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These 7 Manga Titles Will Have You Feline Good on Cat Day!

February 22 is a day for celebration for cat lovers across Japan, as it’s Cat Day (Neko no Hi). Interestingly, while the exact origins of many of Japan’s other numerical-pun based unofficial holidays are unknown, that’s not the case for Cat Day.

We can thank the Cat Day Executive Committee, a group of cat lovers backed by a pet food cooperative, for proposing a day to appreciate our adorable feline friends. After holding a poll to decide on a date, the committee declared in 1987 that the 22nd of February would be Cat Day, as “222” in Japanese is read as “ni ni ni,” which closely resembles “nya nya nya,” the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat’s meow. The rest, as they say, is history.

Though not a public holiday, Cat Day sees an outpouring of celebrations, both online and offline. While cat photos and videos are a mainstay of the internet, expect even more related content on Cat Day. And if you’re living the fandom life, don’t be surprised to see plenty of fan art of your favorite characters as cats or wearing cat ears on this day.

Meanwhile, offline, you might find limited-time-only cat-themed food and drinks, cat-themed merchandise fairs, discounts on cat food and supplies, and so on.

This Cat Day 2023, we’re joining in on the fun by listing even more of the cat-focused titles in our library! We posted a cat manga roundup two years ago. But since then, we’ve added even more to the Manga Planet Library. So if you’re done reading the titles we recommended in 2021, how about adding these heartwarming, feel-good cat manga to your reading list?


Cat Day manga: No Cat No Life (Our Community Cat Project)

No Cat No Life (Our Community Cat Project)

Story and Art: Rin Saito

After the loss of his beloved cat, Soh Fujima becomes a depressed shut-in, and his life falls apart. One day, when he attempts to feed a stray cat that shows up at his porch, he finds out that the strays of his neighborhood are to be rounded up and hauled off to goodness where.

As a powerless Soh struggles to comprehend the situation, he’s dragged by the brave Maki Mishima into her plans to intervene and save the neighborhood cats.

This sweet josei manga tackles themes that are all too real in today’s world: healing from grief and the importance of community. If you’re looking for something to restore your faith in humanity, this series will no doubt put a smile on your face.


Cat Day manga: Chi's Sweet Home

Chi’s Sweet Home

Story and Art: Konami Konata

A curious kitten who wanders away from her family ends up being taken in by a boy named Yohei Yamada. After mistakenly answering to “Chi,” the name sticks. Though Yohei and his family treat Chi well, there’s just one problem: pets are forbidden in their apartment complex.

Will Chi have to look for a new home, or will the Yamada household become her forever home? And what about Chi’s original family? Find out as you follow the adventures of this adorable (but occasionally mischievous) kitten!


Cat Day manga: FukuFuku Kitten Tales

FukuFuku Kitten Tales

Story and Art: Konami Konata

From the author of Chi’s Sweet Home comes another manga about the antics of a playful kitten. FukuFuku lives with her elderly owner, who goes over some photos and reminisces about the time FukuFuku was a tiny little thing…

Delve into FukuFuku’s owner’s memories, depicted in short but sweet vignettes: from FukuFuku adapting to her new home, to milestones such as her first bath, her first adventure as she sneaks off to explore the world outside, and more.


Cat Day manga: Chie Shinkyu's Cat Heaven

Chie Shinkyu’s Cat Heaven

Story and Art: Chie Shinkyu

Get a glimpse into the life of cat-loving mangaka Chie Shinkyu and her family — which includes her furbaby Bee, who’s pampered by the entire family. While Bee steals the show in most comics in this series, other cats make an appearance, too, like Mii, who belongs to Chie’s grandparents, and the kitten Non, the newest addition to the family.

If you enjoyed this series, you might also like the another cat-themed anthology of the author’s: Chie Shinkyu’s Nekobitashi: The Daily Life of Chie and Her Cats, which was featured in our previous Cat Day post.


Cat Day manga: Acorn the Kitty Cat

Acorn the Kitty Cat

Story and Art: Nekomaki (ms-work)

With everyone at his beck and call, ready to serve his every whim, Kitty believes himself to be the king of the household — that is, until the day his humans bring in a dirty-looking furball that they name Acorn. Suddenly, Kitty is no longer just “Kitty,” but rather, Kitty Senior, and he’s expected to be friends with this scruffy-looking thing.

Will Kitty Senior still be able to enjoy his place at the top of the household hierarchy? Will he ever learn to get along with little Acorn? And with two chaotic but lovable cats, will the humans of the Nekomaki household know peace? Follow the (mis)adventures of Kitty Senior and Acorn in thisfull-color manga that, at only one volume, should make for a quick read.


Cat Day manga: If You're Fine With A Cat

If You’re Fine With A Cat

Story and Art: Rie Yamamoto

Mr. Cat is a feline with the extraordinary ability to communicate with humans. And though he can’t understand the entire gamut of complicated human emotions, he puts his ability to good use by trying his best to listen to people’s troubles and offer some advice — that is, if they’re okay pouring their heart out to a cat.

A cat for a therapist (or even just a non-judgmental listening ear), and for free at that? That’s the dream — it sounds like a great deal! If a little bit of wish fulfillment is what you seek, this manga in full color might be what you’re looking for.


Cat Day manga: See You Around

See You Around

Story and Art: Natsuno Kiyohara

Here’s another series featuring a caring cat who can understand humans. In the late 1960s, a time marked by major social changes all over the world, fifth-grader Yuuko receives a brown tabby kitten, which she names Tiger. Yuuko and Tiger become instant friends!

As Yuuko transitions from childhood to young adulthood from 1967 to 1970, she tells Tiger everything about the changing world: the first landing of the moon, the first World Expo to be held in Japan, and more.

Little does Yuuko know that her beloved pet cat understands her every word, and is more actively supportive and watchful than she thinks it is!


If you read any (or even all!) of these titles, let us know what you thought of them on Twitter!



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