tasty treats at home thanks to the handy recipes available throughout the manga.


Autumn manga recommendation: Enoshima Waikiki Cafe

Enoshima Waikiki Cafe

Story & Art: Okai Haruko

Cafe Waikiki is a cozy cafe located on the seafront, with gorgeous views and a tasty menu… so why does cat-loving Yori have no customers? It definitely isn’t anything to do with the shrine next door, and the mysterious voices he’s been hearing surely aren’t to blame, right? Yori will just have to hope that a miracle (or a supernatural cat named Audrey) will show up and solve his troubles… 

This homey tale of the supernatural, romance, and Enoshima island life will leave you hungry for more! Whether you’re here for the spiritual shenanigans, cute cats, or just to take your mind off the real world, Cafe Waikiki will welcome every reader with a smile with its gentle art style and slice-of-life story.


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