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5 Manga Planet Titles Perfect for the Christmas Season

It’s Christmas, which means it’s the perfect time for some festive manga reading. Today we’ll be taking a look at what Christmas is like in Japan and introducing you to some of the coziest Christmas chapters in the Manga Planet Library.
All of these recommendations can be enjoyed as standalone chapters, so you don’t have to worry about any spoilers. Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas In Japan

Japan does celebrate Christmas, but it’s slightly different from those in the West. Decorations can be found in every trendy shop and the cities are often illuminated with colorful lights, but there is one key difference.

Unlike in many countries where Christmas is viewed as a family event, many Japanese people consider Christmas to be a particularly romantic holiday. If you’re single then you may be “クリぼっち” or “kuribocchi” – A slang word that combines “Christmas” and “hitori bocchi,” meaning “all alone” in Japanese. Try seeing if you can spot any references to “Kuribocchi” in our recommendations!


SoreMachi: And Yet the Town Moves Chapter 23

Story and Art: Ishiguro Masakazu

© Masakazu Ishiguro/SHONENGAHOSHA

A slice-of-life comedy about the staff and customers at a Maid Cafe Seaside. The cafe was originally a quiet study spot for student Sanada, but his “blessed cafe” quickly descends into a whirlwind of chaos once his classmates Arashiyama and Tatsuno are hired as maids!

Arashiyama is put in charge of playing Santa for her little sister Yukiko, who still believes in Santa Claus. Will she be able to successfully complete her mission, or will she mess up and crush Yukiko’s dreams forever?


Melon Cream Soda Chapter 11 & 12

Story and Art: Kadoi Aya


Melon Cream Soda revolves around the Mikumagawa sisters: With chill college student Manaka, rough high-school idol Rinka and genius youngest Yuuka, there’s never a dull moment!

December means Christmas jobs for the Rinka’s idol group, Melon⭐︎Cream. Their cute full-color Santa costumes are a must-see!

In the next chapter, Rinka and her friends go Christmas shopping in Shibuya for their gift exchange. Can they find the perfect Christmas presents?


The Many Flavors of Kumika Chapter 11

Story and Art: Ononaka Akihiroi

© Akihiro Ononaka/Tokuma Shoten

Office-worker Kumika is an alien who has moved to earth from Chlorodium #2; a planet where food is considered an extreme luxury. After falling ill and being unable to “feed” herself, Kumika is forced to eat human food for the first time. Following her first meal, Kumika discovers a new sensation – Hunger! Where will her stomach take her next?

Having never celebrated Christmas on her home planet, the Izurubara Design team decides to introduce Kumika to Santa Claus with some delicious food and an office prank!


The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior Vol.5, Chapter 2

Story and Art: Ruri Miyahara


After moving out to live on his own, Usa finds himself living with a host of unique characters at his new dorm – including the girl he likes from school!

Christmas has come to the Kawai complex and a punishment game (suggested by a drunk Mayumi) leads to some festive excitement! Can Usa use this opportunity to get closer to Kawai-senpai, or will he only embarrass himself?


Patisserie Langue de Chat Chapter 13

Story and Art: Chai

© Chai / HOME-SHA

Langue de Chat is a patisserie run by cats, for cats! This full-colour manga tells the story of a part-timer at the bakery, watching on as he learns more about food and works towards his goal of becoming a full fledged baker.

The hectic Christmas shift has ended at Langue de Chat, and our protagonist has found the boss passed out from exhaustion! It’s time to make a quick and deliciously refreshing seasonal snack to wake him up.


What’s your favorite Christmas moment in a manga or anime? Tell us on Twitter!


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