Handshaking Souls and Mountains of Treasure! A Beginner’s Guide to COMITIA 131

It’s time once again for the indie manga convention, COMITIA! COMITIA 131 is happening this weekend, on the 9th of February. Manga Planet prepared a Beginner’s Guide to COMITIA to help you look for the doujinshi that you need!


What is COMITIA?

COMITIA is a convention where professionals and amateurs can sell self-published books and creative works. You can check our previous article on COMITIA to learn more about the event.


Where is it?

COMITIA is held at Tokyo Big Sight in the West Halls 1-4.  The staff recommends coming by public transportation due to overcrowding of the parking lots, so be sure to double-check your travel route before you go.

Tokyo Big Sight can be found at a 7-minute walk from the Kokusai-Tenjijo Station on the Rinkai Line or at a 3-minute walk from the Tokyo Big Sight Station on the Yurikamome Line. 


How do I get in?

The venue itself opens to the general public at 11 am, and your entry ticket is a copy of Tia’s Magazine, the official COMITIA catalog, which is available for pre-order in selected bookstores for ¥1,300 or on-site for ¥1,000.  However, if you plan to buy your copy on-site, be warned that the lines can get pretty crazy!

That being said, the event’s official site states explicit instructions not to line up too early and that camping out is not allowed, so be careful with how you plan your arrival time.


Why should I go?

If you have an interest in up-and-coming indie manga or in getting an idea of what the professional manga industry looks like, COMITIA has a lot of cool things to offer.  You can meet new creators, buy original goods, and even learn about the manga editing industry from professional editors. There’s a little something for everyone!


Some Helpful Vocabs

So you have your Tia’s Magazine, you’ve made it into the venue, and you’re ready to go!  But where do you start?

Luckily, the map has very detailed descriptions of each of the tables and where to find what.  We have prepared a handy little guide for you here.  

Hall / Floor Genre Table and Group
West Hall (西ホール/Nishi ho-ru) 1 / First Floor 少年まんが (shonen manga) tables 1-32 of あ (a) group

tables 1-28 of い (i) group

tables 1-28 of う (u) group
tables 13-32 of か (ka) group

アート•デザイン (art • design)  tables 1-18 of お (o) group
tables 28-32 of え (e) group
音楽•映像 (ongaku • eizou) = audio • visual tables 1-15a of え (e) group
ゲーム•ソフト (game • soft) = video games • software tables 15-27 of え (e) group
文芸 (bungei) = literature tables 19-32 of お (o) group
tables 1-12 of か (ka) group
tables 29-32 of く (ku) group
tables 1-32 of け (ke) group
青年まんが (seinen manga) tables 1-28 of く (ku) group
tables 1-32 of き (ki) group
tables 1-44 of こ (ko) group
tables 1-43 of さ (sa) group
tables 1-34 of し (shi) group
tables 1-48 of す (su) group
tables 1-48 of せ (se) group
tables 1-6 of そ (so) group
その他 (sono ta) = miscellaneous tables 7-48 of そ (so) group
tables 1-29 of た (ta) group
歴史 (rekishi) = history tables 30-48 of た (ta) group
tables 1-7 of ち (chi) group
JUNE•BL = boys love tables 8-48 of ち (chi) group
tables 1-24 of つ (tsu) group
見本誌コーナー (mihonshi corner) = sample magazine corner
本部 (honbu)  HQ
チラシ置場 (chirashi okiba) = flyers
ティアズマガジン販売 (Tia’s Magazine hanbai) = Tia’s Magazine selling booth
West Hall (西ホール/Nishi ho-ru) 2 /

First Floor

ギャグ (gyagu) = gag tables 1-48 of て (te) group
tables 1-19 of と (to) group
SF•ファンタジー (SF • fantasy) = science fiction • fantasy tables 20-48 of と (to) group
tables 1-32 of な (na) group
tables 1-39 of に (ni) group
tables 1-40 of ぬ (nu) group
tables 1-20 of ね (ne) group
tables 21-28 of の (no) group
tables 1-32 of は (ha) group
tables 1-31 of ひ (hi) group
グッズ (goods) tables 1-32 of む (mu) group
tables 1-32 of め (me) group
tables 1-32 of も (mo) group
tables 1-16 of や (ya) group
旅行記 (ryokouki) = travel journal tables 1-32 of へ (he) group
tables 4-8 of ほ (ho) group
動物 (doubutsu) = animals tables 1-3 & 9-32 of ほ (ho) group
tables 1-10 of ま (ma) group
少女まんが (shoujo manga) tables 11-32 of ま (ma) group
tables 1-16 of み (mi) group
学校•学漫 (gakkou • gakuman)  = school • school comics tables 1-21 & 28-32 of の (no) group
出張マンガ編集部 (shucchou manga henshuubu)  = manga editing branch office
DJ2020新刊カード引換&全国コミティアスタンプラリー受付   = Desk for claiming Doujin Japan 2020 new book cards exchange & reception for National COMITIA Stamp Rally*
West Hall (西ホール/Nishi ho-ru) 3 / 

Fourth Floor

アダルト (adult) tables 1-32 of A group
tables 1-32 of B group
tables 1-16 of C group
tables 15-18 & 25-32 of D group
tables 1-32 of E group
tables 1-16 of F group
イラスト (irasuto) = illustrations tables 1-15 & 18-24 of D group
tables 1-32 of G group
tables 1-32 of H group
tables 1-16 of I group
tables 1-36 of J group
tables 1-36 of K group
tables 1-44 of L group
tables 1-44 of M group
tables 1-44 of N group
tables 1-33 of O group
評論•情報 (hyouron • jouhou)  = critique • information tables 34-44 of O group
tables 1-44 of P group
West Hall (西ホール/Nishi ho-ru) 4 /

Fourth Floor

tables 1-22 of Q group
イラスト (irasuto) = illustrations tables 23-52 of Q group
tables 1-52 of R group
tables 1-52 of S group
tables 1-47 of T group
百合•GL (yuri • GL)  = girls love tables 47-52 of T group
tables 1-52 of U group
tables 1-26 of V group
Other signages 自販機 (jihanki) = vending machines

アトリウム 出入口は一方通行です  The entrance/exit to the Atrium is one-way only

A note: The map also mentions that after 11 am and before the free entry time begins, the only way to get between the 1st and 4th floors is to take the Atrium escalator and the (outdoor) ramp.

* Doujin Japan 2020 New Book Cards are presents provided by printing companies participating  in the Doujin Japan 2020 New Book Cards Project. By printing their doujinshi with one of these companies,the circles will receive one New Book Card for each printing of new editions. This campaign supports the printing of new editions by awarding a variety of “privileges” and “preferential treatment” to circles participating in doujinshi (self-published works) events, companies, organizations, etc. according to the number of Cards the circles collected. 

You can download the vocabulary list here: A Beginner’s Guide to COMITIA 131: Vocabulary (PDF)


Things to keep in mind:

  1. Cosplay is NOT allowed at this event.
  2. When taking photos, please make sure to get permission from the artists.  Video recording (streaming or otherwise) is not permitted.
  3. No smoking or drinking (alcohol) on the premises.
  4. Be responsible with your trash.  (Separating trash is very important!)
  5. Be careful not to block too much traffic, if possible.
  6. Most importantly, have fun!



Date February 9, 2020 (Sunday) 11:00 – 16:00
Venue Tokyo Big Sight West Halls 1-4 (Access Map)
Entrance fee Purchase Tia’s Magazine (in bookstores for ¥1,300 or on-site for ¥1,000)
Official Website https://www.comitia.co.jp/html/131.html (Japanese)


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